Massage; Body and Mind

The magic of touch

braille1Massage is a global industry and one of the most effective treatments for muscular aches and pains, but what is less known is that massage is also helpful in relieving many other health problems including mental and emotional stress.

Physical stress relief

It's well known that getting out of your head and into your body releases stress and refreshes the spirit. Therefore active people take some responsibility for their lives by engaging in physical activity. For some people it may be running, for others it may be swimming, mountain climbing or yoga, but it can be any activity where winning is not important that challenges body and mind so that they function harmoniously.

By focusing on challenging physical activities, mental and emotional stress ceases to exist for a time because the cause of the stress is not being addressed. But there is distance created between the individual and the origin of that mental or emotional stress.

The same relief can be found within massage and a full body massage is most effective.

Our bodies and society

It has been proven that children brought up deprived of loving touch develop more mental, emotional and physical problems than those who receive adequate touch and nurturing. But even adults who are deprived of physical touch develop mental and emotional disorders, and even pathologies which can sometimes be dangerous to society.

The importance of touch is being forgotten and our modern civilisation is under serious threat from capitalism and the market forces that divide societies. Therefore to survive the capitalist system, one must take a break.  Physical exercise is one option, but massage is another.  Massage is a physical activity where the activity is 'not doing anything but relaxing'.

Relaxation is our most valuable non activity

All stress is a 'conscious holding on', and this holding on knots our muscles, creates physical aches and pains, causes headaches, impairs the  functionality of  body and mind.  By engaging the body, massage distracts the mind from its suffering.

Our bodies are the most amazing piece of technology on this planet. Provide the right nutrition and they grow, function and self repair without our help.  Massage takes the mind on a journey around the body, it encourages relaxation and release of physical stress.

But even our minds function better when we let them rest, and massage provides a medium of sensuality and pleasure. To fully appreciate this, even the mind must be surrendered and in doing so, there is a mental relaxation where anxieties become less significant.

In the right conditions, body and mind relax, a state of euphoria set in and the recipient enters a state of meditation, a state of awareness that is untainted by anxiety or fear.  Remember, fear and anxiety are products of the mind and they have no inherent existence. We only experience these states because we are trying to live in the past or future.

Massage anxiety

Many fear their reactions during the massage, what if you snore or get aroused or worry about what the therapist may be thinking. This is a product of societies divisiveness and the illusion that you are your body. In other words, this ignorance is causing you suffering but you are not your body, your body is is made of water and the stuff of the earth, a vehicle or a vessel that continuously regenerates itself.

In modern civilisation we have been taught that we are our bodies which is another source of suffering. By subscribing to this ignorance we judge and condemn, especially ourselves that our bodies don't look like super models. Religions also teach that physical pleasure is morally wrong, but we spend our lives working to enjoy the pleasure in life and draining our life force trying to protect the boundaries relating to body and person that have no basis in reality.

"If the divine has to enter you and manifest itself within you, you need empty space. Otherwise, all that is there is just the devil of your mind. Only if emptiness happens, divine-ness will happen to you. You have known love, joy and peace only in moments of emptiness – all the beautiful things have happened to you only in moments of emptiness. But logically and mentally, you think emptiness is the one thing that you don’t want. It looks like poison, but it is nectar." Sadhguru

Massage can create the space for the divine, but this is s full body massage, a massage where you take your body for a service as you would your car.  When you take you car for a service you expect the mechanic to a thorough job. He or she must look under the, hood, examine and test the internals.

When people go for a massage they often expect the therapist to negotiate their boundaries. So so do you get your butt and breasts massaged?  It is well established that a great deal of stress is stored in the largest muscles that flow in and over the hips.  Going for a massage and not wanting you bum rubbed would be like taking you car to be repaired but not allowing the mechanic to see or touch the most damaged part.

It is well established that massage in addition to being and effective tonic for overall breast health also helps to reduce the incidence of breast cancer. But if you took you car to be serviced and cleaned but did not want the hood touched, you'd be pissed off by the result.

The benefits of being naked

By fully exposing your body you become vulnerable, but this is not something to fear. It is a state of self acceptance and confidence as attested to by nudists all over the world.

What anyone thinks about you is not your concern, it's their problem not yours. All those beautiful bodies in the movies and magazines are made up or enhanced to look like that, just a fantasy. The bottom line is you want you body to function well, how you look is secondary.

Not everyone can do yoga, not everyone can meditate or engage in other recreational activities, but massage is a recreational activity that combines the benefits of physical exercise and meditationand to participate, you need to get beyond your body and realise you are a spiritual being.

Massage is one of the best forms of preventive medicine, by reducing stress and grounding you in the reality of your being, you relax, you feel more at peace and at one with the world, but with regular massage, you become better at managing your life and other people bother you less.

It is a well-known truth that 'there can be no outer peace without first creating inner peace'.  


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