Love and excitement P 16

In conclusion of a girl growing up

Continued from Pt 15

If you have read this story from the beginning, it all took place in the latter part of the George W Bush era. For the past few years, selling my body has simply been a job that I become almost indifferent to. The greater delight I had was in giving people full body massages and making them feel better within themselves.

For those of you who don't know, the typical Escort client meeting is one where there's usually some polite conversation which often leads into listening to the clients sad life stories and I almost take on the role of a counsellor. Then quite often, I give the poor guy a short relaxing massage which helps to get him physically prepared. But most often wanted is the sex that invariably happens, it's all over within a few minutes. This is fine for half hour appointments, but I rarely took those and preferred an hour or two to at least get to know them a little bit.

Occasionally there are nice surprises, like nicely mannered men with moderate to large size cocks and lots of stamina. In these situations, I could abandon myself to the pleasure and the work itself was a pure joy. Over the years I've found a few guys who have been able to massage me quite nicely and afterwards, the sex was nice because I was more relaxed and receptive.

When Obama came into power the business got a lot more dangerous and I found myself dating a lot more politicians and power hungry lobbyists and businessmen. The business was doing well and we were making heaps of money but the risks seem to be increasing every day, especially as we were getting more high profile clients.

So we sold the business as a going concern and for a moment, I've retired to Hawaii where I've taken some more formalised native massage training. But this is a very civilised and politically correct compared to my initial introduction to the art. For now I have joined the ranks of the sacred goddesses and although my work still involves pleasure, is more about healing and balancing my clients.

You may have not noticed that our civilisation is resting on the brink of extinction with the expansion of war, the accumulation of wealth by a few and the erosion of basic human rights and freedoms of the many.

I've come to see that sexuality is something more holistic and we need a lot more honest loving and uninhibited sex to restore the world before is all too late. A good movie to watch in this regard is "the names of love" with Baya, the lead actress uses her body to change hearts and minds.

Some things I do not like

Bad manners, poor hygiene and ignorance. Men ejaculating over my face; when they slip out and it's an accident that's fine, but condom or no condom, it's more important that they come inside and that way the integrity of the orgasm is stronger.

On the positive side, and I expect I am like most women enjoying good manners, good hygiene, good conversation, good sex and a real sharing of pleasure.


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