Lies at play

The game of international diplomacy crumbles

Perhaps we should call this article "Russia gate" and perhaps it is only picked on because it dares to be different although it is not that much different because after all, like you and I the Russians want to be happy and they're quite capable of doing it in their own way without any reliance on the US dollar, foreign aid or ripping anyone off.

Russia is not a superpower and as population is shrinking as it continues to recover from the collapse of the old Soviet Union which left the population traumatised while at the same time swimming against a flood of negative criticism from all quarters. Russia today stands accused of many things from meddling in the US electoral process, shooting down the Malaysian airline, assuming political control over Crimea and now poisoning a former agent in the UK.

It's well over a year since the last US election and as yet there is no proof come to light of Russian interference in the US elections although there is ample evidence that the US has not only meddled in the elections of most countries in the world, it has actually changed the government's of some 70 countries since World War II through its own deliberate interference for economic and political gain.

Is like a case of the bully in the playground accusing someone else of crimes it has committed to deflect attention away from itself. The US is not alone in this deception, it is great ally Britain as its criminal counterpart. Given the rhetoric and the media one must wonder if the US gave Theresa May a nudge and said "I dare you and will be nice to you after brexit?"

So what really happened in Salisbury?

According to the author Craig Murray, Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve agent as being of Russian manufacture despite being put under intense pressure to do so by the government that couches it's words carefully to lay blame without actually specifying the blame and fuelling a trial by media. Of course the media love this as do the media owners who are corporate giants that many would say are in league with each other for global domination. We now live in an age where there is very little independent thought, with the shape of our media all thinking is simply reactive to the propaganda in the news headlines and TV screens, few people bother to read the detail.

"Secretary of Defence James Mattis that the U.S. has “no evidence” that the Syrian government used the banned nerve agent Sarin against its own people." ~ Newsweek

So here we are with the nerve agent used against a former Russian agent who had been retired from service and who was not wanted by Russia. Perhaps this is another case like Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons that never existed, but hang on, there is a factory just outside of Salisbury that has the capacity to make this type of product. But what about the Russian stockpiles? Well they were all destroyed and that has been verified although no doubt there are some small samples tucked away in the various laboratories this seems totally illogical that Russia who was being harassed at every opportunity would do something so bloody stupid.

Saddam Hussein never had any chemical weapons but the US administration of the time insisted he did - lies of course, purely fictitious and that was reason enough to invade and kill a few million people, set up daesh (isis), start a revolution in Syria and kill a few more millions of people at the same time flooding Europe with refugees giving the population such a headache they don't have time to think about international politics or find the truth behind stories in the media. One of the unpleasant truths coming out of Syria is that they actually have production studios where people in association with the white helmets are made up as on any Hollywood set so that what you see on your evening TV news is of carefully scripted rescues of wounded children and others who are not injured, merely actors to garner foreign sympathy against President Assad.

In terms of background to the story we must remember that NATO has been nudging up against Russia and Russia is in fact surrounded by US military bases although Russia itself has no military bases outside of its own borders. Because the US and Britain rely on war because it is a manufacture and sale of weapons that really keeps their economies going. But let's step back to this idea that Russia has no military bases outside its own borders yet it is surrounded on all sides by US military bases. This constant aggression towards Russia is of course a provocation for war, how many times can you poke a bear with a stick before it lashes out?

President Putin is doing a remarkable job of restraint and after all of NATO was to invade Russia it would likely lead to a full-scale nuclear war and the possible obliteration of the northern hemisphere which would also make life very uncomfortable for any survivors because the radiation would saturate our planet within weeks.

So you have to ask who and why?

Okay the US and Britain want war but the Europeans are much softer in their attitude toward Russia because they need Russia to have a stable European Union. Russia is one of the European Union's largest trading partners in over the past 40 years they have developed a much more symbiotic relationship.

Remember we only live under the illusion of democracy and the world is run by a small elite whose controllers incomplete. They use fear mongering to push through protection laws and the rise of agencies like the NSA which has its counterparts in most countries to spy on the citizens as the would-be masters seek more control. Because the control is in complete, it allows mafia style organisations to flourish and of fact governments support and use these organisations to gain control of regions which is why in Daesh was formed as a cooperative venture between the US secret services and Turkey who wants to secure all of Kurdistan within the Turkish border although this former country (Kurdistan) was once an autonomous nation.

No one is entirely sure as to who heads the secret world government yes it works by manipulating governments, banking, finance and trade, and through running mafia style organisations shipping drugs, other illicit goods and human trafficking. Corporations like Nestlé, Syngenta, DuPont all have a hand running the world to create their fantasies but unfortunately they are destroying more of the world then benefiting it. Of course all this is labelled as conspiracy theory which is buried under layers of deflection politics, blame games and deliberate misinformation splashed across the media. So unfortunately we don't have true democracy because it has been hijacked. Unfortunately we don't even have free thought or free speech. For much of our population free thought as been replaced by reactive thought and if you try speaking too freely, firstly there are few ears open to hear because they are so full of propaganda they cannot listen. Then if you take free speech to direct action you may have the pleasure of experiencing the blunt end of a police baton.

There is no way that any individual can know all the ins and outs of all the political intrigues going on in the world or even within one's local community because we live in a situation of information overload. The only real way to know the truth is to as an old cliche recommends: "dropout, turn on and tune in to life."

There is no need to drop out completely, instead of going to the pub, drop out of your habitual habits and perhaps try to meditate for a few minutes every day. This will give your mind a little rest and clarity, and a new perspective from which to see life. From there the truth will slowly be revealed. In some ways it is unbelievably shocking yet from a meditators standpoint it is absurd and futile. Happiness does not exist outside ourselves and we cannot control the world because we are part of life and we're here to understand our own nature and become co-creators.

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