An ideology disguised as a religion

jhadThere are stories that Islam is a creation of the Vatican which may hold some truth. It is well known that Rome adopted Christianity,  reformed it, burned the remains of the great library of Alexandria and persecuted the original Christians who remained a thorn in Rome's side as the core of the Christianity they knew was to become as Jesus - not to create some new religious hierarchy.

It is alleged that the Vatican created Islam as a fighting arm of the Catholic Church to suppress the original Christians and expand the churches territories.  However, once the Muslims tasted success in acquiring territory, they distanced themselves from the Vatican although they have continued to cooperate.

The only way of proving this story would be to find the related documents in the Vatican library and before Islam, Arabia was pagan, the people followed Vedanta, the Kabba was a Shiva shrine with statues of Greek and Hindu Gods. The people knew peace and prosperity.

Did the Vatican create Islam?

So what about the Pope's song and dance around Islam saying "I do not believe it is right to identify Islam with violence"? Pope Francis has pointed out, organizations such as the Islamic State are evil, but they are also not Islam, they are perversions of Islam yet the word Islam means SUBMIT.

By the Pope's perverse logic, if we hold Islam accountable, so must we hold Christianity accountable regardless of the fact that Islam justifies violence while Christianity condemns it - at least in public.

An Islamic saying; 'The words of the scholar are more valuable than the deaths of martyrs'. This is an interesting line in context with all the crime, rape and killing this going on all around the world in the name of Islam. Those who believe in Islam are referred to as Muslims.

"Martyrdom is the only way in which a man can become famous without ability." ~ George Bernard Shaw

The true and verifiable story of Islam

Islam is supposedly a religion based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad who lived in Saudi Arabia some 1400 years ago. From analysis seems his ideas were cobbled together from Judaism. His ideas did not go down too well in Mecca and he was run out of town for his arrogance and heresy.

He moved to Medina and taken in as a refugee, but when people disagreed with him, he solved the problem by either killing them or having them killed. When he lived in Mecca, he taught a quasireligious ideology, but when he lived in Medina this teaching turned to condemning anyone who disagreed with him.

The Prophet became a common criminal earning his living from robbing passing caravans and slave trading. After he died his ideology was taken over by his enemies who reworked his ideology and turned it into a militaristic operation which went on to take over the Middle East, North Africa, they pushed deep into Europe and spread east across northern India and on through Southeast Asia displacing/slaughtering the peaceful Buddhists.

The so called enlightenment of Islam was a resurgence of Vedanta and Hindu knowledge, some returned from the Greeks and Romans, undoubtedly damaged by ww1. The outcome is the extreme Islam we see today where they have reverted to tribalism and a battle for supremacy.

Islam calls itself a religion of peace, but there is nothing peaceful about it. Under Islamic law anyone who is not a Muslim is fair game for robbery, slavery, rape or execution. In other words belonging to Islam gives every individual the right and a kind of moral justification to commit any sort of crime.

As a political movement Islam seeks to take over the world in readiness for a judgement day in which the world will end. This judgement day as the Armageddon talked about in the old Testament and unfortunately because it is talked about, people believe they have to make it happen. How stupid is that?

At present in 2017 Islam is touting itself as a religion of peace, but if you read the Koran which is the key book on the religious aspect of Islam, there is almost nothing about religion, rather it's just a few vague beliefs and the other two books that make up the Islamic code; the Hadeth and the Sira are really lengthy dialogues explaining and justifying how non-Muslims should be treated.

Islam has nothing to do with peace, most of the mass shootings, bombings, rapes, slave trading and general crime that is prevalent in today's world is done by Muslims. The Islamic leadership in Saudi Arabia want to rule the world and like Christians, they are intolerant of anyone who thinks differently. Yet because of this, Muslims also fight amongst themselves.

"The scientific definition of Islam is unambiguously clear. Islam is not a religion and it is not a political ideology, it is simply a criminal organisation much like the Mafia, just of a much larger scale and more violent. Both of them kill you if you do not join them, and both of them kill you if you want to leave them, the classic definition of a criminal organisation. Every member of this organisation is a barbaric criminal, no matter how “moderate” he or she believes to be, for as long as they use the Quran as their guide book they are barbaric criminals.
The chasm between humans and these criminals is so great that it can never be bridged. Countries like Japan and China have long realised this and do everything possible to protect their people from these criminals. The rest of the world is also on the move, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Angola, Iceland and Switzerland will follow Japan in eradicating these barbaric criminals in their countries.
There is only one solution to fix this problem, we must, in order of priority, close all Islamic schools. Whoever wants their children to attend an Islamic school, to learn that the earth is flat and Kafirs must be killed, can do that only in an Islamic country. We must close all mosques, or better demolish them as they do in Angola, we must ban the Quran, and deport all deportable Muslims. This is the only option we have if we want our advanced cultures in the western world to survive." Edward Wechner

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