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Philippine Nurses in Saudi

If you happen to be travelling in an Islamic country as a welcome visitor and you need healthcare, you will find facilities as good as any western country.  The doctors and nurses will most likely have been trained somewhere like the USA, the UK or Switzerland where they have learned the best of allopathic medicine and surgical procedures.

While some of the doctors and nurses will be native to the land, most will be from overseas and there on temporary work permits, but the modern medical facilities are generally reserved for the privileged few.

One of the concerns in many Western countries is that as Islamic populations increase, in some cases they threaten to overtake the indigenous population in numbers, then they press for more administrative control which also includes healthcare and typically a lot of violence.

One of the misfortunes of Islam is that if it's not written in one of the holy books, it is not considered important and there is nothing about health care at all. In fact a significant portion of the holy books are about jihad or the forceful occupation of the world, and the rape and execution of non-believers.


Prof. Suad Saleh says that Allah permits the raping of non-Muslim women and slaves

One of the significant factors of the new Islamic caliphate is rising in northern Iraq and Syria is Daesh which was previously known as ISIL. Not only are they killing tens of thousands of people, they have established a human slave trade which also includes sex trafficking of young girls.

This raises the issue of sexually transmitted diseases in addition to the extreme forms of mental and emotional distress.  Unsubstantiated reports say that Saudi men especially are buying girls as young as four and five years old. These girls are repeatedly raped, but if they are pleasing to the man, they may live. But so many commit suicide.

The real problem with health under Islam is that it is not really a consideration unless you are particularly wealthy. There was a recent ITV documentary of life in Saudi Arabia where the majority of people live in slums without adequate food and the most basic of healthcare.

From all reports this is typical of most Islamic countries but the most significant aspect of life under Islamic rule is the repression of women and the moral authority that Islam provides for men to do as they please. Even as I write this, the men in Pakistan are lobbying the government to make it legal for them to kill their wives should they displease them for some reason.

Saudi Women's Conference Report

The fact that the women and their daughters are locked away and can't leave the home without their husband's permission which causes a wide range of social and mental health problems which sooner or later must eventually impact the physical body.

Under Islamic law when a woman is raped, it is always her fault and a sad reflection on the absence of any real culture and respect for life.  AL-Azher professor Suad Saleh says that in a legitimate war, Muslims can capture slave girls and have sex with them as permitted by Allah.

In most western countries teenagers of both sexes are usually able to have sex, moralists disapprove but it seems that sex is a necessary social interaction for people to remain healthy even when they are not married and planning on a family.

Muslim boys typically end up having sex with each other and they are deprived of the opportunity to create healthy relationships. This makes them more prone to aggression because they will feel deprived even though they are not sure why.

There is concern among the medical community about some of the health effects of the extreme styles of Islamic dress, with the main issues arising from Vitamin D deficiency due to lack skin exposed to UV light. It has been established by credible scientific evidence that almost all women who observe the full hijab are chronically deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a vital nutrient and deficiency of this kind can lead to osteomalacia in adults and rickets in children. There is also a strong association between deficiency in Vitamin D and an increased risk of developing several deadly cancers, including breast cancer.

Doctor Quanta Ahmed, author of the book 'In the
Land of Invisible Women' discusses her experience
practising medicine in Saudi Arabia

Halal meat:

Within many Muslim communities, when an animal is slaughtered for food, the method of slaughter inflicts a great deal of pain and suffering in the animal which floods is body with adrenaline. When this meet is consumed, that adrenaline is absorbed by those who eat which causes an imbalance of their body chemistry which of course affects their mood.

When you consider that Moslems expect everyone on earth to convert to Islam or die, it seems almost pointless to worry about everyday health issues. Great numbers of young men can expect to die fighting and great numbers of women who through no fault of their own may displease their masters may have acid splashed over them or they may get stoned to death.

Within the Hindu story of the churning of the ocean, dark and poisonous fumes were released called Halahal. Now when we consider that Vedanta was a primary influence in Arabia before Islam, did some half cocked person get the idea that they could live by eating poison and the word Halahal became halal and therefore setting in motion a cultural trend that would later become religious law?

So there's nothing pretty about this, nothing healthy about this. Islam is governed by the dictates of the Prophet Mohammed and the interpretation by the Mullah's and others in power.

The Quran: Some statistics

52% of the Quran is an expression of contempt against the infidels.17% of it deals with Allah.15% of the text deals with believers/non-believers and 12% is about the day of judgment/day of doom.  Only 4% of the verses are about the rights of other Muslims and good deeds (Haqooq-ul-ibad).

In Mecca an astounding 67% of the text is devoted to the infidel. In Medina 51% is about the infidel. The amount of text in the entire Koran devoted to infidels and non-believers is 61%." When we compare the relative size of the Quran vis-à-vis Sira( Ibn Ishaq) we find that Allah is about 14% of the total sacred text. Sunna (Prophet Mohammed's words and deeds) on the other hand is 86% of the total.

In addition, the Koran does not contain enough information to practice even one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Five time prayer,2.5% of the income/assets to be given as zakat, the mode of keeping a fast, the modalities of Haj and Jehad. Even the Kalima is not there in the Quran.

Only the Sunna(primarily the Hadith for religious practice) tells the Muslim how to worship. So the statistical measure shows that Islam is primarily what Prophet Mohammad supposedly said and practised. It is also interesting to note that the hadis of “Bukhari” gives all of the tactical details of jihad. A simple counting method shows that 3% of the hadis are about the inner struggle, whereas, 97% of the hadis are about jihad as war.
So does jihad refer to the inner struggle? Yes, 3%.
Is jihad the war against infidels? Yes, 97%.


A woman brings her child to hospital  to be treated for acute malnutrition.

If you have read this far, this page is not about fear mongering, it is the simple facts and these facts are easily verifiable. You can watch the ITV documentary on you tube and the references below will provide a great deal more information.

But the bottom line about Islam is that Muslims are unconcerned with anyone's health except their own but they are happiest if they die fighting for their faith. They don't believe in nature, science or cause-and-effect. They are creationists who believe that the end time is very near and healthcare is inconsequential.

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