Lauren Southern

Why the fuss and is there justice?

Lauren Southern by all accounts is a Canadian woman with a voice, and she has gained a degree of traction in the sociopolitical sphere to the point where authorities are suddenly concerned about her. Her views are upsetting people yet those people are the namby-pamby who may be called neoliberals, who implicitly believe that multiculturalism works and the world has nothing to fear from Islam, a belief that is incredulous if you know anything of Islamic history.

Perhaps they don't teach very much about this in schools and what they do teach is somehow glorified to give it a sense of normality although you wouldn't want it to happen to you. The questions forced the population of Europe to convert to Christianity at the point of the sword and we don't know how many tens or even hundreds of millions of people died who didn't want to convert all had different views. Islam was no different, within a few generations of its inception it had spread from Saudi Arabia, West across North Africa and up into Europe, it also spread north into Persia and east across North India and down through the Southeast Asian archipelago. The history books are meant to tell us that some three hundred million Hindus died in the path of Islam.

Few people today seem to realise that Muslims have infiltrated almost every country in the world, the numbers are growing and they refuse to integrate. That's not their personal opinion, that's how their belief is shaped. While they make up an increasingly disproportionate percentage of the prison populations in all countries, their mosques are venues for anti-Western propaganda and the incitement of hatred for Western values and anyone who is not Muslim.

Western politicians are busy playing for the Muslim vote and giving them great concessions, ignoring the hatred spewing out of the mosques and the strategic designs for Islamic global dominance. Unfortunately there are few real human values within Islam and Laura Southern knows this. She is calling it out and perhaps because she is so blonde and beautiful, another sector of society is beginning to stir in its slumber.

Of course if enough people start waking up, governments may be forced to do their jobs and protect their people. But the governments of the world are doing such a dismal job that Lauren's assertion of the right to bear arms represents the scenario for when government law and order fails, and nationwide she had against non-Muslims accelerates.

"With most of these migrants being jobless, they are a strain on our economy as well as police resources when crime spikes. Worst of all, they are coming in such high numbers that assimilation is near impossible. Most of these migrants are coming from nastiest Islamic regimes, and will now help increase and further radicalise the current the current Moslem enclaves continent wide. How long can Europe sustaining growing population that are entirely averse to their values? How long before Europe is no longer Europe anymore?" ~ Lauren Southern


In this video, Lauren Southern tell Paul Murray on live TV that multiculturalism will inevitably fail when people who value Western culture become a minority and that western culture possesses ‘unique identities’ that must be defended against migration.

"Victorian Police (in Australia) said they will charge Canadian speaker Lauren Southern a staggering $68,000 after violent thugs threatened to protest her talk in Melbourne." ABC news.

This really amounts to her being asked for protection money because she wants to present her point of view to an audience. International speakers come presenting their points of view in every country with frequency and governments sometimes spend tens of millions of dollars, pounds or euros to protect them and the public not to mention providing extra security for popstars and idols without charge.

This has to be the ultimate bigotry by the authorities, especially in the multicultural society where everyone is supposed to be equal and deserving of protection under the law. But it goes to show that there is a major drive to suppress such inconvenient truths and even in New Zealand, the head of the New Zealand Islamic Council has been reported as exercising some political muscle to try preventing Lauren from coming to New Zealand.

She was booked to speak at a city council venue in Auckland, but so much political pressure was brought against the Maya and the City Council that they broke their own contract and now those organising Lawrence to have to find another venue. Fortunately she has been granted a visa to enter the country unlike the UK banning entry on grounds of terrorism while welcoming Islamic extremists.

It really seems that the Western world is inviting its own destruction, it is importing a mental illness that will ultimately destroy it and the only remaining white people in the world will be those who have converted to Islam or taken safe haven in countries like Japan or China, the rest will be dead. Unfortunately the Islamic disposition that celebrates base emotion and the abdication of personal autonomy will continue to tear itself apart for the amusement of those in power. The world will return to something like the tribalism of Saudi Arabia during the time of the profit, technology will erode way, new diseases will sweep the planet and the survivors will become nomads on a toxic earth.

Perhaps this is the wheel of karma turning, the wealth of Western civilisation was built on the exploitation of everyone else. But ultimately everything came from the earth and like a failed experiment, the earth mother is taking everything back. It's not too late to remedy the problem, but if that's going to happen, speakers like Lauren Southern should be given full diplomatic protection and invited to speak to the governments of the world and need to take off their blinkers, dropped their selfish agendas.

If there is to be any concept of world peace, the truth must be made known as and Lauren has said, “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” How long can heads remain buried in sand?

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