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International Yoga day

India is seen as the home of Yoga, but at least the first known teachings were given their from which it spread around the world. Shiva the adhi-yogi first taught a group of men some 15,000 years ago and those men went to the continents and shared those teachings which are still alive today. But please remember that yoga is a science, technology of being human and therefore it belongs to all mankind and not only to India.

India is a land with 1.2 billion people, a land with a rich history going back more than 100,000 years, a fact overlooked by historians because it does not fit the 'out of Africa' and development of mankind theories. It is far simpler to admit we simply do not know these things.

In modern history India was exploited by the Moslems and then the British. The British did the most harm taking literacy from near 100% down to 20% and stripping the wealth of the nation. The British have been praised for unifying India and building the rail network, but British historians have overlooked the negative consequences of the administration such as the formation of the caste system and forcing hundreds of millions of Indians into abject poverty.

Another important aspect of India is that Britain named the territory Hindustan and the people became Hindus. The word Hinduism became catchall described to what the British perceived as religion in India, but in fact Hinduism is not a religion, it is simply a British label describing what appeared as religion to them. Hindustan and Hindu refer to the geography and not any religion.

In the late 1800s the first yoga teachers moved to the west and began sharing this technology. One of the interesting things about yoga is that unlike religions and other belief systems, yoga has nothing to believe in and throughout the history of yoga no one has ever been forced while religions have been enforced by threat of death.

An opportunity for India

Since the cultural revolution of the 1960s, yoga is flourished all around the world and it has become a major industry. Is coming to a point where there are many good teachers outside of India and this internationally yoga day as an attempt to remind the world that yoga has its roots in India and that anyone seeking to understand the essence of yoga should come and study within Indian institutions where they can get the purest form of yoga.

This is also an attempt to also retain the economic benefits of teaching yoga in India, but there were many other levels as well. For instance; the Indian government has just slashed the health budget, but because yoga is so beneficial for physical health, if enough people practice yoga and remain healthy then this will reduce the pressure on the Indian medical system.

Within India the larger ashrams and yoga teaching institutions also provide essential community services including education and health care which again takes pressure off the government.

Unlike the United States of America which exports terror, India is exporting a technology of peace and happiness along with this well-trained doctors, teachers and technologists. This can only be a good thing for the world and a good thing for the status of India.

Between 5000 and 1500 years ago, India was a regional power with influence from the Mediterranean to the Pacific. Its technology of peace and human well-being spread over the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The evidence of this is found within the language and archaeology of all these countries.

Despite the efforts of Islam and Britain to destroy the people and culture of India, India has not only survived, she has turned the other cheek and by practising loving kindness toward the world, and if the world awakes, it is the art of yoga that may save the human species and life on Earth as we know it.

Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY)
India, Mother of Nations


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