Hymn for Mother of God

By Monks of St.Nectarius of Aegina in church-slavonic

St.Sergius & Herman of Valaam church, Russia.

An ancient prayer Chant to Agni Parthene or Devi Kumari [Pure Virgin female energy] Russian/Slavonic Пресвятая Богородице in Arabic Tahir aleadhra'. This was originally in Byzantine or ancient Greek and is still popular in Arabic, Greek, Russian and East European languages. Just by listening this ancient prayer specually sung by this great Choir in Russia, anyone can feel peace, light and healing on quantum level. This is presented here in Slavonic version performed gracefully in Vallam Russia.

Hundreds of years before Christianity was replaced by Constantino, the Byzantine culture was the predominant culture in what is now Much of Balkans, Greece, Turkey, Syria and Iraq to Russia and surrounded of Eastern Europe. Pre Christian Byzantine spiritual music was very popular in Pre Islamic Middle East from North Africa, Egypt, Lebanon to Syria, Iraq. Greek & Russian Orthodoc church was the original religion before Christianity for a long time.

Byzantine's prayed to Mother & her Virgin form just like in Ancient India. This is a very popular chant called Agni Parthene or Pure Virgin, Devi Kumari and this was later incorporated by Chrristians as part of their culture.

Byzantine or medieval Greek was situated between the Hellenistic (Koine), since as early as the Hellenistic era, Greek had been the lingua franca of the educated elites of the Eastern Mediterranean, spoken natively in the southern Balkans, the Greek islands, Asia Minor, and the ancient and Hellenistic Greek colonies of Southern Italy, the Black Sea, Western Asia and North Africa
Here you have the English translated brief.

First lines in Greek : Agni Parthene Despina, Áhrante Theotóke, Here Nimfi Aníimfefte. Parthéne Mítir Ánassa, Panéndrose te póke
O Virgin pure, immaculate O Lady Theotokos
O Virgin Mother, Queen of all
More radiant than the rays of sun and higher than the heavens
Delight of virgin choruses superior to Angels.
Much brighter than the firmament and purer than the sun's light
More holy than the multitude of all the heavenly armies.
Rejoice, O Bride Unwedded!
Majestic maiden, Queen of all our most holy Mother
than immaterial Seraphim and greater than angelic thrones.
Rejoice, O peace and happiness the harbor of salvation
O sacred chamber of the Word flow'r of incorruption
Rejoice, delightful paradise of blessed life eternal
Rejoice, O wood and tree of life the fount of immortality.
I supplicate you, Lady now do I call upon you
And I beseech you, Queen of all I beg of you your favor
Majestic maiden, spotless one O Lady Panagia
I call upon you fervently O sacred, hallowed temple
Assist me and deliver me protect me from the enemy
And make me an inheritor of blessed life eternal.

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