A woman who continues to fascinate

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton H. Greene, This was the second of four 1956 sittings that took place on the back lots of the 20th Century Fox studios.

Norma Jeane Mortenson was born on June 1, 1926.  She became an American actress,  model and with the show name of Marilyn Monroe, she famous for her body and playing comic "dumb blonde" characters.

Marilyn became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s reflecting the era's attitudes towards sexuality and the female body. She followed in the footsteps of a long line of women including Jayne Mansfield, Carroll Baker, Mae West, Jean Harlow, Rita Hayworth, Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, Myrna Loy, Greta Garbo, Ann Sheridan and many others who were comfortable enough with themselves and their bodies to be more real than their fans who adored or lusted after them.

There have been books, movies and documentaries made about Marilyn's life, but none of them have captured or described adequately who she was. These reviews are based opinions about her and include interviews with some who knew her, but really, how well does anyone know someone else?

Some feel is sorry for Marilyn and the way she's been depicted, especially in the 2015 Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. The media show her as a sex symbol - as skin deep, as some man dependent weak woman, a woman obsessed with JFK  and a beautiful mess from a broken home who didn't know what to do with her life. Some show her as a woman with a close relationship with her mother yet Marilyn herself is reported to have said that she didn't have a close relationship with her mother but she wanted it.

The sad fact is that sex and lies make money because people want drama and distraction, and beautiful women proved this without actually hurting anyone. Few reviewers show Marilyn as how she really was: a smart, talented woman who gave to charity work, had a big warm heart, who was serious about her acting career and wanted to be recognized for nothing more but her artistic skills.

Elton John's tribute

Today Marilyn remains an iconic character for much the same reasons as she became famous. She has a delightfully sweet innocence and a blooming personality that continues to put smiles on people's faces and remind people that they are indeed alive.

Of course the woman's body is symbolic of the earth we inhabit, as much as the shape and colour of our landscapes inspires us, so it is a woman's body but the confusion arises through idolisation and manipulation that mines have been programmed to perform.

When we look at civilisation, there are many male heroes but they don't have the same importance as the beautiful women who can indeed stand naked before the world and function as a normal human being.

We should continue to see Marilyn as a flower of life and a role model for girls to look up to because Marilyn was more of a human being than just a piece of eye candy.

Marilyn Monroe said in a interview for Sidney Skolsky in 1953

“Hold a good thought for me” 

So, let’s hold a good thought for her!


2 comments to Marilyn

  • Rhett Mattila

    Did you know that at the 1999 auction of Marilyn’s effects, her white baby grand piano was bought by Mariah Carey, the singer, for $662,500. (The estimate had been $10,000-$15,000.) The piano had been bought by Marilyn’s mother, and sold after she had her breakdown, but Marilyn eventually found it and bought it back, keeping it with her until her death.

  • Leon Hovanes

    Hi, she may be gone yet she remains an angel to millions.