Is God Exclusive?

Nature, elements and the energy permeating all is universal

How often do you get the idea that everyone believes that their idea of God is better than someone else's? Yet fundamentally God has never risen beyond an idea because no identifiable and quantifiable entity as ever arisen in this world who can rightly be called God.

When we try and rationally understand what God might be, most broadly accepted idea is that it is the creative principal that generates all life. Some call God by names like Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Allah, others Yahweh, Jesus, Mohammed which all represent masculine aspects. Women are not left out, there are a wide range of goddesses across the eastern world who are curiously absent in the West.

The Christian God who is simply called God, Allah and Yahweh are patriarchal gods who are seen as entities under themselves. Yet when we go east, Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu are incomplete without their female goddesses. Yahweh of course is a Hebrew God and his predecessor known as El or Al was once complimented by his wife or consort Asherah who was somehow divorced at the beginning of the modern Hebrew story. Yet today all religions and faiths that proclaim they have exclusive rights to "GOD" and any nonbeliever in their concept of God and is defective though they may reform or perish.

A common element with the patriarchal gods is that there is a corresponding devil, are likewise fictitious deity that does everything opposite to how our God should behave. Believers in God's think that their idea of God is going to give them everything they want, it's going to satisfy their dreams and desires and a way that benefits all believers. Everything that gets in the way is the devil all the work of the devil represented by non-believers and if they happen to be happy nonbelievers, they are even more devilish or sinful infidels. In fact the idea of the devil or devilish is more associated with women being happy and fulfilling their function is woman in society outside of the direct control and oppression of men.

The idea of the patriarchal gods and devils do not stand up to intelligent, rational enquiry. In contrast, the Hindu gods have played a vital role in society for thousands of years can see you to play that role today although outside interference from other religious groups has damaged their reputation.

Defining the idea of God

If God is the creative principal of the universe, then it exists as a form of universal energy, a universal spirit without particular form yet can take any form. If we think that mankind in terms of our human bodies are made from the dust of the earth, then God is the defining principle within our DNA that ensures that everything happens as it should. But then when a body grows with a weakness, God becomes a scapegoat. Similarly when someone sets up a business on godly principles and experiences failure, God becomes the scapegoat.

So we stay with energy, formless and intangible, yet more tangible than an idea. Like fire, an element we cannot control,  it will burn a Muslim, Christian or a Hindu or Buddhist with exactly the same intensity. You can not control water it will give you life if you keep it clean but will kill human life if toxic. Water element is also universal and Muslims or Christians can not control or claim exclusivity. Air similarly is universal and no man, group, community or faith can claim or control it.

Earth is for all beings humans and non human living beings and anyone claiming it is for Muslims or Christians or all human and animal beings are controlled by their "GOD" is brain damaged and must be checked for sanity. However Islamists claim that they must control all beings of this planet. The energy source and energy itself is also universal and NO Christian or Muslim or can claim ownership. Likewise "GODS powers" are for every single being on this planet, living humans or animals or other life species.

NOBODY IS without energy. Source of all energy is one. No living being is closer or far from this source. Likewise all living beings are faithful or fidel to GODS powers and the natural elements.
Infidel (literally "unfaithful") is a pejorative term used in certain religions for those who do not believe the central tenets of one's own religion, are members of another religion, or are not religious.

Anyone claiming a special status of being called as FAITHFUL or Fidel and calling others infidel, unfaithful or Kafir is not only brain damaged, insane and foolish; but he is also engaging in the biggest blasphemic act and will be punished for breaking and disrespecting universal laws for his wrongful ideas and propagation of these false ideas. If you are a real Christian or Muslim STOP PEOPLE OF YOUR FAITH TO use label of Infidel or Kaafir from now. Those who call others unfaithful can never ever be faithful to ANY GOD.

IF you agree Please share and ask all friends to share it. STOP THE false propagation of Islamic propaganda of calling others INFIDEL as every human being is equal in eyes of energy that runs this universe.

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