Medical Systems

The background of medical systems

medicIt's impossible to prevent all suffering and there are two sides to the problem. About 70% of all suffering including all our health problems begins within our own minds. The remaining 30% are caused by biological factors, pathogens and injuries that have always plagued our existence.

Because it was recognised by our distant ancestors that joy, a state of good health and abundance was our natural and preferred state of existence, they discovered what the world around them contained to help relieve suffering.

The knowledge acquired in times of peace helped to cure a great many diseases and there are different periods in history when the most complex of surgeries were performed. We know this because of the descriptions and tools discovered in the archaeological remains of long lost civilisations.

At our current level of evolution, we have cured most diseases except the blight of humanity and its impact on the earth and our own health. But as much as modern medicine is helping to relieve our suffering, we keep on creating more suffering fore beliefs and profits. In medicine we have arrived at a point where we have choices:

Conventional allopathic medicine

The medical systems as practised by medical doctors (M.D) including doctors of osteopathy, surgeons, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals are referred to as "mainstream", "modern" or "scientific" medicine. This collection of medical systems is less then 200 years old yet it has become so well-established to the point that it argues that it is the only valid system of medicine; and unfortunately this system is backed up by many governments.

However, as a medical system it is far from perfect and many argue that it is still experimental. It is also a system that has been corrupted to the extent that modern medical misadventure is the fourth highest cause of death in the USA after old age, heart disease and cancers.

While the heart of this system is genuinely altruistic and a great deal of good as happened in terms of surgery, the political and commercial aspects have led to profiteering at the expense of countless lives.

Complementary medical systems

These are healing systems that have evolved over time in different cultures and parts of the world and are sometimes known as CAM therapies. These diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products are not considered as part of or to have any value within conventional medicine even though they have been developed over countless generations and served to relieve the suffering of humanity until modern times.

Cam therapies include Ayurveda, complementary medicines, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, massage and many others.  Today in 2015, at least one third of the worlds population relies on these natural medical systems for their health and well-being.

Alternative medicine

The term alternative medicine is a preferred description for healing systems that are used in place of modern conventional medicine. However Ayurveda which is a whole medical system in its own right with a good track record over the past 6000 years, is seen as alternetive by modern medicine.

Some of the differences between medical systems

The modern medical system is about controlling nature and it does not recognise anything which cannot be dissected, quantified and manipulated. Within the modern medical symbol of the staff and one snake called around it, this stands in stark contrast to the complimentary medical symbol of the staff with two snakes entwined.

To the casual observer this seems insignificant, however in a metaphysical sense the shaft represents the divine principle and two snakes represent the masculine and feminine elements that is used by most cam therapies. The modern medical symbol only contains the divine and masculine aspects without the female.

Few people ever give thought to this fact and perhaps it is part of why modern medicine in some of its aspects seems so inhumane as it treats people like commodities and things to be fixed.

Conversely cam therapies see people as whole beings and the idea is to restore the balance within them and the healing process will be natural and organic.

There is much discussion and regulation as to what methods are allowed to be used to teat both human and animal illness. Yet it is through a that our culture seems to have forgotten that modern medicine is a relatively recent, commercial phenomena, it is a medicine born in the chemical laboratories of the Western world.

There is much discussion and regulation as to what methods are allowed to be used to teat both human and animal illness. Yet it is through a societal collapse of memory that our culture seems to have forgotten that modern medicine is a relatively recent, commercial phenomena, it is a medicine born in the chemical laboratories of the Western world.

What is now labelled 'alternative medicine' in the media, is:

The healing by use of foods, herbs, water, fasting, prayer and other methods, as have been successfully practised by healers for many thousands of years and still remain the principal form of healing in many parts of the world. These healing practices have grown out of the rich traditions in countries like China, India, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Japan, Africa, the Pacific isles, North and South America. Were it not for this so called 'alternative medicine,' the human race probably would not have survived to this point in time.

These 'time tested' traditional methods such as herbs, minerals, massage, acupuncture and others which have been used throughout human history have almost been prohibited or restricted in many societies as the modern medical / drug companies developed new treatments for various symptoms, and they are supported by new measurable, quantifiable sciences and the political dollar. Of course the drug company formula's are based on the naturally occurring substances found in nature, in the plants and soils.

Some conventional medical practitioners also practice CAM

The bottom line with all the cam therapies is that they work and when that good doctors see that they are working, they cannot dismiss what they see before their eyes even though science cannot quantify what they see.

However modern Science is developing the ability to qualify old natural treatments and with this scientific validation, governments are now beginning to support natural treatments. It is also fortuitous that the medical providers, hospitals and other medical facilities are finding that many old remedies are not only more effective at relieving symptoms, they are much less expensive thereby reducing costs.

Humanity is now at a time in it's evolution where the nature of disease is now becoming more fully understood, and the understanding is more in the natural health arena. Modern medicine with it's surgeries and techniques is very important and the exciting trend beginning to happen now is an increased communication and co-operation between old and new forms medicine.


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