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Isha Foundation Setting the world to right and Sadhguru downloads
Indictoday a digital platform to promote the works of various academics, activists, authors and artists in order to showcase their activities and events.
IHAR Youtube Chanel
A history of Islamic rule and systemic exploitation of India
Swarajya Magazine - Liberal right of centre discourse that reaches out, engages and caters to the new India.
Spoken Sanskrit translate words nd phrases
Brown Ppundits A Tentative OUT OF INDIA Model To Explain The Origin & Spread Of INDO-EUROPEAN LANGUAGES
India Facts Research Centre -
India in Details with Karolina Goswami History - arts and culture explained
C.K Raju An exponent on colonialism, mathematician and author who breaks open an unfortunate truth before humanity.
Law, Culture & Religion
Brigitte Gabriel and The Islamic Problem with Act for America Committed to recruiting, training, and mobilizing citizens community by community to help protect and preserve American culture and to keep this nation safe.
MyIndMakers A New Age Media Company established in 2015 to enable the exchange of Global Ideas and Solutions. It is a place to argue and dissect status quo and an Interactive Zone built to inspire EVERYONE to contribute to public life. background and discoveries about the Indus Valley Civilisation.
Allopathy, Ayurveda or Siddha - choosing the right treatment? Medical systems such as Ayurveda and Siddha are considered alternative therapies in today’s world. Some are quick to dismiss such therapies while others swear by them.
Zaytuna farm; a permaculture demonstration site operated by the Permaculture Research Institute.
Shaale; strives to document & reach Traditional Indian arts & literature
Vedic Cafe
Gaur Gopal Das on Youtube - one of the more entertaining yogi's who's a delight to listen to.
Nilesh Oak Historian
Global skeptics @