Islam: A Destructive Force

Media hides the dangerous intentions of Islam

In May of 2018 there was an unforgettable and important event in the world. A French manifesto called for passages of the Koran promoting violence on unbelievers to be deleted. This has sparked outrage among Muslims who claim their religion is being unfairly 'put on trial'.

The rationale for these passages to be deleted was to take a practical step to combat rising anti-Semitism and attacks on Jews by Islamic migrants into France and help quell Quran-based Islamic violence that's become widespread over Europe.

The incident should have been promoted and expanded throughout the world, but the media have been almost silent, their heads buried in the sand and fuelled by politically correct sentiments.

The leaders of France and Europe aggrieved by the killings and rape of their people say that due to the order of violence in these verses of Quran, Muslims are being mad and violent and killing non-Muslims. The Quran is full of violent and anti-humanity verses that order the taxing, rape and killing of non believers, Hindus, Jews and non-Muslims who don't convert to their religion.

Islam is inherently weak and is people are weak because in order to be validated as human beings, they require that everyone believes as they do. But even this is fallible because they continually fight amongst themselves as they attempt to refine their beliefs and create some kind of unity which of course it is impossible when they don't acknowledge or even know the fundamental reality of existence.

Islam considers its biggest enemy to be India and the Hindus:

Firstly they hate India because it has never completely fallen under their swords and within Hindu culture, they are the lowest caste and because they are invaders they should not even have the rights of citizens. India has endured 1300 years of Islamic attacks but Islam as only proven itself to be a failure. Islam's new weapon of portraying itself as a disaffected minority, a neoliberal value is playing out on the world stage not only in India and somehow causing the world's less educated population to be sympathetic to the Islamic cause even though Islam continues to butcher people on all continents.

Secondly they have jumped on the colonial bandwagon and are continuing with their ancestors began that is converting, raping and pillaging before executing those who don't convert but they are also doing this with a sense of rage perhaps inherited from the British who did their utmost to destroy India but were infuriated by their own failure and India's resilience.

The government of course is caught in a Catch-22 situation, if they take a reasonable stance against Islam to protect the Hindu people, the world cries out in unison that India is harming a peaceful minority even though the word peaceful is a lie. Of course the political parties notably the Congress party appeal to the Islamic vote and deride their own constituents as they continue to support while destroying India.

This status has to be changed. The people of India have to be prepared to take the offensive and crush the violent imperialist extension of Islam. It is not only for India, but to save humanity and the world civilization.


Hinduism by Nirad C. Chaudhuri, pp.125-26
Chapter: Effect of the Muslim Conquest
"This can be most conclusively demonstrated by taking the very thing which creates the impression that the south is different from the north (India). Those who see the two regions exclaim: 'Oh, the south is the land of great temples!' But the simple historical explanation of this fact is that in the south the temples have survived, and in the north they have not. Over seven centuries from the eleventh to the end of the seventeenth all the great cities of northern India dating from Hindu times were sacked by the Muslim invaders and conquerors of India. All the temples there and in all other centres of Hinduism were systematically destroyed. None were left standing at Ujjain, Ajmere, Delhi, Mathura, Brindaban, Kanauj, Prayag, or Benares - which were the centres of the political, cultural, and religious life of the Hindus. In most of these places mosques were built on the sites of the temples, and in some with pillars taken from them. This religious vandalism also worked its fury on the Buddhist centres. Moreover, it was not simply that the great temples in the cities were destroyed; so were the village temples. For most of the period of Muslim rule, there was a ban on building new temples and rebuilding the old in the regions the Muslims controlled."

The Islamic problem is not India's alone, the entire world is affected and the entire world needs to stand up to a belief system that cries out for tolerance and acceptance as it spreads, but once it becomes established it becomes exclusive and forces everyone to adhere.


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