Mister God, This Is Anna

Ancient wisdom manifests in a London six year old

I came across this book, Mister God this is Anna many years ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. Perhaps it inspired me to devote over 40 years of my life to becoming a little more conscious and aware of other dimensions in life beyond the humdrum found by following the crowd. I discovered there were mountains to climb, adventures to be had and if you sat still and listened, sometimes another dimension and life would open.

Such things come about through yoga and meditation such as opening new doorways and windows in the space-time continuum where real magic happens. To get there one needs to sharpen one's senses, and was aware of this and lacked some of the technology traditionally employed by the masters of the East yet she reaches a similar understanding on the definition of God and where God exists.

Anna is also a mathematical genius, she demonstrates how that if one has a predetermined answer, one can use mathematics, science, reason and logic to prove a falsehood and that's something we all need to wake up to in the current age of deception.

Throughout the story, Anna is the inspirational scientist and Fynn the apprentice struggling to come to terms with the simple fact that life is life and yet it presents itself in so many ways for so many different purposes yet underneath it all it is powered by Divinity, not the kind that you pray to one Sundays but the kind that is so joyful and delightful that it's difficult to hide away as we do with our private thoughts.

"There are good books, indifferent books and bad books. Amongst the good box, some are honest, inspiring, moving, prophetic, and improving. But in my language, there is another category: there are 'Ah' books and this is one of them. Ah books are those which induce a fundamental change in the readers consciousness. They widen his or her sensibility such a way that one is able to look upon familiar things as though seeing and understanding them for the first time. Ah books are galvanic, they touched the nerve centre of the whole being so that the reader receives an almost palpable physical shock, a tremor of excited perception reports through the person." ~ Vernon Sproxton

Anna is a totally natural and thoroughly modern mystic or Yogi who proves that even within the confines of Christendom, the truth of life can be known, experienced and lived.

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