Massage for her libido

The sensitivity and power of full body holistic massage (R)

skin_rollAfter many years as a massage therapist, I continue to be amazed by the transformative effects of a full body massage including the inner hips, groins and sometime genitals.  Typically during such treatments, clients instead of finding the treatment just a turn on, they become more grounded and connected to their roots (base chakras). This helps become more accepting of life, balanced in their views which in turn creates mental and emotional stability.

As a male working in the industry, I've always had guys wanting extras like hand relief that I've never been into. But some women have asked for this service. But what is more significant is women who have lost interest in sex. They are often labelled as frigid and cold, but they lose interest in sex for a variety of reasons including:

  • Malnutrition
  • hormonal imbalance
  • unhappy relationships
  • general life imbalance
  • accumulated stress

Massage relieves a great deal of accumulated stress in body and mind which establishes a sense of general well-being. It doesn't solve the problem is caused by malnutrition, overwork and unhappy relationships. But it engenders a sense of and general well-being in which hormones and consequently bodily systems function better.

Scenario 1 - taking responsibility for low libido:

One of my regular massage clients who we shall call Michelle lived a very intense lifestyle and confided on several occasions that massage was really what kept her going. Of course I'd given her information on diet and nutrition but after one massage session she asked me about lomi lomi which is a deeply sensual full body massage.

She booked this treatment for her next session and once the massage started, she forgot all about her shyness. When the treatment was almost over she began to confide that her sex life was less than satisfying. That when she came for her next treatment, she was more enthusiastic and described her after her last massage her sex life had improved, or her body was more responsive.

After that massage she raised the subject of tantra massage and we discussed it in some detail. I explained that it was much more intimate than the lomi lomi, so she booked that for her next session.

Like most women, she was a little nervous and excited. She confided how bad sex with her husband was and started to get anxious as to whether she could orgasm because she really hadn't experienced one for some time.

The massage went well, she relaxed, but I discovered that she had a great deal of stress stored in her pelvis and reproductive system. This all released in a very noisy orgasm that I hoped my neighbours weren't hearing.

She came for several more treatments over the next few months and each time reported an improvement in her own sexual responsiveness and ability to have pleasure as well is a general improvement in other aspects of her life and work.

The controlling husband:

The case of Simon and Rose, not their real names of course.

Simon sent several emails outlining his problem, or rather the problems he thought his wife had and we discussed the massage options. He made an appointment and when they arrived, I perceived he had a manipulative and controlling character whereas she seemed to slightly intimidated by him.

The first treatment was simply a relaxing full body massage where I worked close, but never actually touched her genitals. She was delighted by the treatment and a few days later he reported a marked improvement in her sexual responsiveness and made another appointment.

They arrived and this time his attitude was much the same, as she was much more relaxed and open. She was content to lay completely uncovered and on his instructions, the massage included her outer genitalia.

He asked me not too bring her to orgasm, and although she remained motionless, I could feel her body crying out for more and all too soon the treatment was over.

A week later he contacted me again to report a further increase in her level of participation in his pleasure.

A month later he booked another session. They duly arrived in this time he wanted me to massage her to the point of orgasm and I could see by the look in her eyes for she was very enthusiastic, but I think that annoyed him.
The massage continued as previously and when she was nicely relaxed, I performed a more detailed genital massage. As I began, he stood up and watched very closely at what I was doing. When I felt building towards a climax I would shift the pressure and the technique.

The massage was soon over and they left. I didn't hear from him again, but I saw her the supermarket about three months later. She confided that they were the best massages she'd never had, but her husband was jealous of my ability to deliver more pleasure than what he could.

This craft of Tantric massage is a sensual and may cross into the erotic. Yet it's not about sex, it's about integration, treats the whole body to release general stress and tension. If you're a woman who in unhappy in life or suffers a reluctant libido and other problem, arrange your treatment and through liberation become more aware and responsive to life.


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