Insanity is An Infectious Disease

The worlds most misunderstood disease

insane2No one is sure how long modern humans have lived on earth. Some suspect that it may have only be 200,000 years, and while we have survived, it's debatable if we have actually evolved. We have figured out what it takes to survive physically and technically, but we have always been at odds about what it takes to survive intellectually and emotionally.

We know that we have a fundamental desire to be happy, and we know that happiness comes from the fulfilment of our desires.  Yet for a great many people, the fulfilment of those desires is dependent on other people's compliance, unhappiness and sometimes even their termination.

There was a time when we simply coexisted with all other life, but as we became more technologically sophisticated, we came to dominate all life. But with the increase in our numbers we have also sought to dominate each other.

What we have learned from the study of the human psyche is that those people who are not well-established in themselves suffer from an inferiority complex. As such they cannot be happy until such time as they achieve a position of power over others. Sometimes this is physical, but mostly it's intellectual until such time those disaffected gather power and support.

The physically weaker person may be envious of someone who is physically stronger or devise ways to outsmart, outwit and take a superior intellectual position to the physically stronger in order to feel good about themselves.  Over the countless generations this behaviour has evolved into systems of beliefs and behaviours. Fuelled by belief but still without any real knowledge of life, those weaker intellectuals politicised their belief systems and they became experts at manipulation.

The evolution of modern politics on the surface is a battleground for power and control, but underneath there is a very unhealthy psychology at work. Today it is not only the weaker attempting to overcome the strong, it is about the acquisition of wealth and privilege.

This is a human weakness that stems from ignorance about who we really are. The consequences are that we will eventually destroy ourselves and perhaps even the planet we depend on for life. This weakness translates into violence within individuals and it has spread over the global stage.  This violence is backed by religion and a sense of self-righteousness making occupied countries like the. This violence is backed by religion and a sense of self-righteousness making occupied countries like the United States the most violent in the world. The only difference between the USA, Australia and New Zealand is that the USA has the population and resources to export its violence for profit." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">United States the most violent in the world. The only difference between the USA, Australia and New Zealand is that the USA has the population and resources to export its violence for profit.

The US Gun Problem

Defining sanity and insanity

Sanity is what preserves and enhances all life and the consequences are happiness, joy and blissfulness. Insanity is what causes suffering to self and others.

If we take a notable public figure such as George W Bush, he was elected as president of the strongest of nations (strongest in terms of economics and military prowess). Yet he comes from a tradition of belief that one must succeed in assuming power over others in order to be happy. That is the fundamental but there is also the economic because the people and organisations that they run, when they are successful they make vast amounts of money.

In doing business, all George needs to do is grease a few palms and he can conduct a war and take millions of lives virtually at the press of a button. There is nothing sane about this, in fact this is a classic example of insanity. If that man was put into a soldier's uniform and asked to fight man-to-man for what he believed in, there is a great doubt that he could.

But it is not only the administration of the United States that suffers from insanity, the administrative bodies of most countries and institutions in the world also suffer from this and that suffering is packaged as a belief.

George Bush may have believed he was right in going to war against Iraq, Daesh believe they are right in their attempt to take political control of the Middle East and even the terrorists kills people in the Market Square or nightclub believes that they are right and justified in their actions.

Living with Daesh

Belief is a powerful tool, it has a potential to be used for good but mostly it is used as a tool for social control or a weapon to launch against one's enemies from a safe and convenient advantage point. It is important to understand that beliefs arise out of opinions which substitute for real knowledge. Enjoy W Bush said that he believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which most people now know was a blatant lie, but in a court of law if you do something from the perspective of believing, it is not always punishable under law.

Therefore belief or perhaps I should say except believes are a collective form of insanity. If we consider Daesh, they believe similarly to many questions that the world will end in the great Battle of Armageddon and therefore there is no reason to have any respect for life. Many people because they know they will die one day similarly have no reason to respect life.  Fundamentally we do not really know what anything is. We can give everything a name and establish relationships that reflect our beliefs and desires, but that is not knowing things, it is about coexistence.

Sanity is what supports life irrespective of the politics going on around. Sanity recognises that abstractions like money are less important than ensuring that everyone has a full belly and everyone has access to fresh clean water.

To be sane is to recognise the we don't know all the answers to life and that we shouldn't base our actions on unprovable beliefs. Sanity is based on colonising and aligning with reality as we know it, not with any belief. We must remember that what is believed cannot necessarily be proven and what is proven becomes knowledge, not belief.

How insanity is spread

Many insane people have a sense of entitlement and where they have the strength they abuse their power and make the people suffer. Suffering breeds contempt and many a tyrant has met a bloody end, but in the past 2000 years when people began to rally behind beliefs that promised them peace and the reward of an afterlife.

Religion became the tool of authority and it was spread by the sword. In the early days of Christianity, some groups of Christians were persecuted until Rome embraced Christianity and made it the state religion. As the Roman world became Christianised, a new ideology was born in Mecca.

Thus began the battle for world domination between Christianity and Islam, they both call themselves religions yet they are social political movements aimed at world domination because fundamentally it's about power, control and more importantly, wealth.

Over the generations, because the wider population is kept ignorant and disempowered, those who have ruled, those who have divided and conquered the world also created institutionalised violence and destruction of life. In our modern world, the wider population believes it is free, but most people are debt slaves. Freedom is an illusion, we are bound to a human body and we are bound to our environment.

The powers that rule our world today don't care about this, in their insane drive for power and control they begin wars, the use the media and other devices to manipulate entire populations into believing what they want people to believe.

Insanity is spread through fear, lies and manipulation as well as economic exploitation. The consequences are the life on earth will be extinguished because the insane do not recognise the importance of life.

Is there any hope for ordinary people?

It is estimated that by 2050 the earth's human population will have reached 9 billion. But to maintain our present physical standard of life we will need another planet at least to supply the resources that we will need. But if we don't get those resources, or if we don't make some drastic changes now, we will all have to learn to live with 50% less of everything including the oxygen we breathe.

If we look at the world as it is today in 2016, there seems little hope that life may continue on this planet beyond the turn-of-the-century. The ordinary people are reluctant to stand up to their masters for many reasons.

The primary reason for most people is that they are debt slaves.
The second reason is that most people have become addicted to either substances or certain behaviours that prevent them from becoming self responsible.
The third reason is that most people have been disconnected from nature and the truth of life for so many generations that most people wouldn't know what life is even if it bit them on the arse.

It seems the only hope left for every individual as to realise that we have no idea what life is, we have no idea why we're here. If we look up into space, no one really knows which way is up. In fact wherever we stand on the world, looking up is a different direction for everyone because the earth is round.

One of the most heartening transformations for millions of people is that they are recognising that there are really only two directions in life. One direction is outwards looking at the world around us and the other direction is in looking inside. In fact it is only by looking inside of ourselves that we can begin to understand the chaos of life and create an inner peace.

It is from this perspective of looking inwards that yoga has seen such phenomenal growth around the world. Although it has become corporatised and distorted in many ways, even badly taught yoga can have some positive consequences because it gives people the confidence to sit still and look inwards.

What is inside of us is simply a reflection of what is outside, but what is inside of us is our true nature. So even though many city people don't get to experience the true nature of existence that one may find in the remote wilderness, they can experience their own internal nature and find peace.

Inner peace is really the foundation stone of what is to be a human being. If one has not yet found inner peace, then what it means to be human is pure speculation. But when in a piece is known, happiness and joy are the next steps. Then in order to support that in awareness and appreciation of life, the next step is to create external peace and happiness. And the way that that happens is beautifully presented with an what people call as Hinduism which like yoga is emerging all over the world.

Modern civilisation is built on the foundation of belief which is totally irrational even though to most people it seems entirely logical and reasonable. But a civilisation such as Hinduism which is life affirming and in harmony with existence even though it seems chaotic and irrational is actually built on a more stable foundation.

So while insanity is an infectious disease being spread through fear and manipulation, the cure is inside each and everyone of us.


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