Massage for Period Pain

Rub that pain away

rppFrom the onset of puberty, the woman's mistress cycle presents a series of challenges. She needs to maintain a dietary program that contains the nutrients to replace the losses sustained during her period. She also needs to maintain a fitness program so that her reproductive system has the freedom to function as it should.

We live in an age of decay and very few women are blessed with perfectly healthy bodies, although in the thrall of youth, it is very easy to feel indestructible and totally in command of life even when you are not.

Heavy, a regular and painful periods are symptomatic that not only reproductive health is an issue, it's also a symptom of a broader problem that is best addressed with the help of a natural health care provider.

Pain relief drugs have their uses, but they also have their limitations as well as side-effects. When a woman's period is abnormal once or twice in a year, it's no big deal and medications are fine to use for a few days, but when the issue is more apparent, then medical help should be sought.


Massage is used professionally to relieve pain and restore function to all areas of the body, but unfortunately the the concept of massaging around the pelvis for period pain and other reproductive problems has yet to really catch on.  This is something every women can do for herself as very few massage professionals would consider this option, but it works brilliantly.

Mothers need to take some responsibility for hammering the idea into their daughters minds that touching themselves down there is dirty and civilisation needs to get over this is an association.

Nowadays, many young women are being encouraged to masturbate so that they develop some understanding of their own sexuality, but if they were to massage their entire pelvic area in detail in the few days prior to their period arriving, they would find that their period passes much more easily.

Even when those abdominal cramps and other debilitating symptoms arrive, a good massage around the pelvic area can sometimes eliminate those symptoms altogether.


  1. Regularly massage the lower abdomen and genital region, especially in the days before your period begins.
  2. Gently press over the entire region with your finger tips and note the texture of the tissues under your skin.
  3. Repeat making small clockwise circles moving the skin over the underlying tissues
  4. Where you find tender or sore points, massage for a few seconds longer each time
  5. Most often over a few days, the lower abdomen and pubic region will feel softer and less tender.
  6. If there is no improvement, it may pay to visit a massage practitioner or share this experience with female friends.

A pelvic massage takes 5 - 30 minutes

Period pain is seen as a congestion of the body tissues caused by a lack of exercise and malnutrition, and massage helps on many levels. Typically with heavy periods, touch along the pubic bone will be tender. This area contains many acupuncture points and the soreness and is an indication of distress within the body.  Also the breasts can be massaged if tender.

Regular massage helps to free up the circulation of fluids and the energy about to be released. Often the area along and around the pubis can be very tender or even sore to touch, and this soreness is an indication that all is not well. While regular massaging of this area often restores the balance and relieves the unpleasant symptoms, research indicates that most women would rather suffer excruciating pain than use this natural and totally free self care option.


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