Mistaken Identity

An American drama circa 1930s

After a week-long retreat in the mountains celebrating the publication of his sixth and what looked like being his most successful novel, Mike's car broke down and he was forced to walk back to civilisation. The first and only house for many more miles was a luxurious mansion, so he walked up the long driveway and knocked on the door.

It was opened by a rather eccentric and attractive middle-aged woman wearing a low-cut gown that nicely displayed her body. Before he had time to explain himself she asked if he was the new gardener. He tried to say no, explain that his car had broken down and ask to use a telephone but the woman never stopped talking.

She talked incessantly about the difficulty of getting staff, the work that needed done and she even asked several direct questions about his knowledge of gardening. His answers pleased her, but when he tried to interject and ask to use the telephone, she resumed talking and within a minute or so he found himself inside the grand hallway.

Mike realised he was in the presence of a rather eccentric woman and he seemed to have no choice except to play along which became more interesting when a very pretty young woman came in.  The lady admonished her for not dressing properly in the house because she was wet from swimming and wearing the skimpiest of garments that would come to be called a bikini in 1946.

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The lady introduced Mike as the new gardener even though he wasn't then she realised she didn't know his name and asked. As soon as Mike had said his name, the lady resumed her constant verbiage and the young woman after giving him a very sweet smile and saying hello ran off. Several times Mike tried to explain himself, but the lady was not listening. She led him through to what seemed like servants quarters where he was introduced to Rosie, a housekeeper. He saw her as a pleasant and sexy young woman wearing a maids costume that showed her body in good light.

Mike found himself almost dragged along to arrive at a rather pleasant and functional room that he was told would be his and a glance told him that the previous gardener had resided there. The lady continued to prattle on about the garden and what was expected of him as she led outside.

The young woman reappeared this time wearing an almost sheer brightly coloured dress that revealed she wasn't wearing a stitch underneath. The lady reintroduced Lucy as her granddaughter and commended her for being better dressed though Mike thought she must be blind and he wondered what the mother may look like.

As they wandered around the garden he was asked many questions and having considerable horticultural knowledge and some skills, he replied with the words that the lady wanted to hear, she listened and approved but if he tried to say anything else regarding his situation, she instantly cut him off.

On a few occasions Lucy asked her grandmother if she thought that Mike was good looking and handsome. Grandmother agreed he was and several times she stated how nice it was to have a strong good-looking man about the house. As they drifted back toward the house the lady outlined a list of things she wanted to happen in the garden and Lucy hovered close exuding her teenage sweetness all over him.

Mike found it very hard to ignore her charm but as they re-entered the house Lucy slipped away and the lady introduced Mike to Lynn, the senior housekeeper and again not giving him time to speak. Lynn was a pleasant and capable woman in her early 30s similarly dressed to Rosie and by this time Mike saw little point in trying to protest that he was not a gardener as he couldn't get a word in edgewise.

The lady asked Lynn to show Mike the lay of the house and where to find his tools. Mike was finally able to learn that he had been speaking with Jane Graham whose husband Stanley worked in the city. As well as Jane and Lucy, Jane's daughter Barbara lived there with her part-time husband Stephen.

Mike was a rather good-looking man and he sensed that Lynn was almost a little nervous around him, an effect he often had on women. They walked back to the house and Mike took his time looking through his room although he didn't bother to unpack the bag he'd carried. Now Mike had some time to take stock of his situation and the idea that this household may provide him with material to write another book, something that he'd been contemplating these past weeks but as yet not made any decision.

More by chance he found his way through to the kitchen where Lynn and Rosie were beginning to prepare dinner. They made him feel welcome and Rosie offered to make him some coffee but he settled for a glass of water and went out to contemplate some of the work he had been asked to do. After walking to the tool-shed and selecting a hoe in contemplation of attacking a few weeds that he'd noticed, Lucy reappeared, posed provocatively and told him he looked like a very nice gardener.

He saw her as temptation with a capital T and managed to resist her solicitations, even after she lifted her dress to reveal the detail of a small heart shape that her pubes had been reduced to. He'd already seen that through her dress and as much as it seemed wrong, he enjoyed flirting with her as he set to work.

As much as Lucy was a flirt, she had an innocent manner as she posed, exposed her body and asked his opinions. But they also talked about other things including his previous employment. That was easy enough, Mike told her a rather factual story of a garden he helped create but changed the place name slightly.

The time passed pleasantly but suddenly Lucy who by this time had removed her dress picked up her garment, said that it was almost dinnertime and dashed away into the trees. Moments later Rosie appeared, she looked approvingly at what he'd done and told him that he'd done enough for one day and to join them in the kitchen for dinner.

After piling the weeds and putting away his hoe, Mike found the bathroom where he took a shower and put on some more comfortable clothes. Rose and Lynn had served dinner to the family and he joined them to eat. The conversation was amicable and aside from repeating the story he'd told to Lucy and enquiring about his fellow staff, he was amazed by some of the household gossip.

They'd just finished eating when Barbara came in. Lynn introduced her to Mike who stood to shake her hand but they all noticed Barbara catch her breath momentarily before she accepted his greeting. The moment was brief with her scarcely more than acknowledging him although had she lingered, his eyes may have been drawn to the silhouette of her generous bust protruding through the thin film of her top.

After she'd delivered her requests to Lynn, she turned and left without another word but when she was out of earshot Rose told Mike that he'd better watch out as she had a reputation as being something of a man eater and they laughed. He would have liked to have sat with the women, but they had chores to do and Lynn directed him to a staff room where he could read or listen to the radio so he went off to investigate.

From somewhere in the distance he heard the sound of people and vehicles. He browsed through some books and sometime later Lynn and Rosie came in with their work completed. They were keen to loosen their clothing that he thought was rather immodest for house keeping staff and listen to Betty and Bob, so Mike excused himself and retired to his room. He read for an hour and soon after he'd turned off the lights, he was drifting off to sleep when a distinctly female body slipped into bed beside him.

He knew it was Lucy and initially he tried to discourage her and send her out, but what she was doing to him made that totally impossible and for the next couple of hours they both worked up a sweat. Afterwards he thought that Lucy's tongue seemed to be on automatic as she continuously whispered sweet nothings that he had no power to resist. Then as in the garden, she suddenly tensed and ran off.

Mike stretched, looked at the clock which showed 12:30 a.m. and then he was woken in the dawn by Rosie who bought him a cup of coffee. She was still wearing a nightdress and mildly apologetic for waking him so early but she wanted someone to talk to. Mike thought she looked lovely and as he had his early morning stiffy, he pulled her into bed and gave her what she described as a cementing of their friendship.

There was little sign of the family that day, and Lynn who'd seemed put out by the fact that Rosie was glowing with delight went looking for Mike and after a little flirtation invited him between her legs. Later the two women made him a very nice lunch and as he was eating was interrupted by Jane coming in to ask Mike how he was getting on.

Like yesterday, she was wearing a similar gown that showed more details of her body than many people considered decent and Mike could see where Barbara and Lucy had acquired their features. However Jane didn't seem interested in sex and he was relieved to talk gardening although she did most of the talking.

They were joined by Barbara who like her daughter hovered closer to Mike than necessary as she oosed her sensuality all over him although Jane seemed not to notice. Then Barbara dragged him away which seemed to leave Jane somewhat disappointed yet battily cheerful. Like her mother, Barbara talked too much as she asked Mike to drive her to a garden centre some 30 miles away where she bought up a whole heap of shrubs. He also had a few minutes to arrange for his car to be rescued and stored.

Throughout the adventure she posed and seemed to enjoy his occasional glances towards her breasts that revealed themselves on more than a few occasions as she moved. She was wearing a loose sleeveless top that plunged almost to her navel and several times Mike felt himself becoming uncomfortably aroused.

The plants were being delivered the next day and after driving back to the house, Barbara directed him to park in the garage. Then when they got out, she pulled herself against him exposed her breasts and told him that he was too good-looking to be a gardener and the moment evaporated as sounds like someone coming were heard.  That evening Rosie came to his room with a sad expression to convey the message that Barbara wanted his help to move a piece of furniture, they both knew what that meant.

Rosie led and pointed out the room before leaving him to his fate. Mike tentatively knocked on the door which was flung open and there stood Barbara wearing a very sexy transparent dress. She grabbed Mike by the hand, pulled him in, pushed the door closed and almost dragged him into an adjacent room. Then she pointed out several pieces of furniture suggesting she would like to alter their positions and asking what he thought.

He turned to face her unsure of how to respond to her flirty manner and in his moment of hesitation she jiggled her boobs which caught his attention and he asked if those were what really needed adjustment. She feigned innocence as she invitingly lifted her chest toward him and when his hands rose and hesitated as if unsure of how to begin the task, she grabbed them and pulled them firmly to her bust.  After five minutes of flirting to find some common ground Mike spent the night in her bed.

In the morning he woke with an awareness that not only did have tremendous hard on, but someone's lips and mouth were sending ripples of light through the entirety of his body. He wondered how Barbara had such capacity after the fucking that he'd given her last night. But as cognisance of his surroundings grew, he realised that Barbara was fast asleep and before he had time to respond, the more youthful but equally hungry pussy belonging to Lucy prevented him from speaking.

When Barbara stirred as though she may wake, Lucy dragged him from the bed and they fucked on the floor until there was a knock on the door. It was Lynn announcing from behind the door there was a visitor at what was an unusually early hour.

Mike didn't know what to do, he was grinding his way up inside Lucy who fortunately had the wherewithal to imitate Barbara's voice and say "ask them to wait, I'll be there in a few minutes". Then Lucy whispered "we'll have to finish this later," she slid out from under him and was gone.

In what turned out to be a good move Mike slid back into bed where he snuggled up behind Barbara and slid his cock up inside her. She murmured appreciably that it was nice and not to stop but he whispered back that morning had arrived and she had a visitor downstairs.

Barbara said "oh fuck, I forgot that Moyra was coming to take me shopping today." She extracted herself from Mike's administrations and regretfully said that he'd have to keep that one hot for her though she might be late home. Mike watched as Barbara climbed out of bed, walked naked to the door and opened it. He heard Jane say "good morning darling, you know you have to put some clothes on before breakfast."

Barbara replied that Moyra was waiting for her downstairs and would she entertain her until she got down. Without closing the door she turned back to Mike, mounted and rode him until she'd achieved her moment of pleasure although he could have gone on for much longer. Then she told him almost dismissively that he had better go back downstairs. He stood up and said "mean go back down like this" indicating his huge erect penis?

Barbara laughed and said "perhaps not" and she pulled a chord near the wall that bought Rosie into the room. She looked a little shocked and confused as Barbara said to Rosie "this man has a little problem, please help with that while I get dressed.

As Barbara turned to walk away Rosie almost threw herself into Mike's arms. He felt her heat and confusion and said "this is one crazy house and am glad that you are so sweet and understanding as it seems I have to do as I'm told here."

She said "I know, it always happens to the nicest men" but already her hand closed over his shaft. Moments later she knelt on the bed while Mike fucked her hard from behind. He was finally nearing completion when Barbara's hand grabbed his balls. But she fondled without interfering. As Rosie lay gasping in delight, Barbara held out several dresses and asking her opinion as to which one she should wear. Mike soon turned his attention to finding his clothes and he took the opportunity to slip away while the women talked clothes.

After a wash and a shave, he went to the kitchen where Lynn had a huge breakfast prepared for him and he was truly appreciative. She joked that he may not get to spend much time in the garden and Mike asked if those women were always like this. She said that at the moment they were relatively well-behaved and could be far worse. They were disturbed again by Barbara coming in dressed like a Hollywood wife, she took no notice of Mike as she told Rosie to a member some things needed for a party the following night and then she was gone.

After breakfast the truckload of plants arrived that Mike helped to unload and then distribute around the property. He found it refreshing to be away from the women as he recuperated. He'd discussed where everything was to be planted so he took off his shirt and got on with it.

He took a break for lunch and afterwards he was replacing some shrubs near the swimming pool thinking he was alone on the property when Lucy and another girl about the same age turned up and went skinny dipping. Mike took little notice and when he sensed that Lucy was coming his way he surreptitiously disappeared. In fact he went to the back of the property, took a nap and an hour later returned to his task, thankfully the girls had left.

With his work completed he retreated to the kitchen and the house seemed empty. So he made himself a cup of coffee and figuring there was no point doing any more work today he should take a shower. It was still just wearing his jeans when the doorbell rang so he figured he should probably answer.

He opened the door to a pretty woman with enormous boobs and very little to cover them. She said that she was here to pick up Katie but she almost drooled as she looked Mike up and down which made him cringe. He said that he didn't know her and when the woman described her a little he remembered that she was probably the girl she had seen in the pool earlier on. He said he didn't know where she was but as they were talking, the skinny girl with big boobs made her way downstairs to her mother's relief.

As soon as they'd gone Lucy came down wearing one of her little transparent dresses and in an indignant or pouty manner attempted to tell him off for disappearing on her this afternoon. He told her that her mother wanted the job done today so that he could help with something else tomorrow which she seemed to accept and immediately resumed her flirty manner.

He said that he had to take a shower and she followed him complaining about how unfortunate it was that they'd been interrupted that morning. He tried to resist, but a few minutes later they resumed where they left off except this time he banged her against the wall of the shower. He realised he was feeling tired as he emptied his load up inside her although she seemed very happy. He could hear the phone ringing and she dashed off to answer it leaving him to dry off and tidy the bathroom.

Lucy came back a minute later, through her arms around him and said "that's good news we can fuck about a bit longer if you like because we have the house to ourselves for another couple of hours." She said that her mum had called to say that She, Jane, Rosie and Lynn were eating in town and she was expected to make her own dinner. Mike walked through to his room with her tagging along like a playful puppy and by chance he happened to open a small drawer and on one of the shelves inside was a small packet of pills with the words 'rockhard' on the label. Lucy's attention was somewhere else so he swallowed one.  He dressed as she watched in amusement and with her still naked they went through to the kitchen where they found some food prepared in the fridge.

After reheating their meals, they ate together and had a slightly more normal conversation. Lucy had dropped out of school in favour of a home education although Mike thought that there wasn't much of that happening. But she certainly wasn't stupid even though she really didn't know a lot. She ate half of the meal before pulling out some ice cream that she dribbled over her breasts and laughed at the way her nipples enlarged. She was playing in a way that seemed almost innocent except for her occasional flirtations glances at Mike who was struggling to contain a fresh erection.

A little vocal play and innuendo soon became physical and for the next two hours he fucked her in almost every conceivable position until they were disturbed by the sound of a vehicle pulling up. Lucy fled upstairs as fast as her trembling legs could take her while Mike quickly cleared away any evidence and made himself as respectable as he could although he couldn't completely hide his erection.

He went and helped carry groceries in from the car and Jane who was rather tipsy with one of her breasts hanging out staggered up to Mike, grabbed his balls and said "my word, you're a very nice fellow" before making her way into the house. Rosie blushed and giggled while Lynn rolled her eyes as if in despair. With all the groceries inside, Mike put the car away and and thought of sleep, but he didn't get far.

As he returned the car keys to their place he saw that Jane had discarded her dress on the stairs and was wondering naked talking to the plants. She saw Mike and called him so he figured that he shouldn't be rude and replied ignoring the fact that she was naked. He was thankful when Lynn appeared at her side and addressing Jane in a more child like tone suggested that she get dressed because her husband may be home soon. Lynn whispered to Mike that this was quite common so he slipped away and so he could get a good nights sleep, he took a pillow and retreated to the toolshed where he made a rudimentary bed and slept well.

Mike woke refreshed and as he made his way over to the house he met Lynn who was pleased to see him but not demanding as they exchanged a few words about his situation and the fate of previous gardeners. Then there was the event planned for the evening and Lynn advised Mike he would be expected to help out in the house and on Barbara's instructions he would need to be careful who let into his pants.

He was conscientious enough to water the plants he'd put in the ground yesterday before taking a shower and going to the kitchen for breakfast. Rosie and Lynn were clearly looking out for him as his breakfast was substantial and the conversation jolly. He'd almost finished eating when Barbara came in with the guest list and another long list of things to do in preparation for the evening. But it seemed that Rosie and Lynn would be doing preparation and supervising as some more staff were expected to help out during the evening and Mike was expected to act as a butler.

Before long he found himself helping to set up decorations and prepare the rooms for the 30 or so guests who were expected including Barbara's and Jane's husbands. There were deliveries, he found space to watch Lucy and a few other kids her age playing almost naked around the pool and she seemed to have them twisted around her little finger. Barbara and Jane flitted about the house like wraiths in their filmy gowns supervising and sometimes changing their minds about flower arrangements and so forth.

Later in the morning Barbara dragged Mike aside and despite his initial reluctance, they'd just began having sex when Jane came in. Mike felt unsure but Barbara saw to it that he didn't stop as she talked to her mother who after a few seconds into the conversation realised what was going on. But instead of leaving she came over and rubbed her hands over Mike's body complimenting Barbara on her husband's improved physique.

The two woman talked as Mike continued servicing Barbara, but frustrated by the strangeness of his situation he figured Barbara needed a lesson so he changed his angle, depth and speed which made her come unexpectedly a minute later. Even Jane noticed her moment of delight evident in her daughter and congratulated Mike for doing such a good job but addressing him as Stephen. Recovering herself, Barbara remembered she had a suit for him to wear that evening and without dressing, she led him through several rooms to where she opened a wardrobe and had him try on several suits before selecting one she approved of.

There was a call for Barbara from downstairs and he was left to retrieve his clothes. As he was doing so, Lucy came in and rubbed herself all over him. But he was having none of her and she accepted his excuse then he joined the women in the kitchen for some breakfast. All the talk was of party preparation and presently another couple of nice looking young women arrived to help out.

While the kitchen staff were busy and the women of the house distracted somewhere, Mike retreated to his room for a nap. He appreciated that he'd had his 40 winks before Lucy joined him. She said that her mother was having a rest and he enjoyed servicing this sweet young woman. As the heat of the moment was dissipating, the sound of vehicles and a call for Mike reminded them of life in the big house. The remainder of the day vanished in a flurry of activity and then guests began arriving.

The husbands of Jane and Barbara had dutifully arrived although they both seemed rather drunk but then so were some of the guests. It was Mike's job to open the door, park cars as needed and generally help out.

Unbeknown to Mike, some friends he knew were on the guest list and they were very surprised to see each other. Mike quickly pushed them back outside, explained himself and asked them not to let on because he was researching for a new book. So the party got underway and Mike tried to keep his distance although many of the female guests gave him a strong come on.

When all the guests had arrived, Mike thought his job was mostly done. He went by the kitchen which was a hive of activity and he was given a couple of easy tasks to perform which he didn't mind and then the other staff were busy serving dinner. The noise of music, conversation and laughter rang through the house. Rosie pulled him aside for a quiet chat and a cuddle but they were disturbed by one of the girls who'd got lost looking for something. Their sweet interlude broken, Rosie helped a girl find something and Mike thought to retreat to his room.

But the man of the house, Jane's husband Stanley for some reason came into the kitchen and struck up a conversation with Mike thinking he was one of his guests. Like his wife, he talked far too much and Mike answered questions apparently to his satisfaction which took them back out into the hallway.

The conversation had turned to golf and Mike was giving his opinion of one club they were both familiar with when the titsie blonde who he'd met a day or so ago chanced to come out.  Stanley gazed more at her minimally covered chest and became lost for words but she was quick to say "hello Mike" and change the conversation in a way that Stanley seemed to enjoy. The conversation became gossipy and after glancing around to ensure they were alone, Stanley complimented the women on her bust. She seemed delighted by the attention and momentarily exposed and jiggled them as she exclaimed that they were a product of her good genetics.

Another guy came out apparently looking for his woman and Stanley introduced him to Mike who wanted to quietly disappear, but he was dragged into the party. For a couple of hours he became one of the guests and none of the household seemed the slightest bit surprised. Mike's wide knowledge and good manners almost made him the focal point of the party for a while but far too much of the conversation was simply gracious innuendo for his taste.

There came a point where he had to extract himself for a bathroom break and he was followed by Barbara and a girlfriend she soon introduced as Candice. While she looked attractive, Mike found her rather sweet and brainless but he seemed powerless to object as Barbara steered them away from the party to one of the spare bedrooms where she strongly hinted to Mike as to what he should be doing and left them to it.

The activity was delightful for both of them and they returned to the party to find that some of the guests had already left. Mike noticed Barbara's husband Stephen slipping away with the titsie blonde. He felt rather strange as Barbara was setting him up with someone else, she was skinny with small boobs and a high-pitched voice that he found off-putting. But as they stood close as if in their own bubble Barbara had her hand inside his pants skilfully maintaining his erection and encouraging her friend to explore as well. As the hostess Barbara selected the moment to push them out to find a spare room. The first they opened revealed Stephen and the tipsy blonde enjoying each other. In the next room Lucy was entertaining two young men. When they found a spare room, the interaction was brief but very intense giving Mike a new respect for this woman who decided she wanted a second helping.

Mike put her in his favourite position and settled into giving her a good fucking. She was purring contentedly when another couple came in, hesitated and the woman said to him "I hope that you can give me some of that." They were both drunk and stumbled in struggling from their clothes but Mike never missed a beat. It took a while for the skinny women to realise who was in the room with them and then she did, she was delighted and they fell asleep from exhaustion although Mike who hadn't been drinking as much was first to wake in the early dawn and quietly made his way to his room.

As he carefully hung his borrowed suit, he realised that he wasn't alone and turning to his bed he recognised the face of one of the girls bought in to help out. She apologised for borrowing his bed without asking but he wasn't to be found anywhere last night and then Mike realised there were two girls in his bed inviting him to join them. He'd been having sex half the night and would have preferred to have slept, but the two sweet faces smiling up at him laid another tune in his mind.

He told them to give him a minute and after taking one of the pills he'd found and and taking a quick shower, he settled in and enjoyed the charms of the two sweet young woman, Maxine and Julia. All too soon the house was waking up, Mike and the girls were summoned, another two women arrived to help clean up, return the house to its pre-party state and serve endless cups of coffee and breakfast to the guests who'd slept over.

Mike did as Lynn asked and soon after midday the work was complete so Mike thought to escape and take a walk. He hadn't gone far when Rosie caught up with them and he enjoyed her company. They were both pleased to put some distance between themselves and the crazy house. Eventually they sat down and having discussed household affairs as well as many of Rosie's hopes and dreams, they fell to some restorative physical intimacy and the enjoyment of being naked in nature. In the afterglow Mike shared some of his story although Rosie didn't seem at all surprised that he wasn't really a gardener.

There came a point when she had to get back to help prepare the evening meal so they picked at their clothes and ambled slowly back stopping only to put their clothes on as they re-entered into the property. There was still a party of sorts going on around the pool but they gave it a wide berth and Mike spent a couple of hours working.

When he went to put away his tools, Mike disturbed Stanley and the titsie blonde from last night fucking in the garden shed. And on his way back to the house he encountered Sherry her daughter who said that she was looking for her mum. Mike said that he hadn't seen her and they chatted on their way back to the house where the girls went off somewhere and Mike retreated to his room where one of the girls had helped out yesterday was changing to help with the evening meal tonight.

They only had time for a brief and affectionate moment before she had to go and Mike lay back on his bed wondering how long he should draw out this experience and how much sex he could perform? Already he'd enough material for several books and he dozed off to be interrupted by Lynn telling him that he'd better come and eat.

After a meal he felt ready for anything and quite at home with the activity going on around him. Lynn, Rosie and the temporary girls flitted in and out carrying dishes, serving deserts and coffee. He had just finished eating when Barbara came in dressed to best display her assets and she said that she'd missed him today and would he come to her room later on. He thought of protesting but realised there was no point and then she was gone. He thought this was one crazy house and figured that he should take another one of the pills he had found.

He went to his room with the intention of going to the staff lounge so he left the door open. After taking one of the pills and putting another in his pocket for good measure Lucy appeared in the doorway with the story that Sherry had lost a piece of jewellery under some furniture and they needed some help to get out. He glanced and smiled at Lucy who was dressed a little like her mother and asked her if the women of this house ever dressed more conservatively.

She innocently explained that she liked to dress like a movie star and feel sexy but hated having to dress properly to go to the city and sometimes visit other people. Mike seemed to have no option so he followed her upstairs where after retrieving the pendant from the floor behind the dresser that he figured the girls could have gotten out by themselves, they virtually raped him and it took some effort to escape their clutches and join Barbara who he was concerned would be waiting expectantly.

Instead he found her arse up with her face buried in the muff of the titsie blonde, Sherry's mother. Barbara interrupted her licking and sucking long enough to invite him into the bed but he said "it looks like you having a nice time, you probably don't need me." But Barbara insisted and the two women broke off their ministrations to shower him with affection and drag him into their bed.

What followed was a night of erotic intimacy and Mike took his time pleasuring himself and the two women. When he woke between them next morning he couldn't quite decide if he had landed in heaven or hell because while the pleasure was amazing, he didn't exactly have free will. His contemplation was disturbed by the daughters looking for their mothers who slowly began to wake up.

Barbara grudgingly began to participate in a conversation with Lucy after she refused to leave the room, but the titsie blonde after waking turned her attention to Mike and became rather demanding and irresistible. So they fucked while on the other half of the bed the three other women chatted as if nothing else was going on.

But Mike had soon had enough and he expertly bought her to a climax, excused himself to use the bathroom, fled the scene and almost bumped into Lynn who was coming up with a tray of tea and coffee. Lynn told that Mike he was a sight for sore eyes but warned him that Stephen, Barbara's husband was storming about downstairs in a rather bad mood so he should watch out.

He said that he'd lost his clothes in Barbara's room so Lynn told him to wait in the spare room while she fetched his clothes. Lynn quickly bought his clothes, watched in amusement and as he dressed exchanged a little gossip. Half an hour later and having eaten, Mike was in the back of the property working out to restore his physique.

Unusually the woman of the house went out leaving Stephen and Stanley home alone and they took the opportunity to seduce Lynn and Rosie so Mike enjoyed some free time pottering in the garden and taking a dip in the pond.  He was fit, young and had lots of stamina and thought he could last for year but he was concerned that sex with four or five different women every day might soon wear him out. But that evening he slept alone and undisturbed. The following morning the house emptied out as Stanley and Stephen returned to work in the city, Jane, Barbara and Lucy went visiting upcountry and Lynn took some planned time off leaving Rosie and Mike to keep house.

Undisturbed for almost a week, they lived together as husband and wife enjoying getting to know each other although they knew the opportunity was too good to last. Jane and Lucy returned and on the first night back, Lucy forced herself on Mike. Initially he resisted but Rosie who was aware of what was going on suggested that he really should indulge her so he did.

For Lucy, sex was something of a game to be played and once satisfied she would be content to go off and do something by himself for a while. Jane seemed not to notice but Mike thought she must have known what was going on. But Lucy also had tutors coming to the house who everyone knew she was entertaining between her legs.

There were visitors to the house but Mike had little to do with most of them. The time he was spending with Rosie was further cut short by Barbara's return. The work in the gardens rarely took more than three or four hours every day so Mike kept himself fit and he'd noticed that the pills he had been taking and were now in short supply but seemed to be increasing the size of his manhood.

There was one evening where Barbara organised a movie party. Mike had to help the man set up a projector and screen in the big living room, then that evening an unusually disproportionate number of young men compared to women arrived. Mike was listening to the radio in the staff room but sometimes the sounds of orgasmic partying reached his ears. He was thinking about trying to sleep when Rosie came in looking rather dishevelled and she informed him that they were watching pornographic movies and having an orgie, but because the women were outnumbered 3 to one, she had been held down and raped albeit enjoyably.

Mike was pleased to have the night off and to have the following day to himself as the women of the house were well satiated. The weeks passed and as Lynn had extended her time off, another very pretty girl with a nice body arrived to help out. Her name was Tiffany and she was initially a little stiff and formal then shocked on her second day when she caught Rosie and a delivery guy fucking in the kitchen.

Mike chanced to come in as Rosie was explaining the facts of life and her need to relax a little. He was feeling very much the man of the house and supported Rosie but not long after he left as the two women had to prepare dinner.  Stephen came home, he was a little drunk and started hitting on Tiffany, but Rosie distracted him and he was happy with a blow job from her while Tiffany did her best to stay focused on what she was doing. Rosie was still sucking his cock when Jane came in and Rosie was a little unsure as to whether she should stop or carry on, but Jane told her to carry on and Stephen was totally unphased that his mother-in-law was present as he received gratification from the help. Jane announced that she was ordering new staff uniforms because she'd like to see a little more skin and chastised Tiffany because she thought her skirt was far too long.

Mike was discreetly eavesdropping and he was joined by Lucy who took the opportunity to slide her hand inside his pants and listen and what was transpiring. They watched as Stephen who was being distracted by his mother-in-law tried to focus by holding Rosie's head and thrusting into her mouth and he finally shot his load as Jane was asking Rosie her opinion on the new uniform. But then she realised Rosie had a mouthful and couldn't talk so instructed her to hurry up and swallow that so that she could speak.

Rosie sat back wiping ejaculate from her lips as she said it sounded like a nice idea and it would be nice to have a change although she said that Tiffany was a little shy and might take some time to settle in. Jane said that she'd better hurry up and settle in and perhaps Rosie should put her with Mike to get her accustomed to living in this house.

Lucy laughed loudly and almost gave them away, by then she already had Mike's pants open and he was somehow powerless to say no. They moved back down the corridor and Mike had the intention of taking her into the staff room but she was too impatient and he was banging her up against the wall when Jane having finished talking to the women came by.

Mike felt confident and Lucy defiantly didn't care so they never missed a beat as Jane came up and said that she wished Lucy would spend more time doing that with boys her own age than the help before leaving them to it. After that, Lucy was quickly satisfied and ran off and that night Mike spent the night in Barbara's bed aware that Rosie and Stephen spent the night together.

The following morning Mike came into the kitchen where Rosie was helping Tiffany to readjust her clothing that earlier on Jane insisted was far too excessive. The uniform was a black pleated miniskirt and a white blouse that buttoned up the front and closed with a bow tie although it had an opening to show a little cleavage.

Mike considered how good Rosie looked as her slightly fuller figure looked as though it wanted to break free of the confines of her clothing. When she bent over there was a flash of bare pussy and from the front of her breasts strained the front of her blouse displaying a modest amount of cleavage, yet she looked rather elegant.

He complimented Tiffany's slightly shorter skirt telling her that she had a lovely body and reassured her that she'd soon feel more confident, a fact that Rosie repeated. Tiffany protested that she wasn't accustomed to exposing so much bare skin and felt like a tart dressed like that. Rosie and Mike assured her that being a tart was far from what life is about, it was more about being a real person and being proud of who you are which also meant owning your own sexuality. Then Rosie went on to say that when you can own your own sexuality, you can enjoy having sex with different people and if she was going to continue working here she should expect that Stephen, Stanley and some houseguests would expect her to deliver on that.

Tiffany admitted that it was part of the deal to get the job, but she was scared so Rosie told her a little more detail of what Stephen, Stanley and some of their guests were like sexually. Then she gushed about what she really liked and then turned to Mike testifying how wonderful he was in bed with some graphic details that made Tiffany blush. Tiffany was standing against the bench and Rosie was sitting an arm's-length away. Rosie concluded her narrative by asking Tiffany if she was ready to be a real woman and before she had time to reply, she lifted Tiffany's skirt which made her squeal in shock at the same time as another delivery guy came in.

Underwear was a relatively new invention back then and a fashion assessor y for the rich.  Rosie laughed at Tiffiany's discomfort and continued to expose her sex to the visitor as she said, "Hi Bert, do you reckon this is  nice looking pussy?" Tiffany began to look even more terrified as Burt put the box of groceries on the table then grabbed a handful of muff and laughing said "terrific but I'm in a rush today, no time to play." Bert grabbed Rosie's pussy and said how much he enjoyed delivering here and then he reluctantly left as a call came from upstairs. Rosie dispatched Tiffany to go and see what was needed while Mike escaped to the garden.

That evening the house was quiet so Mike and Rosie took the opportunity to spend a couple of hours together. Over the next couple of weeks Barbara and Lucy entertained quite a few gentleman friends who called by so Mike had a fairly easy time. The new female staff uniforms arrived and they were little more than a tight miniskirt that sat low over their hips with a slightly looser translucent blouse with a single tie under the breasts that displayed so much cleavage, their breasts often spilled out when they leaned forwards.

Tiffany was getting more comfortable and accepted being groped a few times by the men of the house as well as a few visitors male and female before fleeing. But she still knew very little about sex so one evening Mike and Rosie taught her how to give oral sex that shocked and delighted her. The following night they initiated her fully and then she seemed to be one of the family. She continued playing hard to get to Stanley and Stephen, but after a couple of weeks she let them have their way.

Then some house guests arrived from Europe. Frank was an industrialist who loved sport and the outdoors. His wife Esther was something of a socialite and a good friend of Jane's. The daughter Carolyn was something of a social climber and her husband was a New Yorker who'd joined the family business. Esther thought the staff attire was far too risqué, but the men lapped it up and by the third day, it was well known in the kitchen that the guests had been playing musical beds.

Fortunately for Rosie and Tiffany, Lynn returned from her time away as the new guests were rather demanding. The night after the visitors arrived there was a big party and as usual extra staff were drafted in to help out. Sensibly, Mike mostly stayed out of it although during the evening Lucy sought him out for a little TLC and a good fuck.

The following day the men all went up to the mountain for a couple of days hunting leaving Mike at the mercy of the women. Fortunately the women of the house and their guests went for a day's shopping which left Mike to get reacquainted with Lynn and some intimate time with Tiffany which they found was delightful in every way. Lynn also knew about his pills that helped maintain his erectile stamina and had bought back a good supply which he needed the following day because he was woken early by Barbara and after a quickie with her he found himself in Esther's bed. She had a tremendous appetite for sex and loved every minute. After lunch, Esther, Jane and Barbara went out as Carolyn had pleaded a headache and Lucy had a tutor calling. But as soon as the women had gone, Carolyn found Mike in the garden and fucked him with such intensity that left him limp and exhausted.

Fortunately for Mike, the woman returned for dinner with some male guests and when the day's work was done, he curled up to sleep in Rosie's loving arms. The men who had been invited for dinner last night had stayed over and not long after they'd left, another two carloads arrived ostensibly to swim and play tennis.

The games included sex all over the property and Mike watched as Carolyn devoured two guys in the garden. Over dinner he learned that the young men had also taken advantage of Lynn and Tiffany who both crept into Mike's bed late in the evening. Mike woke up to the sensations of the two women enjoying each others bodies and he enjoyed being part of that tender bubble but all too soon the day was calling. Rosie was already up and in the kitchen so the three lovers quickly readied themselves and joined her.

Mike pitched and helped prepare breakfast then returned to the garden while the woman took care of housework and the house members and guests again went out for the day.

Although Mike had let his friends and family know where he was, he needed a day off so he called the garage and had someone deliver his car. The young driver already delighted by having driven the late model car for over an hour was even more astounded to be invited in for refreshments. Tiffany had settled in as a promiscuous member of the household staff and flirted so outrageously with the young man that Rosie sent them off together before he and Mike drove back to town.

Mike spent the remainder of the day making calls and sending off letters to various people. He was delighted that his latest book was selling well. Returning the following afternoon Lynn advised him she had told Jane and Barbara that he had been called away on family business and no one said anything.

As he returned to work, Carolyn snuck up behind him and grabbed him by the balls. He wasn't too startled, after swallowing one of his pills because he didn't feel all that enthusiastic, some flirty conversation ensued before he roughly pulled her dress off and fucked her. She seemed insatiable and resistant to all his tricks, but finally he bought her the satisfaction she wanted and there was Lucy sitting calmly watching.

They'd not long returned to the house when the men arrived back from their trip feeling pleased by their hunting success, other people came around and a party developed. The girls were so run off their feet that Mike helped out in the kitchen and later he had a restful night by himself.

For the next couple of weeks the house was busy and when any of the women of the house and their guests sought Mike, it was just for a quickie and he couldn't help notice that his cock seemed to be getting larger. Rosie agreed that it was even more wonderful although Lucy was beginning to wonder why she felt so stretched and a little uncomfortable when he first entered her. But no one else seemed to notice.

As the weeks flew by Mike made regular trips to town where he was discreetly liaising with some friends. He'd learned that fortune of the family he was employed by was about to take a dive so he'd begun working with some friends to set up an exclusive members club near the city. The signs of trouble in the house were becoming, Stephen and Stanley were becoming increasingly anxious. The crunch finally came when Barbara wanted to have a birthday party for herself and the caterers refused service until a previous bill had been paid. Then the staff wages were a couple of weeks late and as all this was happening, Mike was talking to the female staff about their prospects and what they wanted to do should they be dismissed.

Jobs were hard to come by and they had few prospects, but the idea that Mike suggested that they serve customers the new club suited them well. The wages weren't great but at least they'd be in a position to get tips which they instinctively knew would be for providing other services besides serving drinks. The final end came when a very male dominated party took place.

Jane happened to be out for the evening or perhaps she was forewarned. During the afternoon another two girls turned up to help run the evening and they looked quite the part in their sexy new uniforms. Mike kept fairly well out of it but he was aware that the men out numbered the women by at least 2 to 1 and as it could provide useful writing material, he kept an eye on proceedings getting regular updates from Lynn, Rosie, Tiffany and Lucy.

Apparently Barbara had been reluctant to attend and had actually ordered Lucy to stay away. Lucy stayed away in the sense that she spent the evening letting herself be seen and it was thought she took five or six men to her room. But Barbara found herself in the thick of things, supported by a few drinks to many she settled back into her normal flirtatious behaviour until she got carried away by about seven or eight men and soundly fucked. Apparently Stephen had drunk too much and fallen asleep and Stanley had snuck off with a girl he fancied leaving a dozen or so horny men who began behaving badly with the serving girls.

Initially they didn't mind because it went with the territory and the costumes made them look so inviting that the men could scarcely help themselves. At one point when she came into the kitchen Rosie told Mike how she'd just given someone a blow job and the other two girls were now in the same situation. But she went out with another tray of drinks and soon after Tiffany came back in only wearing her shoes. She thought it was rather funny and Mike thought that she had grown up rather quickly and they were soon joined by Rosie who had similarly lost her clothes, but she also had half a dozen guys chasing after her.

Mike's appearance sobered them a little and the news the girls conveyed was that the few women that came with the party also had their clothes off and were taking turns with the men placing bets on who could last the longest. Tiffany and Rose soon returned to the room and concerned for their safety Mike finally went in. There was something of a free for all going on with about 20 guys taking turns with the five women in the room.

He took out of tray of empty glasses and went to Barbara's room where she was still ensconced with her lovers under control. A glance into Lucy's room revealed her enjoying the attention of three guys which left Mike thinking that this level of sexiness ran in the family. As he contemplated the proceedings he felt quite pleased to be having a night off. He collected up another couple of trays of empty glasses and after returning them to the kitchen, the woman who'd gone off with Stanley came in behind him and admitted that she would like to be fucked, but Stanley had gone to sleep on her and she didn't fancy joining the party.

Mike knew her intent and he took up to one of the spare bedrooms to deliver considerably more than what she expected. When he'd finished they could hear noises from the pool and she expressed a desire to join in the pool party so they went down minus their clothing and joined the crowd in the pool. Even Barbara was there and although drunk, the mood was playful but Mike found a place to sleep undisturbed.

An hour's work next morning saw most of the evidence cleared away and while many of the guests lay in drunken stupors, all the staff pitched in to clean up. Then after caring for their own needs they were thinking about the needs of the house owners when a police car arrived. The cop said there'd been a car crash caused by suspected drink-driving and a few guys had been quite badly hurt. He wanted to know who the visitors were last night and if they'd been drunk when they left.

Lynn explained that they were just the staff and there had been guests last night but no one seemed to be particularly drunk, then she offered to wake home owners. The cop thought that wasn't necessary and as they were talking, he looked at Mike then he asked if he was the writer. Mike confirmed that he was explained he was on a secret mission to get material for a new book and swore the cop to secrecy.

He'd not long gone when Stephen and Stanley appeared looking a bit confused. Lynn made them breakfast, Mike told them what had transpired leaving out the orgy that had taken place and that some of his guests were in hospital after their drunk driving accident, and some were still sleeping. Stephen and Stanley had a quick breakfast, declared their intention of checking up on whoever may be in hospital and then they were gone.

It was pay day and to everyone's surprise Barbara coughed up but hinted that things were getting tight. The remaining party guests had gone then the family and their guests went to town with the intention of staying the night so Mike drove the girls, Lynn, Rosie and Tiffany to check out progress on the club he was building. The downstairs was themed like a prohibition era speakeasy bar with better furniture and open to public.

There would be, live shows,  pretty barmaids waiting on tables and on the first floor a very comfortable lounge bar and entertainment area for members with a penthouse suite for executive members. Construction was nearing completion and after being out in the heat of the day, the ambience was lovely. Mike spoke to the manager and the girls walked around feeling the texture of the fabrics and the soft curves of the furniture. Their appreciation was unanimous. When they returned to the house, Tiffany was given notice that this would be her last week and Mike soon found himself busy servicing mother and daughter, this time in the same bed.

The following day the bank manager arrived and Barbara dissuaded him from foreclosing on the mortgage and throwing them out, but it was something that couldn't be put off. Jayne was almost oblivious to what was going on although she had a good eye for the garden and was continuing to plan more projects. Despite the fact that he was kept so busy servicing women, gardening work had progressed and Mike's efforts appreciated in that area.

The household was quiet for a couple of weeks, Tiffany and Rosie were laid off but they were given jobs in the club that was in process of opening. Prohibition had just ended and a new bar and entertainment venue was just what the town wanted. Mike alternated his time between Lynn and Lucy, and sometimes Barbara although she was home less often.

As summer was drawing to a close, the bank announced its decision to foreclose and gave the family a month to pay out or get out. Barbara and Jayne was to have a big party to say farewell that they had no money to organise it. However Mike knew all the right people in Los Angeles and after a word with Barbara and Jayne, he set the wheels in motion for a grand sendoff.

Extra staff were brought in, truck loads of supplies arrived and a canvas village was set up courtesy of Hollywood props including a portable kitchen. The party began on a Friday afternoon and continued until late on Sunday. They had live music, several stage shows and some 400 guests who either slept in the tent village or slept in any bed in the house they weren't thrown out of. With so many starlets, a handful of actual movie stars, producers, financiers and young men on the make with the right connections which made it one hell of a party and it took another week to finish the cleanup and return the house to its former state.

Mike spent that last week supervising when he wasn't preoccupied with Lucy or Lynn. Lynn was excited about joining Rosie and Tiffany in the club and she had also become closer to Lucy so that the three friends slept together in Lucy's big bed. During the party Lucy had opened her legs for two of the producers and she was hoping to become an actress but Lynn wanted her to work in the club. Lucy wasn't keen on the idea of work but she knew that since the family fortune was gone she would have to do something and Mike reckoned it would be a stepping stone to tighter over until such time as she was acting.

On that last day, Barbara quietly arrived home at the crack of dawn. From the hallway she called out for Lynn but there was no reply so she went to Lucy's room, opened the door to witness a ménage à trois between Mike, Lucy and Lynn. They were so engaged with each other that they did not see Barbara come in and initially act horrified. She held her tongue, stepped out of her clothes and joined them.

Later that morning several trucks and a team of men arrived, in the space of a few hours that packed up all the household furniture. Soon after they'd gone, the bank manager and his agent arrived to take possession. As Barbara and Lucy took a sentimental stroll around the property they talked about ideas of what next. That evening, Barbara, her daughter Lucy and a former housemaid Lucy beautifully attired in their sexy club uniforms started work.

Mike had a nostalgic fuck with Lucy and another with Tiffany before spending the remainder of the night with Barbara. The following day he drove into Los Angeles to catch a flight to Havana to have some discussions with Howard Hawks about making a movie from one of his books.


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