Meet the Romans

Playboys get themselves an empire

With her ability to read between the lines and sense of realism, Mary Beard makes history interesting. She describes the legend of Romulus and Remus and its relevance to the development Rome, a city and state founded on bloodshed. Perhaps in no other time has human brutality ever been eclipsed yet the model of governance espoused by Augustus rules the world today.

Mary describes Rome as a city that takes what it wants and gives very little in return although in the modern era we tend to think that we got our language from Latin, good roads and an education system. But the Romans had no altruistic ideas, medicine was developed to serve the army and keep the troops functioning, education was designed to elevate the idea of Rome and the Empire.

The rulers and their friends lived in the lap of luxury but suffered greatly and of course the Empire was not to last. In fact it is one of the shorter lived empires that ever existed yet the Roman ideas persist in the modern world largely because people are so disconnected with the truth of life which was prevalent in India, a civilisation that has existed for thousands of years.

Anyone with an interest in history must watch these videos and note carefully the words of Mary Beard because she describes a great folly and an addiction to temporary pleasure that grips the modern world. From these videos and many other historical studies it can easily be seen that violent means cannot be used to create a sustainable civilisation. While Romanised European ideas still dominate the world, the cycle of violence continues and the cycles of greed and destruction threaten all life on earth.

The Romans adopted the ideas of those they conquered yet it seems unlikely that they knew where those ideas originated. The existence of sewerage systems and public baths existed in Harappa thousands of years before Rome came into being, but like all the knowledge that gave rise to Western technology, it came from India.

Rome represents the idea that the world can be controlled and manipulated for personal pleasure and the strongest or perhaps we should save the smartest and most manipulative rules. This is the example of Adharma in action, pain and suffering begets pain and suffering then finally extinction.

In contrast the Hindu idea of Dharma embodies peacefulness, understanding and cooperation which creates a lasting civilisation.

Images from Youtube and Mary's other series, Rome: Empire Without Limit is also on Youtube.


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