Latin America's Hindu Connection

Followed by a savage process of colonisation

Spanish Greed by Gaspard Sumeire

When the Tamils arrived in Central America, as in Australia and over South East Asia, they integrated and shared Vedic wisdom. This elevated the populations they came across and there are many traces of Hinduism remaining in the Americas.

They arrived via the Pacific and crossed over to what is now the Caribbean Sea, through the Isthmus of Panama (The Great Crossing). After coming out the other side, they docked in the safe harbour of Chetumal. It still bears the same name. Chetumal harbor is in Belize. Belize derives from Belisha (God Shiva).

Later, they left Chetumal, sailing up the coast to a place reminding them of the beauty of their old home in Konkan. They dropped anchor and made their first home in America there. Not surprisingly, they decided to name their new home Kankun (Cancun). After thousands of years, the last syllable has barely changed in pronunciation.

When the Tamils settled in Yucatan, they built their typical zikharis, such as those of Tikal and Palenque. At Tikal, they stained their stone monuments a reddish color, just as they had done back in the Konkan.

"As per Puranas of 13000 BC, the lands of America were ruled by Skanda Kumara and known as Krouncha Desha. It is believed Skanda Kumara ruled over the entire planet as his outpost soldiers descendants are Maories { Mayuri}, intrestingly Mexican is similiar to ancient Kannada and one knowing Kannada can easily understand Maori languages as mentioned and noted by Captain Cook."

The Spanish

In competition with France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Britain and Germany, Spain was hungry for loot. As we now know the Americas had an indigenous population in excess of one hundred million and over 90% were slaughtered by the conquistadors/invaders and settlers, and people like the Spanish bishop of Yucatán, Diego de Landa Calderón (12 November 1524 – 29 April 1579). A Roman Catholic, he left future generations with a mixed legacy in his writings, which contain much valuable information on pre-Columbian Maya civilization. But his actions in addition to justifying slaughter destroyed much of that civilization's history, literature, and traditions.

The Catholic legacy lives on and in countries like Honduras and Guatamala, life is cheap, government is corrupt and women have no rights. These are the most murderous countries in the world and dangerous to visit.

Hindu connections to the Americas


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