Sexy and sometimes downright funny

After some forty years of massaging it seems as if there is nothing left about people to surprise me. When the clothes come off, they are either shy, frightened or somehow emboldened, especially if some mind altering substance such as alcohol or other drug has been consumed prior to their arrival or an appointment.

On the other hand they may have been reading their favourite romance novel or watching porn and have formed certain ideas of what massage is all about and what they really desire.

When I consider all the things that have happened to me I can only conclude that we are rather strange or weird from a morally righteous position but take away the sense of morality and open the stage to human interaction, life becomes more about having some sexy fun and opening new doorways, windows or even dimensions in perception while enjoying the uniqueness of having this amazing body.

In this section are stories from different people about the sexy things that can happen during a massage forming what can be termed massage erotica. These pages are also about how masseuses and masseurs deal with different clients and how clients respond mostly to being relaxed.

These pages are supplemental to our two guides on how to massage, on a bed, on a table in addition to our numerous pages on the things that massage is good for and how it treats various diseases.

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