Isha Kriya

An inward knowing


Meditation can be done in any comfortable position, you don't have to sit like this.

Meditation is practised in all spiritual traditions and it sometimes occurs naturally making a pleasant space in our day. But to become more conscious and responsible, we need to make a regular effort and practise. It's often said that practise make perfect, well here meditation practise at some stage becomes an involvement and not just a practise. It becomes real and has measurable benefits in terms of health improvement and happiness.

Results are determined by a combination of practise, tenacity and an ability to relax and even these attributes improve in time. Typically we may begin trying to meditate, we begin with simple concentration exercises like watching our breath without controlling it, and when thoughts and feelings arise, allowing them to go away without becoming involved. This works but takes great determination and concentration but there's an easier way - use a guided meditation.

"As there is a science and technology create external wellbeing, there is a whole science and technology for inner wellbeing." ~ Sadhguru

Isha Kryia

Rooted in the timeless wisdom of yogic sciences, "Isha Kriya" guided meditation technique is a simple yet powerful practice. Just 12-18 minutes of daily practice brings health, dynamism, peace and well being - helping each individual to create life according to his own wish and vision.

This free "Isha Kriya" guided meditation contains introduction and instructions which guide one through the practice, providing a complete package to experience higher dimensions of life.

An Introduction to Isha Kriya by Sadhguru

An Introduction to "Isha Kriya"
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A Masculine - Feminine Mediation:

The Earth represents the feminine and the sky or Space the masculine. A powerfully healing exercise can be done either laying down or standing comfortably:

  1. breathe softly, deeply and regularly, and when settled,
  2. visualise the feminine rising through you, and the masculine flowing down with each breath.
  3. Try the rising feminine on the in breath, and the descending masculine on the out.
  4. Then switch to see what you prefer.

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