Living with Chronic Disease

What doctors don't tell you

When you are diagnosed with a Chronic Illness, doctors should tell you the symptoms, the side effects, how it can progressively get worse, what treatment is available and maybe they’ll even suggest what to eat, but what they don’t tell you while you’re sitting across from them is how hard the rest of your life suddenly becomes.

They don’t tell you all your favourite hobbies that required a lot of energy might as well be tossed to the side. They don’t tell you all your life goals and dreams get jumbled up and switched around and some even need to be put on the back burners until you've found a way to manage your symptoms.

They don't tell you that modern medicine is an experimental science and that the pills they prescribe are just part of the experiment and if you get relief, that's a success for them but if you don't recover, that's your problem and after a while they don't want to know you.

They don’t tell you how every day from here on out is going to be an uphill battle with two wounded legs and the weight of the world on your back. And that there will be people telling you “You don’t look sick” or “You just have to power through it” or my personal favourite “My relative has a similar disease, she runs 8 marathons a year and eats nothing but kale”.

They don’t tell you how lonely you’re going to be. Your chronic illness gets in the way of hangouts, meetings, school, your job and the only socialisation you’ll be getting is from text messages or phone calls and that’s if your friends remember you- because they haven’t seen you in so long. Or worse they've stopped inviting you because you “can’t come out to play” because something hurts.

There are a great many chronic diseases from backache to endometriosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Modern medicine has little understanding of the cause of these conditions it to mystics so they all began in our minds. This is not true of accidents, but it is estimated that 70% of all disease is self-created.

In Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, disease comes about through an imbalance of diet and lifestyle and some doctors are more amenable to this understanding simply because there their vast array of modern drugs only treat the symptoms of any disease, and in doing so create other problems.

Imbalance comes from our toxic lifestyle, the poisons in our foods and environment, our poor posture, lack of exercise and inadequate nutrition. But perhaps the greatest imbalance comes from the distractions from life and that we live in a social system that is fatally flawed. We live in a world of extreme competition and violence, to survive most people have to join some kind of tribe and think alike.

When chronic disease manifests in your life, is nothing that can be "fixed" by any medical means. You may take as many drugs as you want or even have the offending part of your body surgically removed but that still does not treat the root of the disease.

To survive with any chronic disease, you must become a super sleuth and turn your body and yourself into a laboratory so that you can conduct your own experiments. Firstly you have to learn how to live with the symptoms and experiment with diet, nutrition and generally gentle exercise like yoga or tai chi which takes a certain amount of determination.

But to find that determination sometimes you have to extract herself from your codependent relationships and actually learn to stand on your own two feet. This takes a great deal of courage and willpower because it means thinking for yourself and acting in your own best interests which can be the scariest thing in the world.

Taking charge of your own destiny and being responsible for yourself may seem worse than the disease, yet it is the only way to heal. There is no guarantee that all the symptoms will go away, but recognising yourself as a spiritual being responsible for your own destiny puts life into a new perspective and makes symptoms easier to live with.

Conditions like chronic backache, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, endometriosis and a whole host of debilitating conditions can be completely eliminated through combinations of diet, exercise lifestyle adaptation and most importantly, meditation.

It is only through meditation which in reality is only a deep relaxation that you gain deep insight not only into your condition, but the nature of life and this is what helps to bring your life back to balance. Of course along your way, there are a wide range of natural therapies including massage, naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine that all help to relieve stress factors and provide essential nutrients that your body may recover.



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  • Stan Hilton

    Thee most insidious aspects of living with chronic disease are that doctors don’t know and feed patients experimental medicines with side effects and natural medications like cannabis remain prohibited even though they have been proven to work towards pain relief and elimination of illness.

  • Adele

    Hey, chronic diseases must impact the health of the population as well as the sustainability of any health care system, yet our lifestyle promotes illness and chronic conditions

  • Kenn

    Chronic disease is the greatest issue for the modern world as it places a large burden on the population. Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and respiratory disease and mental health issues continue to impact society and can lead to debilitating conditions. For example, a person who survives a stroke may never walk again and may end up in a nursing home for the rest of their life.

  • Caroline

    Hi, My doctor thought I was just a hypochondriac because I seemed to have everything going wrong, I had the most dreadful periods as a teenager and I thought being a woman with some kind of punishment. I had lots of problems with my digestive tract and I used to get pain all through my body and then the doctors worked out that I had endometriosis and Crohn’s disease. They filled me up with all sorts of drugs which made it worse and there for some reason my liver and kidneys were packing up but all the medications and treatments were just making things worse to the point where I was becoming suicidal because life seem to be some sort of horrid punishment.
    I read somewhere that massage helped with some of what I had but I felt so badly about my body took a couple of months to submit my body to someone else’s touch. I wouldn’t say the first experience was very pleasant, I was extremely nervous but I had the best sleep I’d had for years. By then I’d worked out that coffee and alcohol didn’t help things as I had several massages over a few months with this woman who was pleasant enough and she supported me in terms of diet and nutrition but she also talked too much about her own shit.
    Since then I’ve found a guy who knows how to do deep abdominal and pelvic massage, I’ve quit eating meat, taken up yoga and meditation, and gone off most of the medications the doctors gave me. I’ve come to realise that I am not really my body and I really have to do my best to keep it going and in the process of dropped my prudishness and a lot of bad habits like gossiping and stuff.
    A year after taking more holistic concept toward my body and my life, I can’t see that I’ll ever be totally free love some of the problems that affect my body, but I’m enjoying my life more than ever before and when I listen to people like Sadhguru, I don’t have to believe anything but a lot of what he says I know is right and it sure helps me, so I can help you to.

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