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In search of the ideal


Checkin my trim ass in the mirror

Oh to be slim and have that ideal body. Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve that ideal body because our physical characteristics are based based on our genetics.  But while we cannot change the shape of our bones and our foundational features, we can make the best of what we've got because we know that fat and out of shape is not healthy.

Some big people live healthy normal lives, but those who live longest have a tendency to be fairly slim with very little excess body fat. We accumulate body fat through poor diet, a poor lifestyle and a lack of exercise.

Unfortunately our diet and behaviour is often compulsive which makes it difficult to change diet, lifestyle and behaviour, especially in relation to exercise. What is called for is a radical rethink about who you are and importantly, what you eat.

When we eat in excess, especially sweet and fatty foods, this energy is stored in the body as fat. As our body accumulates fat, that fat takes on a life of its own reinforcing compulsive eating behaviours.

This is a tough cycle to break out of, but millions of people succeed and so can you. Proactively, you can replace all those snacks with fresh fruit and vegetable. The fat in your body will be annoying for some time, but if you remember that it is your body and that you are making your body the way you want it, then you can succeed.

In an ideal society, your friends and family will support your desire, but unfortunately sometimes our friends and family are the ones who put temptation in the way and this calls for you to become an extra ordinary person.

It matters not if you are a woman or a man, at the end of the day body is simply a body and because you own your body and your body does not own you, it is your right to create it as want it.

An ideal diet is 50% fresh organic vegetables with fruits and whole grains. But to succeed and transform your life, you need to avoid all processed foods which unfortunately includes cakes and sweets. If you are attached to eating meat, work towards reducing the meat content of your meals to that of a flavouring rather than a main ingredient.

Factor in more exercise

If you are a couch potato, yoga or tai chi are very gentle exercises but if you are really enthusiastic then you may enjoy martial arts and gym workouts. But in between, do try and get some sunshine and fresh air by walking.


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