Kalayo Music

World Music from the Philippines

Kalayo was formerly known as the Pinikpikan Band, a group of musicians who dared to be different and if you listen, you'll hear influences of Sanatana, Jimi Hendrix and a range of New Age sounds.  They are to the Philippines what Osibisa was to the UK, rebels and consequently pioneers.

Kalayo is a Visayan-Filipino word for "fire" which sounds more inspiring than Pinikpikan which translates to flogging a chicken; a horrid method of killing chickens before cooking. Kalayo is flame; be it yellow, blue, red, green or violet, the heat of their music will always make you feel hot and want more.

Officially formed in 1999, the band has made four music cd albums to date and has played in local and international festivals, leaving crowds amazed and enchanted. While most of (Pinikpikan) Kalayo's music has been uploaded and downloaded by fans over the Internet, the essence of the band's music can only be truly felt if you watch and hear them live.

The band's songs are played all over the archipelago in schools, colleges, universities, barangay fiestas and concerts. Popular titles inclue Una Kaya, Kahimanawari, Singkilan, Kalipay (Happiness), Lumaban Ka (Fight), Idasal Mo (Pray for it), Butanding (Whaleshark)...

One of our favourites:

Sumigla at sumaya ka na!

Instruments: Gangsa (flat gongs), kulintang, kubing (jaw harp), bamboo percussions (tungatong balimbing), djembe (african drum), derbouka, bass guitar, electric guitar, drumset, kudyapi (two-stringed lute), kali drum, recycled water gallons, shakers, bells.

Filipino traditional and indigenous roots music in tasteful blends with musical influences from all over the world.  These videos are available on youtube or can be purchased on itunes.

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