Massage Power

An old remedy for modern times

tmasssThere is no doubt that massage is perhaps the oldest healing art because we have known for many centuries that just a little rubbing ouch go away. But it's not just humans, most animals enjoy being stroked and rubbed, primarily because it makes them feel good.

In today's modern world what we feel is shaped by external forces, and much money we have, how good we look and who our friends are. In the old world he felt good because you were powered the right food, from keeping enjoyable company and living a life that had some sense of purpose.

In this age of individualism, relationships tend to be superficial and our happiness is dependent on external things like other people's behaviour and money or what it can buy. Humanity has lost the plot in many ways but significantly we are destroying the Earth home and in order to sustain our current level of technological comfort, we'll soon need another planet.

Humanity has lost touch with some very fundamental aspects of reality and we are living an abstract life that is disconnected which is one of the reasons why we are suffering so much. We know that with modern diseases like Parkinson's nutrition and exercise can alleviate the symptoms and enable afflicted people to live more comfortably.

People who are depressed, if they engage in vigorous activity, the sense of well-being improves because the body is the ground or the vehicle of our worldly experience. But because we live in such an abstract world we identify ourselves as being the physical body and the mind.

But in reality we as human beings are neither the body nor the mind, we are in fact a spiritual being but our body and mind are the tools that we have to interact with the world. But our minds and bodies as tools or as pieces of technology are exceedingly complex. As much is what we think and believe can affect the health and well-being of the body, the health status of the body also affects the mind.

But it is the combined health status or sense of well-being in both body and mind that determines our overall well-being. Essentially, we are spiritual beings, but our bodies and minds are just tools even though the three aspects are deeply entwined.

Massage as a healing art

At a very basic level massage helps to soften and relax the musculature, and improve circulation. As the body relaxes, the mind also relaxes witches in one hand a demonstration of the symbiosis of body and mind, but on the other hand it simply reinforces peoples idea that they or their identity is the body of the fact that they can feel or perceive what is happening during the process of massage.

Therapeutic massage is often experienced as a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. The discomfort comes from the pressure into distressed muscles, but the pleasure comes from those softer strokes that somehow seem to also interact with the mind.

But as the musculature relaxes and the mind begins to feel at ease, the perception of oneself and change. For those versed in meditation, the sense of euphoria is a whole body/mind experience whereas those without any spiritual awareness have difficulty letting go and the mind begins prompting them to do something with that sense of pleasure.

In other words some people are capable of experiencing a complete full body massage from an introspective point of view or they are simply appreciative. But others because they objectify their bodies may become sexually aroused or fearful of becoming sexually aroused and feel compelled to react.

As a result of this, the art of massage has become somewhat distorted and governed by political correctness. Because the majority of people don't have adequate self-control, they must be swathed in towels and the therapists must take care not to treat too close to the pelvic area and most avoid touching a woman's breasts even though massage is one of the best preventative methods against breast cancer.

In many ways the modern therapeutic massage has been restricted and made to be less effective than what it could be. This in part is because a good massage reduces the need for medications and in some cases it can also reduce the need for surgeries and other medical interventions which are hurting the pocket of big Pharma.

The diagnosis is not based on the disease or ailment that one has but on how each individual’s system is constructed. The diagnosis is not about the ailment – it is always about the individual. The treatment is according to how this particular body and human mechanism functions, and how it is arranged within itself – not based on the symptoms of a certain ailment.

In other words, in Eastern systems, the treatment is never symptomatic, whereas the allopathic system is 100% about symptomatic treatment. If five of you have the same symptoms, all five of you will be given the same medicine. But in Siddha and Ayurveda, if five of you have the same symptoms, you will be given different types of medicine because the medication is for your particular system, not for the ailment.

Massage works by

  • Improving muscle tone.
  • Improving circulation and the removal of waste products from the body.
  • Balancing the overall metabolism of the body.
  • It can also be used to treat digestive and reproductive problems.
  • The gliding strokes over the skin stimulate the body's bioelectrical field and stimulate the immune system.

Performed well, massage not only improves physical well-being, but it also improves spiritual well-being or the individual being massaged is able to accept the treatment without reaction.

People react in many different ways

  • If they are ticklish, they may giggle or laugh.
  • If they are compulsive, they may feel a need to keep on talking instead of relaxing.
  • If they don't know how to handle their sense perception, they can mistake therapeutic touch for sexual touch and this is an area where a great many people are confused.
  • Some people will go to sleep.
  • Others will simply relax and soak up the experience.

People who are not aware of themselves as spiritual beings are generally compulsive. In other words they are addicted to certain behaviours and it is their attitudes that makes them unwell in the first place because some 70% of all disease is self-created.

The full body massage

As human beings, we are the sum total of all our parts mind, body and spirit. While many people exist only as body and mind, the massage therapist who also perhaps does yoga or meditates has an awareness of the spiritual dimension. With a full body massage, there is no dis-ease that cannot be positively affected. With a good massage, Parkinson's disease patient may experience several days freedom from the trembling and even people with degenerative nerve disease like Multiple Sclerosis may experience a new lease on life.

Such a therapist can deliver a full body massage were it not for the constraints of the rules of political correctness and the compulsiveness of clients. But where the therapist and the client are comfortable with themselves as conscious human beings, there is no constraint with the massage.

In other words, the entirety of the client's body and be treated as dramatically to the extent that the genitals may also be included. The client may experience some arousal but does not react although they may not be to control or prevent their body reacting.

Seems a strange irony that spiritually aware people can have their genitals massaged without making demands on the therapist whereas so many therapists experience that even with the most politically correct approaches to massage, their clients continually hit on them.

The whole body (holistic)

Massage master at work, click image for details

Massage master at work

In reflexology it is well-known that massage to parts of the feet affects different body parts, but when the entire body is massaged the overall effect is more profound in terms of healing the body and balancing the body mind equation.

This creates an experience similar to what can be achieved through meditation and other spiritual practices. So the full body massage moves from being a physical and mental experience which means that the healing effect is much greater.

As with people who exercise to treat symptoms of disease, the more complete the exercise is in using the entirety of their body, the greater effect of massage is achieved through massaging the entirety of the body.

What limits people as their compulsive attitudes and behaviours which arise from false beliefs. People believe that their sexual parts are dirty or sinful, but as long as these parts are touched in accordance with prescribed rules by a prescribed person then that's okay.

Yet the compulsive person where their tenancies are sexual have a tremendous desire which of course led to the invention of the famous 'rub and tug' massage. Please note that it is not only men go for the service, women are flocking to it as well.

The compulsive behaviours come about from false beliefs and false ideologies. These beliefs and behaviours are compounded by unhealthy attitudes toward one's own body and the bodies of others. But this compulsivity is also what is separating us from each other in a social sense and driving life on earth toward extinction.

If we can think of the body as a vehicle, going for a massage is like taking your car to be serviced. Now if you took your car to be serviced and cleaned, but let's say the service people deliberately left one part of the vehicle untouched, you'd probably be annoyed.

But if you went for a massage and for some reason you felt aroused, you might also be annoyed and blame the therapist. And if the therapist accidentally brushed their hand against the towel covering your groin you might also be annoyed and even complain of sexual assault? Actually, in that instance about 90% of men may well start to imagine sex with the therapist.

Humanity is so fucked up, those who are spiritual can't get a decent massage because all those who are not particularly spiritual have devised a politically correct world where truth and reality are distorted so that they can survive their mundane existence and feel superior to everyone else.

It's about time that everyone learned to be more responsible, to accept that in this life, it's a matter of either what you see is what you get and that suffering is inevitable, or we wake up.


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