Life is Big

Experiencing the unthinkable and charting your course

Life is a big project that by fussing about small things and wasting time in big ones we miss out on the real joy and potential of our lives. It is wiser to consider human life to be finite, limited and very short as time flies, and before it flies away, capture few good moments of life that is free of stains, biases and foolish ideas imposed by some obscure theory, book or idea. Do not waste away your precious life in someone else’ wars and battles that wont contribute any thing to our life.

Why to be so obsessive about religion, politics and other dividing issues? They do not enrich common people but only the big size thugs, macro size conspirators and so called religious groups and leaders who use these tools to fool idiots. Do not be an idiot please

Extremes of organized Religion, politics and ideologies are traps and conspiracies to take away our real time of breathing. Never forget, breathing that looks so easy and we take for granted is super limited and our breaths are counted, limited and never shall we receive even 3 extra. Each breath wasted in hatred, spreading discomfort, lies and foolish things that we can not control, hating someone for his, her skin color, religious views false or true; we are nobody to judge anyone. If we judge anyone we are being dishonest to our own SELF. Our Self is not here to judge anyone but only to our own SELF. Work on inner self, follow a good spiritual teacher that you understand and get yourself out of organized belief system and so called religious circles as they will not help anyone’s SELF or soul. 

When it is question of leaving this world nobody will help us but our own Soul or Spirit self.... I follow my spiritual teachers’ guiding to my Self and I feel more and more realized. I do not have time or any breathing reserved for lifeless, foolish, unproven and fake people who spend most of their lives in hating their neighbors, people they don't know or understand about and then expect and believe that a paradise is reserved for them in afterlife. Those who can not make this life a paradise have not a remote chance to reach any paradise. What we do here we will be continuing doing in after lives.

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