The role of the Divine Feminine

Lalita Devi is a divine feminine archetype needing urgent and greater recognition. She is the representation of Shakti in Form. She is aliveness in the most juicy way because of her ability to facilitate the unblocked flow of life. She is Shrichakra Raja nilaya- Lalitha Devi, the divine mother.

There are many representations of Devi as the divine mother, the mother of all mothers and the creative energy of life which gives life to new life. Like all mothers, this energy desires expression in life and it also desires that all life coexist in harmony. We can see this in our mothers today are they will work their fingers to the bone and keep order in the house so Devi as the mother of mothers wants to keep her house in order and teach your children to give them the best chance in life.

A good mother teaches her children good hygiene, good manners, how to get along with others, what is just and the differences between and wrong. Not everyone is blessed with such a mother yet from a cosmological perspective Devi also resides within us, within men and women. And men she is the shadow that Iron John had to face and come to terms with. He had been a bad boy more through ignorance than intention and he had to face his mother, a process that was not so much about chastisement, rather realigning his personality and worldly actions and a more just and noble way with respect for all life.

While Devi is a mystical element within our nature, she is also something that physically we cannot live without. We tend to see ourselves as flesh, bone and mind identifying ourselves with the dense physical yet we know very little about the technology of being human. The kundalini that has so oft spoken of and spiritual circles as an alternating energy flowing through our bodies which may seem strange to some but actually we are bio-electrical organisms. Just think for a moment when you touch something, at the point of contact between your skin and another object an electrical signal travels to your brain which then registers what you are touching and the same thing happens all our senses of perception. If we contained no electricity in our bodies, our senses would not work and we would be blind to life.

This handle any energy flows in two directions, from Earth to space and from space back into the earth. The flow from the earth out into space is seen as feminine, the creative giving substance to life and the primal life force known as Devi. The masculine energy flows from space down through our bodies and into the earth so in affect we have an alternating electrical current running through us which serves to energise our physical form, sensing and thinking processes.

Many millennia ago some men because they were perhaps stronger and more physically powerful than women took on an aggrandise sense of self, they began to think that the masculine energy was all-powerful and complete within itself which gave rise to a patriarchal society. Women became slaves and commodities, and in their eyes the goddess became a corruption.

Lalitha Sahasranamam
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Away from India, it is thought that the goddess Lilith emerged from the Canaanite Goddess Baalat. Lilith has etymological ties to the Sumerian term “LÍL-TI” meaning the Spirit of Life. Lilith’s name itself derives from Lalita or Lalitha. Here she was revered as the extremely beautiful and beloved Divine Mother who combines with Shiva (Satyam-Satan). Lilith was also referred to as “Lalitha Devi” and “Devi” is where the corruption of Devil came from”

The idea of Devi being corrupted to the devil comes from people's fears and this is nothing in particular to do with men or women, it is more the patriarchal attitude that is prevalent in men and women and such a big problem in today's world. Patriarchy only includes the masculine view, the male energy which is incomplete without the feminine. The Hindu mystics know this and the masculine energy represented by Shiva is incomplete without Devi therefore the two are always represented together and often has one.

Within patriarchal society, mothers who can no longer work are quickly abandoned to institutions, their wealth of knowledge considered unworthy. As with all the other goddesses in all their different forms, Lalita Devi is key to enriching your life and without her, we cannot survive as a species. Most men have a tendency to idolise the female body, yet Devi is more than the body, she is the growth factor that created that beautiful form that is women and the slightly more physically powerful form that is man.

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