Israel in Context

A land on fire and the world fans the flames

jselmThe world looks on at a loss to understand what is going on. People collect around various opinions as Israel finds itself being attacked from all sides. So how do we find a real perspective and it is there any such thing as justice in a region that has never known peace since the arrival of humans?

It could well be that the original Jews were a Hindu tribe that migrated some 3000 or 4000 years ago, or even further back. After all, Hinduism has been a light to the entire world although for many that's an inconvenient truth. But it's clear that those who call themselves Jews or Israelites have resided in the region for at least 3000 years (Origins of the Jews).

In ancient times they were clearly resourceful enough to survive, and smart enough to infiltrate the world and integrate into the global economy. Their financial success bought them into some disrepute (jealousy) which culminated in their mass extermination during World War II after which the survivors were returned to the land we know today as Israel.

The region has been dominated by the new Islamic ideology for some 1300 years and the Muslims resented the influx of Jews back into their community so much so that there has been constant conflict as well as several actual wars involving other players in the region.

A surprising speech by
Benjamin Netanyahu

The Palestinians occupying the region before the return of the European Jews were peasant farmers living a very tenuous existence and there was also a great deal of internal conflict which was usually settled by either Islamic law or whoever happened to be more powerful.

The Jews have a sense of law and order, and their social values are similar to those of Christianity which evolved out of Judaism. In contrast to the traditionalist Palestinians and Arabs, the Jews/Israelites are progressive. While the Palestinians were content being peasant farmers and traders with life centred around Islamic ideology and some pre-Islamic traditions, the Israelites wanted to better themselves and develop their connections with Western civilisation.

Consequently the Jewish people who returned to what they understood as their ancestral homeland became highly industrious and ambitious to create a high standard of living. They developed cooperative farms (Kibbutz) and turned the desert into lush gardens which amazed those who'd been living there for generations previously.

A great many Palestinians joined the cause, but a minority objected and in true Islamic fashion they agitated enough to keep the Israelis on their toes. This meant the Israelis had to be able to defend themselves and they did so with as much enthusiasm as they turned their semi-barren country into a productive and enjoyable place to live.

Living alongside Islamic ideology

The UN and Israel

The Israelis by and large are very pleasant people, they are generally welcoming of all people with a peaceful disposition and tolerant of those who seem to have chips on their shoulders. But unfortunately Islam is totalitarian and those who steer or direct this belief system are totally intolerant of any other opinion or activity contrary to Islam as they determine it to be.

It's almost like the Islamic Palestinians and the Jewish Israelis are two completely different species, and like oil and water, they just don't mix because the doctrine of Islam forbids it. As a result of the internal conflict, the Israelis eventually said "enough is enough" and the troublesome Palestinians were exiled into the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

Yet within the borders of Israel there are over 1 million Palestinians/Arabs who prefer the comfort and ease of living amongst the Jews preferable to the narrow-mindedness and hardship afforded by adherence to the political doctrines of Islam.

Israel quickly became a political and social success for everyone who was willing to work towards a comfortable life and a sustainable future, but those who continually ridiculed and threw stones found themselves outcasts and in true Islamic fashion, they protested and claimed they were victims of Israeli oppression.

In other words it's like those who refuse to work complain they are hungry and blame against those who do work for being the cause of their problems.  But today we live in a world that is governed more by corporate greed and political correctness than common sense, and this plays into the hands of those who complain that they are victims. So those who sit on the moral high ground condemn Israel for defending itself.

What the future?

The US and Israel

As the world runs out of essential resources required to maintain all our economic and social infrastructure, Israel continues to lead the way producing food in arid regions, squeezing water from stone, caring for its loyal citizens and distributing a disproportionate amount of aid around the world, Israel is a bright spec within the global civilisation.

As a people, the Israelis are friendly and inclusive but unfortunately Muslims are not and they are determined to remain exclusive of anyone and any ideology but their own. So Israel has made itself reasonably secure behind its high walls and world-class defensive systems and yet the world continues to condemn Israel for defending itself.

The Western world having created such turmoil in the Middle East and Africa extends its arms to refugees, but it is still in denial about the real facts of life. Global culture is more about gossip and games of oneupmanship than discussing fundamental truths of existence and more about exploitation as a way of progress than genuine innovation and sustainable living.

Israel has been living in the middle of an Islamic quagmire which is spreading around the world like a virus and the only long-term solution to this problem is its eradication. Until that happens, it's simply a question of survival of the fittest and Israel is clearly the fittest.

Just think for a moment, if a disaster came and you are made a refugee, would you prefer to take shelter in a Jewish home or an Islamic home?  If your neighbours began throwing stones at you and making your life difficult, what would you do?


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  • Keenan

    Looking forward to a one state solution and an end to Hamas

  • Alex Jankowiak

    Hey, if you disagree, check your privilege and really think about what it’s like to be a religious/ethnic minority that’s a tiny, tiny fraction of the world’s population and yet disproportionately hated.

  • Melody

    Hello, I used to feel sorry for those poor Palestinians but since looking to Islam a little more and hearing first-hand stories from places like Gaza, I’ve learned that no matter what Israel does the Palestinians have a policy not to integrate and to do everything they can to hurt the Israelis. Now I think that if the Palestinians want to find peace and happiness, they must give up Islam, swear allegiance to Israel and integrate. Only then will Israel know peace and those who refuse to become that human beings can go and live in some other Islamic country

  • Randell

    Hi, regardless of the current politics the Jews have been there at least as long as the Moslems and given that the Islamic agenda is to extinguish every last man woman and child from Israel, Israel should just do the same to them and just have a one Israel. If any Palestinians want to live in Israel they should swear an oath of allegiance and renounce Islam

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