Lies; The New Truth

An inversion of values

By lmsunshine94 @ Tumblr

By lmsunshine94 @ Tumblr

In as much as very few people know the absolute truth of existence, humanity has always had a sense of what is true, what is untrue and the need for truth in a relative way. Our entire legal framework is established on the precept that there is some truth as to what happened in a particular situation and that truth must be revealed to establish innocence or guilt.

For the ordinary people, truth was that we must eat to live, we must reproduce to sustain the population and we must perform certain activities and behave in certain ways to maintain social harmony. Beyond this, any other idea such as the existence of God was abstract. This homegrown truth about the nature of life has sustained humanity for millions of years, but today everything is changing.

There was a time when people understood the truth that our bodies are in fact borrowed from the earth and when we're done, they will be returned. This is one of the most basic truths that once born, we must also die. When it comes to death, we have no way of knowing what will transpire, but regardless of what people believe, belief is not truth.

In simpler times people belonged to the earth, yet people have come to believe that they own the earth and have made this the truth which they have enforced through threat of violence. This has given license to capitalism to claim possession of earth elements, it has given license to the slave trade and an elaborate system of lies to convince people they need what slaves create.

While most young people set out in life on the quest for truth, a few lucky ones may find it, but within a few years most will settle for the comfortable lies and those who refuse either drop out of the system or commit suicide. In effect, modern civilisation has become a systemic entity built on lies and any truth has become terribly inconvenient. Try telling the criminal that he or she cannot take their ill gotten gains into the next life and they will think you're mad. Of course this insanity is continually exposed, it most people have little time to notice allowing lies to become the new truth.

This is most apparent in the current election cycle in the USA. In this comic tragedy, the players all believe their own lies, yet thanks to the Internet and instant communication, their lies are transparent for all to see, but so many people have vested interests which cause them to believe one lie over another. Then when the truth emerges, everyone is too blind to see.

But in general, most lies are not even questioned. In the last New Zealand government budget, the representative stood up and told the country that the books were balanced and that the country's finances were in good order belying the fact that the NZ Government's external debt is over $54 billion. Despite this fact being on the public record, the majority are either ignorant of the fact or happy to accept the lie provided and they can put food on their table tomorrow.

The New Zealand situation is in line with the international community that is now trading in debt, an economic cycle from which the world can never recover from. The economic problem stems from the lies that have been told and lies reinforce the problems that we all face, but while we can't do much about the world's, we can begin with ourselves.

If we look a little more closely at ourselves, we find that we lie every day and one of the first we tell is the answer to how are you? "I am fine, and how are you?" This word acts rather like a placebo which on analysis is a simple answer to avoid going into a more complicated story that might actually reveal the truth. FINE - F = frustrated, I = insecure, N = neurotic, E = emotionally unstable. While such a phrase is a social convenience, this is one of the many lies that we tell ourselves that also undermines our own health and vitality.

ishatruthWhile it is convenient to use lies in order to facilitate day-to-day existence, we need to be aware of the lies being told by our leaders, politicians and business people. Everyone needs to take some responsibility and separating the little lie as in, I'm okay when one is not entirely sure from the corporate lie that you need to purchase bottled water or a particular brand of something.

The lies that permeate our social fabric are leading us to our own destruction and it's time that we sat down, relaxed and become more aware of how much we actually lie and repeat the lies of others.

The truth of existence may be beyond you, but you do have the capacity to sit down and relax. From that perspective of relaxation you can perceive their we must one day die, we can perceive that if civilisation is to survive this planet, then the environment must be preserved.

Yet from a mystical perspective, if humanity goes extinct, the joke is on them because here we have the opportunity to experience heaven on earth, we have the opportunity for a world of peace, a world without hunger, a world without conflict but for so many this is simply an inconvenient truth.

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