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Mental illnesses

Afflictions in Consciousness

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There is a lack of clarity as to what constitutes a mental illness, what causes mental illness and the path to recovery.  Similarly there is no clear understanding of what constitutes a healthy mind so when it comes to looking at mental illness, most of it is purely guesswork.

At the end of the day mental health is a matter of opinion because everyone is conflicted by their ideas and beliefs. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung came up with the idea of psychology and psychoanalysis, yet their understanding of the function of mind was derived by studying chronically ill people many of whom are resided in psychiatric institutions.

No one has ever attempted to develop any psychological understanding by studying completely healthy minds.

When we look at the world, we can see that there is a predominant mentality sponsoring war and aggression. We can see there is another mentality looking for peace and harmony. But every individual's mind is unique, but most people find common ground in their need for survival, so minds collude for mutual advantage which is divisive to humanity and divisive in nature.

We tend to look at mind in terms of an ability to think, an ability to reason, an ability to navigate through life and if we can do that without causing too much harm to one's self and others, then from a societal perspective such people are judged as being sane.

But what constitutes as sanity or insanity remains an opinion based on individual survival that may not have any relevance to actual reality.

If we look at the CEOs of the world's largest corporations and if we look at the leadership of every country, we can see there is a collective self survival mechanism playing out and the result of corporatisation and unjust governments is facilitating global warming, the war of terror and habitat loss on such a scale that not only are many species of plants, animals and insects becoming extinct, the way we are going all life on earth is approaching the verge of extinction.

We thank that as long as everyone fits into whatever shape of society that we live in without upsetting any applecart's that everyone is saying and mentally healthy. But this view is inherently flawed because it is a direct cause of suffering.

Politics are a reflection of mental health and almost all the political and social systems in the world are divisive and it is this divisiveness that fosters mental ill-health.

We live in a world where very few people know what is good mental health and yet the majority of people in the world believe they are in good mental health even though they suffer from stress, anxiety and other complexes that sometimes make them doubt their own sanity. But because everyone else is in the same boat they think it's normal.

Mental health cannot be described, it can only be experienced. Mental illness is a condition of separation or isolation whereas mental health is a condition of total inclusion. So the majority of the human population on this planet lives within their boundaries and behind their walls whereas freedom requires no walls.

Religions have taught that life is suffering and the mass of humanity have accepted that because few people have offered anything better. A life of suffering has its moments of pleasure, joy and even bliss, but such states of happiness are generally short lived and life becomes a consequence of God's will because people have not learned how to be responsible.

Self response ability is the key to mental health and in order to attain to a state of mental health one needs to know one's own mind. But most people identify themselves as the body while others identify themselves as a mind. But most people forget that the body is simply a vehicle and the mind is a supercomputer.

Like the smart phones of today most users have only learned to use a small part of their minds and because people do not know and have control over their mind, their minds run their life whereas healthy people say that the mind is simply a computer that can be used to facilitate life.

If you happen to think that you have a healthy mind, this is probably because you are not overly attached to anyone viewpoint and have a degree of flexibility. This is actually a good starting point but if you don't have any beliefs or disbelief's then you are a step closer to a healthy mind.

But the real work towards establishing optimal health of mind and body happens by turning inwards, by becoming still, by meditating and getting to know how your mind works.

By spending time being still which is what is generally referred to as meditation, one arrives at the point of self realisation and point of view that all life is inclusive. It is only from this perspective that we can as individuals live a more harmonious life with ourselves, with each other and with nature, but it is from this perspective that we can stop the degradation of our planet and find real health.


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