Living with Boobs

Advice from a big breasted girl

Probably the first thing about big boobs is that everyone notices and a whole lot of people stare. As a 10-year-old they were a curiosity and then a nuisance because they got in the way of sport and of course I had to start wearing bras which are an uncomfortable feature of life that have yet to be totally comfortable with.

I probably inherited my boobs because mums are pretty big although I never seemed to notice in part because she kind of hides herself away. But she went to considerable length to make sure I got good bras even though I hated them. So I guess I was forced to grow up early as I knew I had two choices, one was to cover up and try to make myself invisible or just accept this is how I was and do the things I wanted. Somehow I managed to get through school without sacrificing everything except track and field sports that I liked.

During those early years I kinda got used to guys staring and sometimes grabbing, but actually little kids were often worse. They have no qualms and were persistent in their efforts to expose and sometimes have a suck. With little kids you have to give them some leeway and although it was sometimes embarrassing, we just laughed about it and usually there was some other adult around to help rescue me.

Because my brothers, one younger and one older gave me cheek and sometimes tried to undress me, I became quite aggressive toward them for a couple of years then I just stopped caring and let them see me naked. After that they took no notice although mum gave me a hard time if she saw me naked about the house.

During my last year of school I kind of let my hair down, started dating and dressing far less modestly. I got a lot of attention that most guys were content just to have a perv and on their way. I learned to ignore those who just stared and I tried not to let on that I felt sorry for them. Somehow I knew that if my boobs weren't going to be an impediment, I had to be responsible for myself so when guys hit on me with lies like "wow, you've got a great rack, shall we go play", I always had a choice about how I responded. When someone called me big tits or jugs I sometimes ignored them or responded with a reply like "are you talking to me baldly?" Highlighting their features like this often put people in their place.

So I learned that by having big boobs, I had to learn to deal with people and the social reactivity to girls like myself. All the jibes, comments and sometimes insults rolled by like water off a ducks back. The biggest problem is really carrying all that weight and finding clothes to wear.

All that weight can be tiresome and I got brave enough to go to a gym which helped to strengthen my back muscles and hopefully regular exercise will help to maintain my posture. Some of my girlfriends are even bigger than me and it's really nice getting together to talk about our experiences. Sometimes we find relief going topless and exercising, and in some ways being topless is preferable to being all strapped up and uncomfortable because there's a kind of nice rhythm to the way my boobs bounce and sway which gives me more physical freedom.

A few times I've been brave enough to go braless to nightclubs which is great because it's all about having sexy fun anyhow. In that atmosphere where everyone is turned on and the music turned up its all somehow easier and I'm not bothered by the odd groper or my tits sometimes swinging free of my dress. I also had lots of offers to do porn and other ways of sex for money, but I'm not really into that. Nevertheless sex is fun and so many guys have a fantasy of fucking between my boobs. Every time I change boyfriends I generally have to indulge them on that one, but the trade-off is usually a good back rub.

One of the other great things I've discovered is boob massage. I read about it a couple of years ago on a website that I think might related to this one which is why I've sent you this story. Anyhow, the mother of one of my friends died after breast cancer which prompted me to do the research so I've massaged my boobs a couple of times a week since then and I taught some of my boyfriends how to do it to me which is really nice.

If I was to give any advice to other girls with big boobs, the first thing is don't give a shit about what anyone else thinks says or does. You really have to own yourself, own your boobs and be responsible otherwise you're just gonna get used and you'll have a shitty life.

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  • Dianna

    So very well said, why should we give in to abstract social and political pressures that are more about making profits for the undergarment industry than serving any humane purpose? I only wear a bra to kinky parties and have been known to open my shirt – yes flash those inclined to stare and challenge them to grow up..

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