Kaikoura Earthquake 2016 - updated

14-11-2016 00:04 A.M.


Travel update 27-07-2017

State Highway one linking Blenheim and Christchurch is open with delays as roadworks and landslide clearance continues.

Travel update 21-12-2016

As of today, Kaikoura can now be accessed via State Highway one from Christchurch as well as by the inland route from Culverden.  You can expect minor delays as road crews are still working to improve sections of the highways, but the people of Kaikoura will be delighted to see you.

Travel update 18-11-2016

The inland resort town of Hanmer Springs is slightly damaged but has re-opened for business. All pools are open, including the water slides and accommodation.

For anyone planning on using the Cook Strait ferriesInterislander and Bluebridge services have resumed.  However the best option for anyone wanting to travel between the North and South Islands is by air.

For travel between Picton, Blenheim and Chrostchurch; state Highway 7 between Waipara, Culverden, Springs Junction and Murchison is open as is state highway 6 and 63 to Blenheim.

This route is several hours longer than the Kaikoura route that is closed indefinitely. Anyone planning to visit Kaikoura will have to wait until essential services have been restored.

Highway one between Blenheim and Christchurch is closed between Seddon and Cheviot.

Back to the story:

Since the 2010 and 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, the shaky Isles have continued to live up to their reputation albeit a little more gently in more out of the way places until today.

This series of earthquakes which maxed at 7.8 have been felt the length and breadth of the country leaving the seaside town of Kaikoura completely isolated and accessible only by helicopter and contactable only by radio. Even as I sit here many miles from the epicentre 14 hours after the event, my office is moved by after-shocks.

Lives have been lost, many homes have been destroyed and a cleanup operation is getting underway but the most serious damage is to the transport and communication networks. It is expected that State Highway one may be closed for several weeks due to the damage to the highway and adjacent railway.

Why do we have so many earthquakes?

When we add in pollution, global warming and the moons unusually close proximity to the earth, something's gotta give and because the earth is a viscous fluid filled ball with a very thin crust in relation to the whole, it is in geological terms rather fragile and fluid.

The incidence of earthquakes around the world has been increasing and these disruptive and often fatal events are increasing. The earth's moving is a reminder that as individuals we live in an enormous interdependent ecosystem and as such, we have a responsibility towards the earth and all its inhabitants.


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  • Bill Haine

    Hi There, I see you haven’t updated your page in a few weeks but the ended road between Culverden and Kaikoua is now open and Hanmer which only sustained a little superficial damage is open for business as usual without problems.

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