India Once Ruled the Americas

A snapshot of our suppressed history

The people of India have long known that their ancestors once sailed to and settled in the Americas. They called America Patala, The Under World, not because they believed it to be underground, but because the other side of the globe appeared to be straight down.

Researchers into our history came to the conclusion that the Americas were populated by settlers who crossed the Bering Strait land bridge during the last ice age and eventually populated North and South. There is some contentious evidence of other peoples crossing the Atlantic.

Within the vast archives of Hindu literature, there were seven suptarishies who some 10,000 years or so back travelled to all continents. When all these cultures are examined there are similarities of language, understanding of the cosmos and technology for human well-being.

These things are apparent to anyone verse in Hindu culture yet the mostly Christianised early explorers and many modern researchers exclude any relationships with India and adamantly refuse to include evidences connected with India because it disturbs their narrative, it disturbs their self-righteousness and egotistical self-aggrandizement.

"In the late 1970s, when I discovered that ancient India not only once owned the world, but gave us all our religions as well, I felt like a second Columbus . Moreover, I naively thought the world would applaud my work. I soon discovered that all the truths in the world won't alter the mindset of people steeped in sectarian religious beliefs, and that their historical conditionings, though changeable, don't become unfrozen easily, either.

Where the truths of ancient Hindu history are concerned, my struggle has been quite bumpy, but millions of people are finally beginning to listen. Yet, much resistance remains, especially among those foolishly regarded as orthodox academicians.

The Vedas tell a number of valid facts about ancient America . They call Mexico and Central America Patala. In Sanskrit, Patala means 'one of the seven regions under the earth and the abode of serpents' According to the myths, an eagle named Garuda transported thousands of ancient mariners, called snakes (Nagas, there in its beak. Although I feel they came here in ocean-going ships, the implication is clear that they could have flown here as well.

A partial list of Cheyenne girls names with a strong Sanskrit affiliation

The legends of the O'odhams of Arizona describe such a sky-born ship. They call it Nah-Big, a term definitely derived from the Sanskrit Nag-Bhaga or Snake God. One cannot help but become impressed when he reads the O'odham stories of the Nah-Big. It is clear that it was some kind of flying ship. The O'odhams even speak of it as being propelled by an energy generator having positive (male) and (female) female poles." ~ Gene D. Matlock

The author Gene Matlock was born in Kansas in 1928. He attended college in Mexico City, earning a B.A. After serving with the Marines in the Korean War, he earned an M.A. degree from Tulane University, New Orleans. Now a retired high school teacher, he and Mexican wife Consuelo live in the California High Desert.

Now, at last, many mysteries about Ancient America, such as the identity of the Mexican Quetzalcoatl, the true origins of our Native-American, etc., will be cleared up, once and for all. This is another well researched presentation complementing works like Hindu America by Chaman Lal.

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