Looking Back

Growing up wild in London

ssylndnAn Interview about developing sexuality with a London family when I was studying sociology and working on my thesis at Oxford.  While in London I met these people by chance. While I have changed their names to preserve their anonymity, such stories are not that uncommon as when Lord Boothby was having an affair in the Downing Street flat with Harold Macmillan's wife, Dorothy who was also sharing young boys with Ronnie Kray. The lives of politicians and the rich and famous have always been of interest and even fascination largely due to the antics they get up to.  Tom mentions the Profumo affair and before this there was the 1954 affair of Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and his friend Peter Wildeblood who were arrested after a concerted effort by the police to ensnare them for homosexual offences. Their subsequent trial and conviction were to mark a sea change in public opinion, which eventually led to the Wolfenden Committee's landmark recommendations for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Britain. Back further the poet Lord Byron was famous because of his sexual exploits though regrettably he died from a combination of syphilis, gonorrhea and other diseases. The following passages are the candid comments of Sally, Tom and Tracy.

Sally's Story

I sat gazing out the window sipping tea, tea that for years I had refused to drink, but now it felt part of a new contentment that has settled over me and allowed my mind to drift back, back to when I was 8 when I came home from school to find mum with a black eye and dad gone. Life was never quite the same again. Without dad's income, mum had no money and soon after she had to sell almost very thing we owned but fortunately she qualified for a small pension and we moved to this squalid council flat on the 4th floor off Brixton Rd and I had to change schools.

It was horrid, not just the flat, the area, there was a lot of crime and so many spades. For the first few weeks mum walked me to school but I soon adjusted, to the local dress code – very short dresses and some loo paper inside my bra that no boy was allowed to touch. No way was I going to be pushed around, I learned how to look after myself and I was soon in with the in crowd which continued all through school.

By the time I was 12, I'd learned how to fight and it was then that mum somehow sent me to a karate school for a term and I don't know why really, it was then I decided not to bully people and some of my new confidence rubbed off on those around me and our gang became the smarts. Were were a group of about 20 girls who all hung about together and it provided safety in numbers as we we were all growing tits and asses which got the attention of all the boys and men.

School work was boring, but social life was fun and I discovered boys, well they had been grabbing me from day one when we moved into that area, but I was 13 before I let any go all the way. That was just after the riots, Johnny let me listen to his walkman if I let him feel me up, funny now thinking about it, me leaning against the wall of the stairwell listening to Freddy (Queen) exploding my brain cells while Johnny had an uneducated grope inside my panties which did nothing for me. We continued this trade for a few weeks till I got tired of him and his limited number of tapes.

I still wanted my own walkman and the opportunity came when one of my gf's came to school with one and I put out that I wanted one to one of the boys groups we kind of avoided as they were always fighting.  This guy Sol followed me home after school, he lived a floor below and I knew who he was but we'd never talked much. He caught up as we passed the park and said he heard I was after a walkman and that he may have one, what did I have to offer. I had nothin really, just basic stuff and no cash. Anyhow I ended up letting him shag me, I went to his flat and it turned out his mum and sister were out and in the time it took for me to check out my new status symbol, he'd shagged me and wanted to snog some more, but I said I'd paid and left him a bit annoyed.

13 seemed to be my year, Mum found a part time job and she found herself a boyfriend, and it was interesting to watch them making out, (I spied a few times). There was so much stuff I wanted, mostly music & clothes and I found I could get music by being nice to the boys and snogging them, but that tended to get complicated as I was not much interested in any relationship and they were looking for steady dates. Sonya, one of my group got raped after school which upset us for a couple of days and we had a snogging strike to let the boys know we disapproved of this behaviour. But 2 days later we learned from Sonya that although she had been forced, she had asked for it by leading him on, so most of us ended up feeling sorry for the guy who almost ended up in jail.

By the time I was 14, I'd had sex may times in return for clothes and favours and I felt I was growing wealthy and admired my stash. I was doing better both materially and at school, and mum was pleased with my school work and we had enough to see the occasional movie and go up to London occasionally.

Life took a fresh turn when one day on my way home from school, on impulse I went into the hairdressers and asked if they had any work. After a chat, Maude  said I could help out without pay and be in line for a job. I felt I had nothing to lose and spent a couple of hours after school sweeping hair and noticing how the salon operated. I also began cutting my gf's hair and they said I was good, actually I was.

I worked for naught for six months and then I was asked to start washing hair on Saturdays and began to earn my own money. This was heaven and I was able to buy a few treats and be a little more independent from boys, but actually they pursued me all the more.

My Gf's were envious, some even jealous. But the boys followed me about like I was a bitch in heat, but to Maud's pleasure they began coming for haircuts and Maude encouraged me to wear micro minis and show my tits as was acceptable. In moments of temper which fortunately was rare, mum said I dressed like a tart, but I was enjoying myself and took little notice. Many of the men would go of to the knokkin shop Maudes hubby Harry had above the shop next door. Dirty Harry everyone called him behind his back, but he had a hand in most local crime and everyone was polite to his face. The first time he come in the shop while I was there, he offered me a job and Maude cut him short sayin I was only 13. I was 14 but dared not correct her and as I learned more about Harry, probably a good thing.

We often had the girls from upstairs come in for their hair, both head and below and I learned to wax pussies and bums before the idea of the Brazilian wax ever became a trend. I got to hear about their tricks and by the time I was 15, I felt worldly wise. About this time I started going out to parties and was introduced to pot, so on Saturday nights after work, I'd go home and say hi to mum if she was home, get changed and meet my Gf's and we'd go hang out about the neighborhood and later go to someone's place where usually a party would eventuate. Often I'd bonk someone for enough Moroccan to make a couple of smokes and one party was a fancy dress to which I was invited by one of the girls from upstairs, I went to her house and she persuaded me to wear this absolutely hot fairy dress, it was all soft & flowing, and almost transparent. With that and a face mask, I looked and felt totally hot but looking in the mirror my undies looked out of place. Mona said I looked at least 25 and agreed my underwear was wrong – so I went without.

That's a night that will remain with me forever, we took a cab to a posh house in Kensington and a really big black guy opened the door for us and inside who should we bump into by dirty old Harry, he was pissed already and he looked me up & down and said in a very loud voice; “Are your sure you’re only 14?” Everyone stared, well the other 5 people present, one commented she looks like she'd make a good raffle prize, but Mona, said “forget it, anyone touches her will be in deep shit, just admire her but keep your grubby hands off”. The thought of me being a raffle prize was a bit of a shock and so were some other things I saw that night. Mona looked after me.. It was something I later learned was like a night at Nero's forum as the evening turned into something of an orgy.

It was something I later learned, that was like a night at the nearest forum as the evening turned to something of an orgy, and after a couple of hours amid so muck nakedness, I felt overdressed. After a glass of champagne a flirt and around the rooms offering to bestow fairy wishes and while the wishes from some respectable people were for good life and fortune, as the evening wore on their wishes were to play with my bits. At some point, Mona disappeared, and looking about for her I discovered she was getting a right Rogering by two very well endowed gentlemen who took it in turns to alternately fuck her arse, and pussy. The scene both revolted and attract me and for a time I stood spellbound until someones hand began groping my arse. It felt quite nice touch was confident and I thought, here is someone that knows what they are doing – a refreshing change, Mona seemed oblivious to everything and totally committed to the men she was with.

I was standing in the hallway leaning on a small marble table that bore a collection of small, erotic statues, I leaned forward for a closed look and a rather large finger slipped inside me, it gently slid and twisted much nicer than the boys who'd fingered me up until now. Presently a woman appeared to linger in the doorway watching Mona and her friends that she turned her attention to me, she was tall and naked except for a feathery face mask and a joint she held in one hand and  my gaze met hers. She offered me a toke, and not being one to say no idea took a couple of deep drags and passed it back. I'd been smoking a sometime and I knew that this was good stuff and that plus the fingering I was getting, I had a nice orgasm.

The owner of the finger must have noticed and a very deep, resonant voice said "what a beautiful little honeypot, since I think you enjoyed that honey, now how about you like to do something nice for me".

I said, "Sure thing Mr. What would you like," as I stood up and turned to see this gianormous black man wearing a Batman mask and nothing else, and retreating from his groin a bloody tree trunk, literally his cock was all a foot long and 4 inches thick.

"Jesus fucking Christ, what do you expect me to with that, look Mr. Your finger was really nice, and even made me come but a I am just little, and there is no way that that thing is going to inside any part of me." He laughed good-naturedly and said "don't worry little girl I ain't going to put this in you, but you got hands and a mouth and tongue, but see what you can do with the biggest ice cream sausage you ever laid eyes on." Somewhat relieved, I set to work feeling its shape and texture, rubbing it up and down and actually, I almost managed to get the whole tip into my mouth well, he made a few oo aa sounds and gave me a little encouragement.

While I was engaged Mona who'd extracted herself from her companions came over and said "hi honey, you got yourself mixed up with the biggest dick and a whole damn city, just get on with what you are doing and don't try to sit on it or it may break you in two."

She left and I continued playing a few minutes until I was interrupted by a voice saying "oh, honey I like the look what you've got there, how about you move over and I'll show you what I can do with that thing. " I was somewhat relieved and then totally amazed as she squatted over him and that great big cock totally vanished inside her. I went walkabout, and everyone was naked except for their masks and I suddenly felt like a kid at an adult party. I came across a wall stand with clothing, and a few spare masks hanging off it so I stepped out of my dress and swapped masks, now suddenly I felt more equal and as I passed a mirror I noted with pleasure that my body was equal to or better than many in the house.

I managed to sidestep most invitations to fuck and where I was waylayed, I managed to get away after a grope. Touring the house I concluded that there must be over 100 people, almost none with a stitch of clothing, other than a face mask. There were couples doing it, threesomes doing it there were even men fucking men and women fucking women, people playing with sex toys or stoned or pissed. Then I made my way to the music and I joined the group of people dancing. It was fun, and I simply grooved by watching the body play and to my surprise, they seemed to be no difference that both men and women were equally aggressive. Like anywhere, people were all shapes and sizes, all ages. The woman who seemed to be about my own age and build asked me if I wanted to play a game and I thought why not, and followed her. She gave me a little French maids outfit to wear and she wore one herself, then we took trays and drinks to a group of men in a room I had not been to, the game was simply to serve drinks and while we bent over to serve the drink while letting one of them feel us up, and then describe what was happening to the group.

The other girl got a little distracted when one chap actually started fucking her and I played on by myself with four other men and then one of them fucked me.  While it was kinda nice, I was glad when the bottle ran out and had an excuse to leave. I left the tray and the clothes, and rejoined the throng on the dance floor. I saw Mona walk by and grabbed her to let her know that I was okay, she said she'd been wondering what I  was up too,  so I reassured her that I was keeping out of trouble and returned to the dance floor, but the music was getting slow, and a bit too old for me, so I went exploring and found myself in a room without any furniture except a few chairs and a kids paddling pool where two women were wrestling in oil. They looked absolutely fascinating. I was gobsmacked and a couple of voices called out, "here is another contender." It looked like such fun, I said,"sure I'll be in."

I continued watching as the two women tried to hold each other down, but kept slipping and sliding away from each other and the guys decided that it was a draw. A voice called for the next two contestants and a hand pushed me forwards.  I stepped into the pool to meet a girl slightly slimmer and taller than me. We smiled at each other as several sets of hands rubbed oil all over us, then someone called out to shake hands, which we did, and a voice said that the wrestling commence. I'd never done this before, so I wasn't quite sure what to do but we stepped into each others arms and struggled trying to get each other down. We both slipped and slid all over each other. It was impossible to maintain a grip on her smooth slippery skin, but then she began to get the upper hand and got me on my back. She pinned my wrists and arms to the floor and rubbed her pussy against my face to the delight of the crowd because everyone cheered.  Then with a massive heave, I managed to reverse the tables and pinned her down, but she soon slipped out of my grip, got me on my back and sat on my face. She almost suffocated me with with her pussy. The onlookers loved it, she was declared the winner and I was relieved to get up.

I watched another two rounds while sharing a smoke that went around, they seemed to have the same intention as what happened in my round, with the winner sitting on the face of the opponent and then I was put forward again to wrestle with a girl who had just come in the room and we took stock of each as hands rubbed oil all over us. She was very pretty with a simple mask just covering her eyes, she was a head shorter than me and slim with big breasts, pointy nipples.  We shook hands and got into it, I had no idea what it was about really, I was just going along with the flow but her agenda seemed to be to either grab my tits, or get her fingers in my pussy or arse and every time she succeeded, the onlookers cheered. By this time I was not really playing hard to get and neither was she as it was easy for me to do exactly the same to her.  At least wrestling this way, was not so challenging and a lot of fun, and after 10 minutes we simply lay and masturbated each other.

Then it was supposed to be time for the semifinals and I watched another two matches before I decided that I'd had enough and thought about going home. I found a bathroom and took a shower, then found my clothes. Then there was the problem I had no money and I did not fancy walking the two or 3 miles home at this time of night. Mona was nowhere about, and I mentioned my problem to the doorman, who was perhaps the only one still dressed. He was very friendly chatty and helpful. He disappeared and returned, gave me 20 quid and called a cab. That is a very memorable night, but I was to have many more like it.

Life settled back into routine, school, work, the occasional snog and sex but nothing serious. I turned 15 and mum let me have a party to which half the block dropped into and the place was crowded. A black guy everyone called Ho_Jo took charge and threw out the dead beats, organised the music and we actually had a good time. Mum arrived home to find a quiet harmonious party and a couple shagging in her bed. She threw them out and retired, then everyone took the hint and left to go to a club. Ho-Jo stayed to help me clear up and in gratitude I offered him a shag.  We got talking and I had my best sex ever, at least till then..

He was not the most attractive guy to look at, but he had manners, knew how to treat a woman and staying power. My Gf's couldn't believe it, but a few weeks later he let me know he'd shagged several of my G'f's who later confessed. Ahh the joy of sex.

I continued chatting to Mona, mostly when I was doing her hair and she told me how impressed her friends were at that party and said she'd invite me again some time. Well some time was to be 2 months later. She picked me up in a cab and we drove to a different house. There was security and inside a disco with a big dance floor and food, masses of food. Perhaps I'll tell you about it some time, but the parties continued for a couple of years, I completed as much school as I wanted, I was now a popular hairdresser with a growing clientèle and Maude was happy although Harry was always asking me to work upstairs, but I refused.

Despite my hedonistic lifestyle, I stayed happy and healthy, avoided hard drugs, and I went to Glastonbury festival. When I was 17, mum became ill and I spent a lot of time looking after her. Soon after my 18th birthday she died and in my mourning, I got pregnant. I considered having an abortion, but decided to try out motherhood and I gave birth to a healthy daughter I called Tracy. The first year was tough, breast feeding, nappies, not enough sleep, but I was able to take over the flat and some how I struggled and made ends meet. About then I got a new neighbour in the next flat, he was a quiet type, a writer. Before mum and I moved in, some previous tenants had been renting both flats and put in a door and mum had simply put a wardrobe against it and it was forgotten.

When he moved in I did the neighbourly thing and introduced myself and he seemed ok, just quiet. I never saw much of him then, just the occasional pass on the stair. Tracy was three before he became part of my life. I was about to go out partying, it had been months and I had a bad itch that needed scratching. Impatient for my sitter, I looked out and he happened to be arriving home. We said hi and told him my problem and he offer to sit if needed. I said thanks and continued waiting, I waited an hour and still my sitter had not arrived so I knocked on his door. This began a year of him sitting Tracy and he seemed to be good for her and he became a significant male figure in her life.

He was to good to be true and I was able to get back into the party scene and enjoy some freedom. But he was not always there. By the time Tracy began school, we had opened the adjoining doors and even when I was home Tracy would sometimes go through to play in his flat. I found it a little claustrophobic with his piles of books and papers. He worked from home and often he would be there for her when I was late home and looking back, that was quite often.

About this time after Tracy had gone to sleep, we would drink wine and soon began sleeping together. We developed an amicable relationship without commitment although even till now I don't know if he had other lovers. I enjoyed coming home and slipping into his bed and especially on Sunday mornings, Tracy would run in and wake us up. She was fascinated by him and he helped her with homework, took her to the park and the movies. I never really thought much about his involvement with her – or me either looking back.

Like me Tracy was a good looking girl and grew up tough although the neighbourhood was much tamer than when I was her age. I did all I thought a parent should do including sex talks, well since I often walked about the house naked, there was little about a woman's body she did not learn about. Tom, that's his name, he never minded, even Tracy would wander about naked... that made me wonder a few times as she went between flats.

By the time she was 12, she told me she'd had sex with a local boy, she certainly had the body and took after me. I was both proud and concerned, but she seemed confident and I must admit, her skirts are not as short as mine were at her age and she enjoyed books as I never did. But often Sunday mornings she would still get into bed with us which usually got us up and on with the day. Sundays became our day to go out, sometimes to London, or to the county or beach. Sometimes Tracy bought a friend, and once a boy friend, but that was a bit hard as he had something of a personality disorder, (in my opinion he was a git).

Maude was wanting to step back from the business and wanted me to take over, this was going to take more of my time, but I agreed and Tracy was ok not seeing as much of me for a while. Tracey kept on joining us in bed on Sunday mornings. Tom seemed oblivious to her gorgeous body but she turned me on,  I liked seeing her prancing about naked made and I saw myself at her age all aver again and recalled some of the sexy adventures I'd had.

By the time Tracy was 13, she had told me of a score of sexual exploits and I was considering taking her to one of the outrageous parties I still occasionally attended. One of them I went to a few weeks back, I got home late – like 10.00an Sunday morning and here was Tracy smoking a joint and masturbating while watching a porno video. I was about to tell her off, but she looked up and shushed me, well I went next door – the doors were wide open and Tom was in the shower. I said to her”at least you could have closed the door” She seemed not to care. I slept the day while they went to a book launch in Soho and didn't take much notice.

Work kept me busy and I was now supervising upstairs as well, not that I had to be up there, but the relationship between the two shops remained the same and there was a certain harmony to the point that the hubby often went upstairs for a shag while she had a perm.

A month later I went to a great party but made the effort to be home at a reasonable hour and as usual, I slipped into Tom's bed and woke him up. He wanted a shag, but I was knackered and fell asleep. I woke mid morning and Tracy and Tom were drinking coffee and discussing literature. Later after she'd gone out, I asked if she was unusually intellectual, but he said no, just interested in everything, but she had the makings of a writer or reporter.

I left them alone for a weekend to go to a salon fair in Birmingham,  I enjoyed a good party usually once a month and getting well shagged by Tom.  Did I tell you, he's a great lover, stays hard for ages, he's mostly tender and occasionally rough, he was the lover I'd been looking for my whole life.

I expanded the shop, Harry junior took charge of upstairs and I was becoming the consummate businesswoman. Tracy and I got on well, I hardly ever had to play parent and we occasionally got to curl up and watch a video and talk about sex. I told her about some outrageous parties and she said she wouldn't like them – deflating my plan to invite her. She turned 14, got pregnant and promptly had a miscarriage – I breathed a sigh of relief.

That year a friend took me for a weeks holiday in Corsica where I got a great tan and the clap, but it was fun. Tracy seemed so comfortable with Tom and she was contemplating university. My party life continued, I told Tom about some of them and he was amused as I was playing with so many toffs. He teased that I, a poor hairdresser was getting banged by cabinet ministers.

Christmas came and after few weeks of parties I came home early on Xmas eve, well early for me. Tracy was still out and I snuggled in with Tom and after some very satisfying sex slept soundly. In the morning I woke in Tracy's arms and I could feel the rhythmic movement of Tom's thrusting pelvis – but he was thrusting into Tracy. My whole being skipped a few beats and the wheels in my brain smoked with the effort as Tracy looked into my eyes and kissed my lips.

My whole life flashed before me as here was my lover shaggin my daughter, what to do – well I giggled – lookin back at my life I'd shagged young and old, single and wed, perhaps I had no place to say ought. Tracy whispered, “Ma how come you kept this from me for so long”.

I smiled and kissed her back, I held her as she orgasmed and I felt the desire surge in my body. A glance from Tom and the feeling of awkwardness vanished and we spent a delightful morning in bed where Tom in was great form and satisfied both of us.

This became our home life, simple, sexy and relaxed. We talked of politics as easily as about our genitals yet Tom was not particularly interested in the parties I went to, or my sex life away from him. Tom helped with the fees, Tracy went on to university and is now a successful layer. She has two kids with Tom and no interest in moving out of the flat. Its a squeeze sometimes with four of us living there and although we could afford to move out, we are content.

The children soon grew and moved out, they have their own lives and Tom and I are 60, Tracy is 40 and a grandmother already and me a great gran. Tracy has a busy life and now enjoys the parties I don't get to quite so often and when I do, I enjoy watching more than participating. Maude and Harry died a few years back and I now own the hairdressers while Harry junior has upstairs and a swag of Asian and Eastern European girls, but see little of them. Mona calls by occasionally to reminisce and while the racial mix has widened, the city is calm.

Tom, he's still as lovely as ever, totally satisfying in life and in bed. He has several books published and doing very well for himself, we are thinking about buying a house big enough for the whole family.

Tom's Story

I'd gone through school and university doing well in English and for a few years did some casual reporting and made a modest living researching and writing articles. I was not particularly social but girls seemed to like me and every so often they ended up in my bed. I never judged them or got involved in their problems. I got the flat in Brixton by chance, anther chance saw me became the lover of a councillor who slipped my application through. Although it was a rough area, it suited me for writing. The councillor lady ended up moving away thankfully and I got to know my neighbour Sal (Sally) when she was pregnant, her mother had recently died and I tried to be a good neighbour and slowly we became friends and lovers. She was the best looking girl I'd ever slept with and she gave me the most intense orgasms.

Tracy was 3 before we opened the doors, I'd placed a book shelf over my side and it took some rearranging, but it worked. While my life was more about writing and earning a living, I did ok covering the riots and I had occasional articles published, but I had little real income.

Caring for Tracy was a delight, she was intelligent and quick to learn. I'd read her stories and tuck her into bed leaving the doors open and a light on. Sometimes when Sal was out late I would wake to find Tracy in my bed and I took on the roll of father, helping with homework, meals and bathing. There were periods when Sal seemed to be hardly ever home and a few times I had to organize Tracy for school and I was most often there when she came home. There were a lot of Latch key kids in our block and I think it made Tracy feel special that I was there for her.

I saw her as completely normal, her only peculiarity was that she liked to run about naked and to watch me in the shower. I enjoyed her interest and tried not to encourage her, but it seemed pretty harmless and I don't know how, but I don't think there was ever a time Sal came home to find her in this state. Most nights when Sal came to my bed, Tracy usually joined us in the morning and she often watched Sal and I having sex – I knew she liked to watch. Sal gave up trying to send her off and we agreed that it should complement her education, after all, better to learn at home than some back alley.

She was about 12 when she told us she'd had sex and it was not very good and we said she was still too young although her body said otherwise. During the week she focused on school work and was doing well and I enjoyed coaching her after school. But on weekends and nights when Sal was out late, she loved to dress up and make herself very sexy. Sometimes she would have girlfriends in to play and I saw little of her, other times she hung about me like bitch in heat, often turning me on.

She was 13 before she finally seduced me, coming to my bed and snuggling into me and I thought it was Sal come home early. In the dark we had sex and it was 20 minutes into the pleasure of it when I realized it was Tracy. I was stunned, then angry, but she as great charm and we completed the act.

This secretive affair continued for a year before Sal woke one morning with Tracy actually in bed with us and I shagging her. There was a little tension for a few days, but Sal had no moral ground to stand on, but actually it all felt right. We had many discussions about under-age sex, but by now she had let a dozen boys shag her and was learning what she liked, but what she liked most was me. I was flattered, the dream of many men was the mother - daughter combination and these were real beauties.

Our three way relationship continued with only a slight hiccup when Tracy became pregnant, but some herb tea bought on her period before it had gone to far and we were more careful from then on and she went on the pill.

My life was a bit reclusive though sometimes when I took work to the publishers or the paper office I would get waylaid and laid. One of the secretaries fancied me but she only visited once, she thought the area was to rough.

Sal, Tracy and I kind of morphed into a family going out on Sundays, sleeping together and  enjoying each others company. I enjoyed seeing Tracy go through university and then raising Bobby and Jen who arrived a year apart to the day. It was something of a marathon to raise 2 kids and maintain two relationships that were steadily diverging. But we managed and the kids went through school and did well. I often worried about their upbringing and that father, mother and grandmother slept in the same bed. But they turned out surprisingly well.

Bobby got a girl pregnant when he was only 12 and fortunately I remembered the herbs which solved the problem. We think we got through to Bobby and Jen about not sleeping together and making babies, but they were both good looking and seemed to often be out on dates or just hanging out with their friends who also often spent Saturdays and Sundays at our house watching videos. One party night, Bobby's 15th and Jen's 14th Sal was out and Tracy and I felt like a shag, so we closed the door and came out an hour later to find these two dozen kids all stoned and watching porn, but they were so serious contemplating that they never noticed us, we quietly slipped out of sight and Tracy found a big sausage balloon, painted it to look like a big cock and then rode it naked into the room.

They totally cracked up and we spent a couple of hours talking sex. Sal came in and joined the fun and got everyone naked – for some it was a bit of a shock, but they got a lesson on body differences and how to touch. We still see most of those kids and now they all have families, they sometimes say the education they got at our house was worth a university degree. Mind you there were many nights like that. Then there was the night Tracy bought a boy home, she was about 16 and she complained to Sal that he was hopeless in bed, so Sal took him to bed and educated him. Tracy said he was a great improvement, but he later ran off with an older woman.

Bobby and Jen were 17 and 18 before Tracy went with Sal to one of those decadent parties, I'd been sufficiently moved by the fallout from the Profumo affair to keep away from such gatherings.  Sal said I was far to serious and should get a little fresh pussy occasionally, but Tracy reckoned I was not missing much. However she continued going and I accepted this as her fetish, but interestingly Sal and Tracy both wanted sex when they came home and they had energy to wear me out.

Its a quiet life now just the three of us. There are of course visits with the grand children and Bobby and Jen seem to have embraced our openness.

Tracy's Story

I'm not sure I want to talk about my life that much, but here goes....

For some reason, one of my earliest memories is sucking on mums tit and enjoying the taste of her milk. Then I seem to remember. I like opening and closing the doors between our flats and Tom's friendly warmth. Even though mum was so often away, Tom was there that he always seemed to really care for me. When I was at school or rather, when I came home from school and again Tom was there, reliable and fun yet he would not accept my misbehaving. So I learned to get along and I was actually having fun learning about places and things.

I began learning about sex, well I'm not sure when but I had been aware of Tom and Mum doing it and it kind of fascinated me, especially the bit where Mum would come home buggered and not in a very good mood, but after a visit to Tom she'd come out elated. I spied a few times, well a lot and I saw that it was his cock that provided the joy, well I wanted some to. As much as I tried to seduce him it was to no avail but after I was 10 or 11, I did it a few times with some boys from school. Most girls said they were snogging and it was no bother to snog boys but they thought I was a bit strange cause I groped them back which attracted some older boys. But after a few test shags, I decided to wait for Tom.

It was some wait, it was not till sometime after I had grown tits and an arse that he began to look at me like a man, I knew that look from almost every man I passed on the street, but I was proud of my knowledge and that I was not an easy lay.

He still let me away with running about nude, after all Mum still did and there was no logical grounds to forbid me although it was mentioned a few times. Mum said my body was so hot, I was dangerous naked.. I though it funny at the time, but I know it true now. One of my favourite pastimes was getting into bed on Sunday mornings with Mum and Tom, they often had sex and seemed oblivious to me. I also liked joining Tom in the shower, and try as he may, I always had an excuse to touch him and from when I was 10 I often caused him an erection.

I must have been 12 before we did it, Mum had stayed out, I had woken early and snuck into his bed while he slept. He thought I was Mum and I loved every second and fully realized what women could enjoy. I was on cloud 9 for weeks, but we kept it from mum for about a year, actually she woke while we were doing it and actually there was no fuss and now I felt truly part of the family. Tom had enough energy to satisfy both of us.  It all felt so normal, I finished school and went through university completing my law degree.  Then the kids arrived and Tom sometimes with a bit of help raised them while I spent a few years working for a law firm before starting my own business.

The kids seemed to take it as normal for me and mum to be in Toms bed and Sunday mornings meant one of us got pushed out to make breakfast and we would all go to the park or somewhere. When the kids were through school, they got jobs and soon moved out.  It was very quiet in the flat and I began going to some parties with mum and got to see another side of humanity. To an outsider it would seem bizarre with a house full of naked people all shagging in a myriad of different ways. But it was all so genteel and nice - most of these parties were very similar, there was always good security on the door, and some of London's richest people attended. Usually almost everyone wore masks to try to conceal their identity although mum often pointed out Cabinet ministers and their wives or mistresses, she knew everyone by physique and behaviour.

As for the sex well, although there was lots of going on and much of it was rather ho-hum, and while I certainly I had a great deal of fun, its not the sort of thing that I really talk about very much. It was more of a warm and intimate social experiment, if you like. Sure I've participated in almost everything on offer except being dominated – actually I'm not to bad a being dominating so I hope you know your place....


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