Waterside quaintness

Almost destroyed as it was the epicentre of the February 2011 earthquake, today the town has reopened and the port restored.

Lyttleton is a busy port and harbourside town and suburb of Christchurch. The harbour offers a safe anchor for the largest of ships, from freighters to cruise liners which call regularly and has a range of watery activities. You'll find yachting, water taxis, a ferry to Diamond Harbour, boat tours to watch dolphins or you can explore local history such as the harbour defences created during the past world wars.

The wharves have very limited public access, although it is not so long ago there was free and uncontrolled access, which was great for fishing and admiring the berthed ships and today casual visitors are confined to the town which still makes a pleasant excursion from Christchurch when you have an hour or so to spare as the town has a special remote and romantic atmosphere.

There are several interesting bars and a small selection of shops, some of which specialize in catering to the needs of passing ships crews and a small range of accommodation.

To drive from Central Christchurch, take either the direct road tunnel, or go over the port hills for views of the city and harbour. Take a gondola or bus or walk the pioneer trail over the hill. For the fit, this is over an hours walk each way, and for those who like the exercise but not to much, the port is served by city buses and there is a frequent ferry service to Diamond Harbour.

Governors Bay
The village of Governors bay is a cluster of houses with a café, a hotel and a pier that's popular for a stroll, as is the walk along the waterfront below the village. From central Christchurch, take Colombo Street south and over the Port Hills to Governors Bay or From Lyttleton, take the harbour side road south to Governors Bay with it's jetty, recently saved from demolition. This haven of green forested residential land is a contrast to the grass covered hills. There are some harbourside and forest walks.

From Governors bay, the road continues to Teddington and Charteris Bay with golf it's course, and Orton Bradley Park, picnic and recreation area with access to Mt. Herbert a good 3 - 5 hour return walk with a climb of 919 meters and Mt. Bradley 835 meters, with longer walks into the Kaituna Valley and the Akaroa highway.

Continuing beyond Charteris Bay to the lifestyle village of Diamond Harbour. This is a popular destination for our Sunday drives, to sit and take refreshment in the afternoon sun and to walk the pathways to the jetty and safe harbour for yachts.

The roads beyond require more attention as you drive out onto the peninsula, to Port Levy, Pauri, Pigeon Bay, Kakupa, Little Akaloa, Okains Bay and to Akaroa. This road can be a great adventure for the experienced driver.

Other activities include Port Hills walks. Swimming, Boating, Horse Riding. Yachting, Hang Gliding, Gliding.


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