Living with Boobs

Big breasted women talk of life with big boobs

For most people, big boobs are fantasy or a fetish and do not define a woman. They are body part that does not always conform to social norms and therefore presents various problems yet those problems exist mostly in the eyes of the holders while those woman blessed with big boobs experience problems with other people's attitudes and finding suitable apparel.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, some are deemed good-looking and some are not the most important thing about bodies is that they work and everything else is cosmetic. Unfortunately in this age, people pay more attention to the cosmetic and the glamour than they do to the real.

Of course in search of this image tens of thousands of women go under the knife every year to enhance their boobs, to look more feminine, to get noticed or just to make money because women's bodies have become commodities and boobs are fashionable commodities.

We must also remember that the human body is seen as an object of art. The ancient Hindus, Egyptians and Greeks all glorified human body in various ways by presenting it as a work of art to be seen and admired. Those ancient works of art were normal for the time but by the Roman era a lot more judgement was creeping in and a lot of body art became clothed.

In terms of sociology and how we see each other, naturally larger breasts are falsely indicative of a woman's ability to breastfeed and almost everyone who was breastfed as a baby will have a natural affection for breasts. But a woman's body is a vessel through which life comes into the world and the breasts are tools for the nourishment of new life so woman's bodies should be seen as wonderful rather than objects to be used or possessed.

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By the time I was 10 years old I had boobs and by age 12 they'd blown out to a D cup which presented all manner of problems and was something that had been shared by generations of women my family so I didn't suffer much but I was also fortunate to grow up in the country so I didn't have to deal with many people that I didn't know.
When my boobs began growing, I knew I would end up with biguns like mum and my problems began when I moved to the city because most men and a lot of woman stared. Of course getting clothes to fit and especially bras was problematic. Thankfully I still had my family who continually reinforce the fact that other people's attitudes were the problem and not me so around home and doing family things I never had to worry about wearing a bra and no one batted an eyelid if I was naked or when I massaged my boobs. Actually, when they were growing mum and her sister showed me how to massage my boobs and they believe that it would help to give them a good shape and that's something I still do several times a week.
The real problems have always been those who stare and those who think I'm some kind of sexual pervert. As far as I'm concerned, these people have problems and not me and most the time I ignore them but other times they can be fun to tease which is kind of my way of getting revenge. As far as my lifestyle goes, I have a part-time office job, live with a boyfriend, seldom wear a bra and because boobs contain heat I gently show lots of cleavage. Those who are judgemental I ignore by enjoy those people who glanced and smile as they walk on and those who see me and not my bust.

Going through school was a nightmare and by the time I was 18 with an E cup sized boobs, I'd lost count of how many times I've been raped by various family members and friends. To keep myself safe I used to try and camouflage myself but it didn't work. For a while I considered suicide but I couldn't equate the fact that everyones desire for my body was supposed to be so wrong and immoral yet one-sided been coerced into some sexual act the feelings were so nice.
Niceness won over and I figured that since everyone desired my body so much and it felt so nice when I let them have their way, I should pursue a life of pleasure. I quickly found that my body was my best asset and guys would pay good money to pleasure me. There seems to be no shortage of guys wanted to play with my boobs or have sex and I'm sure glad that I went with the way of niceness because resisting sure was hell.

By age 12 I my boobs were a C cup and by 15 they were a double D but fortunately I wasn't the only girl in class with big boobs. We tended to hang out together in part to commiserate about our growing pains and talk about survival strategy. My mum used to say that if I wanted to be happy I should learn to have fun with my body and we talked a lot about men and sex. I'm really glad that she did because in my early teen years I didn't give a fuck about the rude comments and men staring.
I used to get told off at school for showing to much cleavage and when I got sent to see the headmaster because my top came off in the pool, Mum came with me and I learned how to stand up for myself. When I turned 14 I started modelling. The first few times mum came with me and afterwards we discussed our observations and the fact that the guys all wanted to have sex with me. So mum taught me how to look after myself and because I was making so much money I dropped out of school early.
Twenty years on my boobs have ensured of had plenty of business. I own a nice house, a nice lifestyle and I recently graduated from University. I've had my boobs reduced from the triple E to a double D to ease the strain on my back and shoulders but I still wear my boobs with pride

When my body began to develop I was very nervous but then I pushed it aside and got on with my life. By age 10 my boobs were always in the way and I tried to ignore them but I couldn't because everyone looked and the older boys liked to grab them. Initially I hated that but one of my aunts saw me get grabbed and throw a tantrum. She grabbed me and took me to her place where she sat me down, took her top off and started talking to me about her huge boobs. I had no idea what size hers were back then but they must've been about size K because they were so fucking big.
So she made me sit there facing her and she played with her boobs as she told me about her life and growing up with them. Back I'd never heard the word lesbian although I'd learned something about sex from magazines that my parents kept hidden but over the course of several hours she introduced me to a world of sensual pleasure and I had my first orgasm. She counselled me that everything she had told me was considered a taboo yet everyone had a powerful desire to indulge. But because I had the body that men wanted to play with I had a choice. I could be moral and spent most of my life being uncomfortable or I could learn to use my body and have fun. Because she told me about the dangers of rape, pregnancy and STDs but then she told me about how to be careful.
I went to her house the following weekend and she had me watch her and another guy having sex. In some ways I guess I was kind of numb because I didn't know how to feel that the way her body responded to what he was doing to her looked amazing and what she had done to me the week before and felt amazing. The guy was incredibly nice and after he had had a rest, he had sex with me then the three of us sat around and talked about it.
I had a few more supervised sex lessons and I'd never had this much fun in my life and from there my body became my source of pleasure and my income.  My two daughters are as busty as I was at their rage and I'm teaching them what my aunt taught me because we live in such a sexualised world where beauty can make more money than brains.


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