Milk and Osteoporosis

We are what we eat

PH02009JRussell Eaton offered controversy in his book Organic Milk Myth: Why Organic and UHT Milk are Much Worse for Health Than Regular Milk.

However in his latest book "Beat Osteoporosis Now" (only available from Amazon for kindle), author Russell Eaton says: 'Dairy milk does increase bone density, but this comes at a terrible price."

In an earlier book, "The Milk Imperative" (only available from Amazon), Russell broke new ground by revealing exactly how dairy milk causes osteoporosis. We know that dairy milk provides calcium, yet the latest research shows that osteoporosis and dairy milk consumption go hand in hand. In The Milk Imperative this paradox is at last resolved - the answer will shock you! By understanding how dairy milk is so harmful you will never want to consume dairy milk again.

Within the natural health industry, dairy milk is singled out as the biggest dietary cause of osteoporosis because it depletes bone-making cells in the body more so than any other food. The latest research shows that far from protecting bones, milk actually increases the risk of osteoporosis by eroding bone-making cells. Also, people with osteoporosis have a much higher incidence of heart disease and cancers, and evidence is pointing at milk as the common factor.

Russell explains in some detail that although milk may help make bones stronger in the short term, over the long term it erodes bone-making cells and increases the risk of osteoporosis and there are other studies; for example in a 12-year Harvard study of 78,000 women, those who drank milk three times a day actually broke more bones than women who rarely drank milk. Similarly, a 1994 study in Sydney, Australia, showed that higher dairy product consumption was associated with increased fracture risk: those with the highest dairy consumption had double the risk of hip fracture compared to those with the lowest consumption.

It had been thought that prostate cancer was caused by harmful fats in the diet, but this may not be so. Calcium and phosphorus in milk serve to feed nanobacteria, causing calcification and cancer.

It seems that harmful calcification, caused by nanobacteria in the body lies at the root of many diseases such as arthritis, kidney stones, heart disease and strokes. These microscopic organisms absorb calcium and phosphorus from the bloodstream and then secrete calcium phosphate to cause calcification which we know as arthritis. In the book The Milk Imperative the author shows how dairy milk feeds nanobacteria, thus causing many serious diseases.

If you are concerned, give up dairy products and switch to non-dairy milks such as soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, and other plant-based milks.

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