Incest Between Siblings

Anecdotal short stories

hysisIntroduction: There are estimates that say about 2 - 5% of brothers and sisters have physically intimate relationships for varying periods of time, (see refs below).  In some countries this is highly illegal but children are learning to become responsible adults and sex is part of that learning curve. Therefore the most common response around the world is for their parents to gently chastise them without involving the law.

These three stories are examples of what can happen but it is not the intention to moralise, argue with the law or justify this behaviour. This behaviour is a fact of life that need not be harshly judged and children who are found out may need appropriate guidance although these stories are clear lessons for those involved.

Angela writes: I was 12 and my brother Jeff was 13, like we are 16 months apart. We'd sometimes hang out together, play tennis and go swimming, and there were many occasions when we were home alone or had an older kid keeping an eye on us. Jeff and I got on fairly well and we never had the fights that I knew some of my friends got into with their brothers but I never thought to ever having sex with him.

After school one day I came home and tried to talk to mum about our sex Ed class but she wasn't really helpful and repeated as she sometimes did that I'd find out in due course. Jeff was in the room and gave me one of his knowing smiles behind Mum's back there we both went out and joined some friends shooting hoops and gossiping.

After dinner our parents went out so Jeff and I sat down together to do our homework as we sometimes did and somehow we got to talking aloud about how strange adults were when it came to talking about sex. We both knew about anatomy and physiology as well is the biology, but the relationships seemed so strange. It's like Mum and dad seemed to coexist and they'd have occasional affectionate moments but their life seemed rather boring.

We'd almost completed our homework when I looked up the Internet to double check something and a page of pornographic images popped up. I'd seen a little bit of porn so it was no big deal and I wasn't particularly interested, but Jeff laughed and said it looked like they were having fun and I said maybe our parents didn't want us to know about sex because we might like it too much. We laughed and I scrolled down the page to some videos. We must have spent half an hour watching and Jeff suddenly said he had seen enough.

I could have sat watching it for a bit longer, but then I saw the bulge in Jeff's pants and I started teasing him that he had a boner. I don't know why but I wanted to see it and tried to pull his pants down. Like we'd seen each other naked tons of times but I'd never seen him with a boner so I fought hard and in the process we fell on the bed. Then I don't know what quite happened but our eyes met, he stopped resisting and I pulled his pants off.

I think we both got a bit confused but after watching I wanted to try out some of what had seen and after a minute of fondling his cock I started giving him some head. I was surprised he tasted rather nice and when I moved to what I thought was a better position beside him, he started rubbing in and around my pussy that felt so unbelievably nice I felt almost resentful that my parents had been holding me back from this experience.

Then moments later our clothes came off and we had sex. I had a few moments of doubt and a little flash of discomfort when he pushed inside me. Then afterwards we sat talking about it, like we both knew it was supposed to be wrong and yet it had been so much fun and we weren't trying to make babies so we didn't really understand what the problem was.

So we continued having sex whenever we could which was about two or three times a week and after about four months my period was late. I endured a couple of weeks of high anxiety before I confided in the mother of one of my girlfriends who gave me a course of tablets to take. I can't remember what they were, but they bought my period on and it was pretty scary.

After that I insisted on using condoms. I also got brave enough to have sex with a few of the guys and I encouraged Jeff to sow his seed a little more widely and safely. After about six months our interest in each other faded and I'm not sure if that's because I had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend. In reflection it was good fun with a rather tough lesson about taking responsibility and I hope that I'm not as prudish as my parents if I decide to have children.


Michael writes: my sister Renee is three years older than me and she's always bossy but she's also good at maths and as long as I was nice to her, she'd help with me with homework. Not long after I'd turned 13 and starting to think about girls, she came into the bathroom and caught me jacking off.

I guess she was trying to be reassuring by saying that I didn't have to be shy because we'd both seen each other naked often enough. There I was standing naked with a stiffy that wasn't going away anytime soon and she seemed unusually excited and it was clear that she wasn't going to leave me in peace.

She went on to say that I was turning into nice looking young guy and should be popular with the girls then she squeezed my arse and as I tried to get away she reached around and grabbed my cock. Since she was initiating a game of touch I grabbed her skirt and pulled it down and she didn't resist, she was more interested in holding my cock and she somehow made it easy for me to pull off the rest of her clothes.

Next thing we're having sex on the bathroom floor and I couldn't believe how great it felt. Renee seemed to know what to do because she gave me a little direction and when we finished we showered together and washed each others bodies with her guiding my hands over her boobs and around her pussy. That night after everyone had gone to bed I couldn't sleep, I was lying in bed trying to jack myself off when she came in and helped me out.

After a week of screwing almost every night I felt composed enough that we started having real discussions about sex and the adult world. Renee was on the pill so we didn't have to worry about getting pregnant and yet I knew that I had to find my own girlfriend because it wasn't like we could get married and have our own family. Her idea was that it was just a bit of family fun and much better than going to bed feeling frustrated.

I remember mum commenting once that Renee and I were close, but I don't think she had an ever noticed what was going on. The hardest thing I had to deal with was going to a party with Renee and another guy she was going out with at the time then somewhere during that evening I found myself in the arms of another girl which took my mind off her. In fact this other girl exhausted me so much that when Renee slipped into my bed sometime during the night, I was too tired.

Thinking about this a couple of years later it all seems rather normal, we are still good friends and occasionally we jump in the sack together more for old times sake because she's thinking of getting married and for some reason girls seem to like me and are enthusiastic about sex.


Karen writes: I don't know how old I was when I began masturbating but I remember that mum used to make such a fuss I learned to do it in private. It seemed to be the most interesting life and there was scarcely a night when I didn't masturbate before going to sleep.

That was sometimes awkward when I had to share my bed with my cousin who often came to stay which happened quite often. Side generally wait until she had gone to sleep before playing with myself. Kylie is actually a year older than me, but we actually look alike and many people think we're twins.

I was 10 when I found the opportunity to talk to her, I'd had my first general sex lesson in school which didn't really mean much, but was also a night that Kylie was coming to stay so I asked outright if she ever masturbated. I'm sure she knew what it meant but she said she didn't so I pulled up my nightdress and demonstrated.

She acted horrified so I started moaning and groaning like some girl I'd seen on the Internet and she couldn't look away. I dramatised how nice it felt and after a few minutes she copied me and we kind of got to comparing the look and feel of each other's pussies. It was funny and exciting and after a few minutes we worked out that putting two fingers inside the vagina and rubbing up and down behind the pubic bone felt really nice, but it felt even better with a thumb rubbing over the little bump of the clitloris at the same time.

With what our parents were doing we got to share beds a couple of times a month but in terms of sexual exploration we began spending a lot more time together. We were very discreet, we read books about human sexuality and watched lesbian porn although by the time we get around to that we were already doing oral sex.

It was great fun and we couldn't see the wrong of it, but out of fear we kept it secret and I was 13 and Kylie was 14 when Mum came in and finally caught us. I was more stunned that she didn't get angry, she just said "excuse me girls" and left the room. Kylie and I were a bit puzzled and scared, and we were almost relieved when Mum came in five minutes later with mugs of cocoa.

She asked how long we'd been playing together like this and if we enjoyed it. We didn't tell the whole truth but said for almost a year and after enquiring that we knew what we were doing and weren't hurting each other, she told us how she used to do the same with her sister (Kylie's mother).

Kylie and I were very relieved and it's like mum suddenly became a friend more than a mother. A few weeks later I was over at Kylie's house and her mum actually flirted with me. I was kinda flattered and a bit shocked especially when Kylie told me that she and her mum were getting it on. I was jealous and frustrated for a few days, but after a chat with mum and kind of spilling the beans I felt much better. She said her sister was a bit wilder than her but she refused my advances for some mother-daughter intimacy and suggested I might like to try her sister.

My intimate friendship with Kylie quickly resumed and expanded to include her mother. That was great because she introduced a whole range of sex toys that were so delightful, but I was also beginning to discover boys and by the time I was 16 I'd almost completely lost interest in sleeping with girls. Kylie didn't mind because she was also into boys as well as her mother which lasted for a couple more years.

I am 30 as I'm writing this and I read a lot of literature on incest which is mostly negative. Most often it's portrayed as fathers raping their daughters, but in all the mainstream media it's supposed to be a deeply humiliating crime against children even minutes between siblings of similar age. Over the years I have had lots of conversations with Kylie and their mothers who all agree it's fairly harmless fun and in terms of physical intimacy between girls, there is very little risk of harm and the fact it gives us good knowledge of our bodies and how they work. Sex is not the most important thing in life but if you going to do it, it's important to be able to do it well.

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How common is brother sister incest?
10-15% of college students had sexual experiences with a brother or sister
Sibling incest is estimated at about 2.5% of the population
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