Kissing Do's and Dont's

Practical kissing basics

Kissing is great fun and to help you on your dream date, here are some things to do and not to do.

* use too much tongue.
* mash your lips against your partner’s.
* look terrified when the other person approaches you for a kiss.
* talk about a first kiss with the person you’re going to kiss for
the first time. This will ruin the excitement and may turn down
* salivate all over your partner while kissing.
* just let your partner do all the work during the kiss.
* eat garlic or other harsh foods before a kiss.
* remain emotionless after the kiss.
* wait until the 20th date to kiss her/him.
* open your mouth so wide that it feels like you are sucking the
other person in.
* have the first kiss with someone in public in front of others.

* Only use enough tongue to feel the other person’s tongue.
* Be gentle with the first kiss.
* Smile after you kiss. Or in the least laugh or giggle to show some
* Swallow periodically during the kiss.
* Participate in the kiss.
* Make sure your breath is fresh by either brushing your teeth or
having a mint or piece of gum.
* It is OK to kiss someone on the first date. And if not the first date at least during the second.
* Always make sure the first kiss is when the two of you are alone.


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