Liberal Media Hype

To those blissfully ignorant of India

Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is flourishing in most countries yet modern India is stressed, more so because of its location, its aggressive neighbour and 20 to 30% Islamic population that is becoming increasingly militant and pushing to make India an Islamic state as per the Islamic agenda.

There are of course many political ideologies at play that are hyped up by irresponsible media organisations painting India and a negative light. These organisations are believers in the colonialist narrative of India, are divorced from actual knowledge and therefore their opinions erroneous and often biased.

Along with Islam, Christianity is fighting for its share of the take, because both of these religions are colonialist seeking more land, more resources and more believers each with their political agendas. While the Moslems seek to intimidate and drive Hindus from their homes in some areas which they do very successfully with surprisingly little resistance from the state, the Christians continue to buy land (a great deal of it given to them as a result of political lobbying) and convert people en-mass in return for a new well, a hospital or some other small material advancement.

Every large corporation wants to get its hands on India or at least on its resources, it has relatively cheap labour, a highly educated workforce and big corporations can get away with crimes against humanity as I remember Bhopal.

Modern India suffers a great deal of negative press which is completely unwarranted. The idea of the caste system is a British application of their own class system and it's unfortunate that it still exists but it does so because the intelligentsia of India were raised on British propaganda. The widespread poverty which is diminishing in India was created by British incompetence and bungling which is also the cause of the current crisis in Kashmir. To put it politely, the British really stuffed things up and allowed Pakistan to encroach and occupy a significant portion of the region which is now a base for Islamic insurgents who cross the border to harass Hindu forces while the Islamic population rapidly swells and millions of Hindus have been forced from their homes.

Most of what you hear or read in the media about India in the Western media is distorted and you would be a fool to believe most of what is said.

At the heart of what drives modern India is a Gandhian pacifism which has made them somewhat incompetent at self defence although as in most countries there is a resurgence towards nationalism. The Western world has an attitude that when they see someone knocked down by a bully, they laugh and side with the bully as we have seen in the 70 or so countries either invaded or had their governments changed by the USA.

As a final word on the general misconception of India, had it not been for Hindu knowledge, modern technology would likely not exist. Had it not been for Hindu engineers, Stephen Hawking may not have been able to communicate as he did. Had it not been for Hindu scientists the space exploration program would not be as advanced. In fact one could say that if all the Hindus residents in other countries packed up and went home, the technological and scientific communities in those countries would find themselves suddenly bereft of knowledge and some economies could completely collapse.


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