How We got to Here

Understanding Humanities Problems part 2

There is no doubt that various populations in the world are suffering from war, impoverishment, starvation, habitat loss, slavery and the myriad of other sufferings that have come about directly through the process of karma and what we call civilisation.

While there is archaeological evidence pointing to technological developments stretching back millions of years, there is no consensus, only a possibility to the implications which modern science and archaeology sweep under the carpet because it is too difficult to think about not to mention a lack of supporting evidence.

Therefore thinking about the current evolution and human's problems must only cover the past 30,000 years and for many, even this is an overstretch of the imagination. So for the sceptics, let's look at human evolution over the past 10,000 years and disregarding the idea that all humans alive today can trace their origins back to Africa.

Discounting the 35,000-year-old Narasimha statue of Hindu origin found in Germany, (Narasimha (lit. man-lion) is a fierce avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, one who incarnates in the form of part lion and part man to destroy evil and end religious persecution and calamity on Earth, thereby restoring Dharma.), it is becoming abundantly clear that what people refer to as Hinduism pervaded the world influencing how understanding of our place in the universe and something of the technology of being human.

Prior to the arrival of Christianity at the time refer to as year zero, a number or concept originating from India the learned to the east of Europe had a good understanding of our solar system, how it worked and that the galaxy in which we exist is one of countless billions. The subcontinent of India and its surroundings from the eastern Mediterranean to the Pacific Islands were more concerned about living a life in harmony with nature to endure as a species. But the civilisational aspect was about living in such a way that as many people as possible had the freedom to seek spiritual enlightenment.

Around 4000 BC, some influential upstart in Persia perhaps because he was having difficulties with his wife decided for everyone that women were less than equal to men giving birth to the idea of a patriarchal society which has been most firmly cemented within Islam although unfortunately this flavour of thinking as corrupted the world. This corruption is carried through religions and the worship of a masculine guide while the Divine feminine is ignored and has been suppressed in the hearts and minds of populations.

In those transformative years leading up to the advent of Christianity, the region we call the Middle East was in as much turmoil as it is today. Trade flourished, ideas spread and certain individuals within societies wire thinking more about nationhood, territory and power to aggrandise their egos than human well being. I refuse to acknowledge the supposed greatness, but Alexander the seeking revenge turned the region of greater Persia into a bloodbath planting Greek ideology. But in the process he destroyed many treasures of civilisation at the time.

In North India, Buddhism was evolving and spreading as a more intellectual approach to Dharma, living with nature to ensure long-term survival of our species and give people the opportunity to seek liberation. Buddhism spread up in central Asia and down across Southeast Asia supplementing and often replacing Hinduism. Greek power and dominance gave way to Roman power and dominance and while this was happening, the region of India and Southeast Asia flourished.

Evolving out of Judaism, Christianity arrived in an already decaying Roman Empire and it was quickly shaped into a political tool. With the collapse of the Roman Empire the Middle East and world was free of imperial taxation and oppression. This gave them time to appreciate the gift of knowledge from India and they were falsely credited with inventing our modern numerals and many other things. They are not to be completely discredited, they did expand on some points of knowledge, but then Islam was born based on the idea that you must believe as I do or die.

Islam flowed east and west at the point of the sword exterminating tens of millions of peaceful Buddhists who had no means to defend themselves which led to the Islamic Christian Wars referred to as the Crusades. At this time, the Indian world map was complete in summary although lacking in much detail, after all by this time they had been traversing the globe for 10,000 years or more although there are very few historians willing to publicly acknowledge this.

As Rome faded into obscurity and Europe entered into the dark ages, they weren't actually all that dark, it's just that things were done a little more quietly within the new Catholic empire. While art flourished, the sciences were suppressed until Martin Luther opened the door into European consciousness. The modern age of science and exploration began although perhaps we should call it the modern age of exploration and theft by any means.

The first Europeans to arrive in the East and counted treasures beyond their wildest dreams. Not only were there palaces of gold, there were spices, educational and healthcare systems, and healthy well-managed populations enjoying the abundance of nature and that of their own labours.

Across the East, Buddhism was falling under the swords of Islamic invaders to be joined by British, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and other invaders who carried with them as they did to the New World, a plague of previously unknown diseases and their patriarchal religion. The early traders bought back teas and spices which became readily sought after in Europe along with all the ideas from the east.

Ideas about Hinduism were a mere curiosity for the intellectual elite, but the corporate masters and their fleets of trading ships soon began growing opium in India and Afghanistan that they forced upon the Chinese in payment for tea. The tea fetched a good price in Europe from where they took manufactured goods to trade in other countries, human slaves from Africa to the Americas, sugar and rum back to Europe, weapons of mass destruction delivered to friendly allies to be paid for in gold and silver.

The British and Dutch East India companies competed with each other for territories and plunder. The cotton and steel technology of India was taken back to Europe and further mechanised to the point where Hindus were prohibited from manufacturing causing the first wave of impoverishment across India. The foreigners failure to understand Hindu culture meant that everything they deliberately destroyed so that they could possess and profit from, inadvertently destroyed many other aspects of Hindu life resulting in further impoverishment of the population.

The crimes of colonialism are too numerous to list, but they cost indigenous populations countless millions of lives and trillions of dollars in today's values. It's fair to say that the entire wealth of modern Europe is directly attributed to or built with the wealth and resources plundered from the Americas, Africa and Asia. On top of that, Christianity and Islam spread like the plague as a political tool to usurp local rulers and convert populations into believing their ideological nonsense. The British had few qualms about tossing out the Hindu education system that had been developed over many thousands of years as well as throwing out their history because it was beyond their sense of probability.

As we step forward into the 21st century, greater Asia is making a comeback because its economies are based on productivity whereas Western economies are based on consumption. But even today, the exploitation continues in the name of unprincipled capitalism dressed as democracy as shaped by the United States of America's corporate and military machine.

The world wars one and two were exercises in futility, the Korean war that has not been declared over still simmers as a Cold War and the Vietnam war likewise sprung up from the fear that people actually had rights to choose their own destiny. The modern democracy promoted by the USA and its allies is not about democracy as described in any dictionary, it's simply another form of colonialism. Since its birth as a nation, the USA has been at war for all but six years of its existence. None of those wars have been defensive, they have always been in other countries to lay the ground for US influence, products and services.

The USA was born in a time of the economic and military warfare being conducted against the world by the British and European corporations therefore his whole setup was about competing in this grand game of winner takes all. In this game human life has absolutely no value unless of course you happen to be one of the ruling class.

Today the USA is allied with the European Union and together they conspired to destroy the economic, social and political infrastructures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and others. Former British Commonwealth countries came under the American thumb following World War II making them virtual vassal states.

Understanding these politics is challenging for anyone so one has to follow the money and we can do this by looking at all the worlds top 20 corporations who together operate more than half of the world economy, not for anyone's well-being, solely for their own profit and amusement.

Within this corporate created mire we call modern civilisation, political parties chase votes by playing games like appeasement politics and pandering to minorities. When the people stand up with one voice as happened in Catalonia last weekend (October 1 2017), the National police behaved with utmost brutality as other police forces do to groups of individuals expressing the democratic rights in all the so-called democratic countries.

In today's modern world, the rights of citizens are steadily being eroded, Big Brother is watching your every move. As in many cities around the world, 24 seven surveillance is going on with facial recognition and profiling employed by faceless watchers to monitor individuals and populations. While some people may be banned from Facebook for saying something inappropriate, in many countries those who voice an opinion may end up in jail. Since time immemorial people have been ostracised, punished and often executed for having independent thought which goes to show that we haven't really evolved during this period of Christianity, Islam, corporatisation and modern democracy. All we have done is to create a new form of tribalism where you are 'either for us or against us'.

This evolution, this flow of karma has bought us to a point in evolution where we are almost ready to step out and explore the physicality of our solar system yet we cannot feed our population while we waste more than half of all the food produced in the world. Administratively, economically and politically our planet and our entire civilisation is governed by an insatiable greed that is destroying our planet. To be sure there are some countries like Bhutan, Iceland and maybe Finland where human values have some proprietary, but over most of the world, humanity is simply a resource to be used and exploited by the few who sit on top of the heap.

Page image; a fragment of a stele that chronicles the genealogy of the Assyrian kings and the account of King Shalmaneser III’s defeat of King Hazael (Haza'ilu) of Damascus, who is mentioned in the Old Testament (2 Kings) as the adversary of Israel. The Neo-Assyrian black-stone stele dates back to 858-824 BCE. The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD. Photo by Babylon Chronicle.

The 1943-44 Bengal famine and 1770 were famines in India under British colonial rule that would continue killing tens of millions of Indians into the late 19th century and beyond.


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  • Brittany

    Steven Johnson in his book How We Got To Now talks about hummingbird effects, the evolution of flowers, which over eons developed new colors and rich nectar — which in turn influenced the development of other parts of their ecosystem. As he notes, “Bees and other insects evolved the sensory tools to see and be drawn to flowers, just as the flowers evolved the properties that attract bees.” Meanwhile, the hummingbird evolved a special form of hovering flight that made the extraction of flower nectar easier. So here we’ve leapt from A to B to C — or as Johnson puts it: “The sexual reproduction strategies of plants end up shaping the design of a hummingbird’s wings.” This implies that basic survival is the driving force of our evolution yet its troubling that we are so stupid and may be driving ourselves towards extinction.

  • James

    With all the truths and lies, it’s hard for anyone to see clearly anymore

  • Penny

    It seems to me that human life comes about totally by accident and chance, accidental pregnancy, the chance of a healthy birth but the chance of happiness seems increasingly slimmer.

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