Massage Fun

Getting more than I expected

Hello again, I've already shared with you my search for the perfect massage and since I've been married, I've broadened my horizons and opened myself to some interesting experiences. But first I should tell you that even though I'm married, work often keeps us apart and he is happy for me to indulge in such physical pleasures.

We'd only been back from the honeymoon for two weeks when we went to a party and I got talking about massage with the lady of the house who said her husband had magic hands and enjoyed treating family and friends. We weren't exactly friends, but he was friendly enough and after my new hubby agreed, we scheduled a time for me to try out one of his massages.

I arrived on time but the wife and I got talking over what was a fairly strong drink. So when I went through to the massage room I was a little tipsy and I'd already established with her that it was safe to take all my clothes off. So here I was, a little drunk and naked on this guys massage table.

I had my face in the hole and for a few minutes husband-and-wife chatted as he spread oil over my back and bum. He was clearly not professional but his touch was nice. He did some really nice stuff up around my neck and shoulders and I could see his legs but that was all. Then she was gone and after a while he carried on down to my bum and I got something of a shock when his fingers slid down through my crack. I told him he was naughty and he assured me that I'd like it but he moved his hands away for a while.

We got chatting about massages that he'd had and I told him about some of the things that I liked then his wife returned to ask if I wanted another drink. I said "maybe" and they talked about the niceness of my body which I hardly ever thought about and then mostly they were exchanging a few jokes and laughing. I didn't say much, it's not easy talking face down on a massage table.

Then they were both massaging me and I think they kind of had turns sliding their fingers through my crack and around my pussy which I must admit felt so damn good I wasn't going to complain. Because my husband and I didn't get that much opportunity for sex, I was feeling pretty hot. Then she was gone again and he was just massaging my legs but occasionally he went a little to high on the insides of my thighs and once I said something as a caution and he leaned over me. I can't quite remember what he said but I lifted my hand up to whack him playfully where I thought his backside should be and I realised that he was as naked as I was.

I was so surprised I actually lifted my head and confirmed what I felt, but he laughed and assured me that it was the best way to be massaged. Then I realised that some of those extra points of contact I was feeling were his hips or thighs touching against my legs or my arms. I felt ever so naughty but I put my head down and let him get on with it and all too soon it was time for me to turn over and I took some of the drink there for me.

He was quite a big guy in terms of being overweight, but he was an excellent flirt and he kept me fairly well at ease with his banter as I was enjoyed his touch. His hands seemed to know their way around my body and then while he was doing my feet his wife came in equally naked but she went to my head and gave me a really nice head and face massage that was so nice I scarcely noticed that he had moved up my legs and occasionally his fingers were brushing over my pussy.

I tell you it was heavenly and then she was massaging my boobs and my hand strayed to his cock. We all laughed and they joked that I wanted it and then it happened. They helped me off the table onto a bed, she sat on my face and he fucked me. I felt surprisingly good after that and not at all guilty that I was cheating on my husband if it was cheating?

It so happened that I'd patiently listened to a girlfriend unburden herself of all her life dramas so I told her what had happened. Like she'd been cheating with four different guys and I found myself in the role of her unpaid counsellor so with my help, she untangled herself and saved her relationship. So a few days afterwards I told her about my very decadent massage and she was unbelievably horrid.

She called me a slut and an unfaithful cow, but she also threatened to tell my husband which blew me away after all the help I'd given her. I told her that if she ratted on me, I'd do the same to her and it made our friendship turned really sour. I completely lost trust her so I told my husband expecting the worst, but he was tolerant and understanding. At the time we talked about it, we were both in a rush in different directions that when we got together a couple of days later he wanted to know all the details and we had the best sex since our honeymoon.


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