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Russia bashing and the spread of ISIL

Most cultures throughout history have indulged in moral superiority, but prior to the arrival of Christianity the scale was very localised. With the spread of Christianity around the world, it was used to help subjugate and plunder entire non-Christian regions of the world and even 'other' Christian areas.

Islam at its inception was already hemmed in by Christianity and yet it too has managed to spread around the world with its own version of moral superiority, but underlying all of this is capitalism.

It seems that capitalists are the most unfortunate people, they cannot be happy until the entire world is shaped as they want it and the world's population obedient to their whim. Psychologically this belief presents a grave sickness which is negatively affecting all life on the planet.

The western model of social structure is fundamentally flawed because the people do not have a solid identity, instead they are identified by their position in society, by their material assets and their bodies.

For the sake of the world, everyone needs to wake up and realise that we are much more than body and mind that are just accumulations like our other material assets.

However this identification and overwhelming desire in materialism has created two dynamic flows, one is the flow of wealth, assets and control of the environment into the hands of the few and ultra rich. The second flow is that of antisocial behaviour from the rich down to the poorest.

Capitalism was founded on exploitation, if we take India as an example it was the richest country on earth until about the year 1800 with China not far behind it. The European capitalists and in particular the Dutch and British East India companies took the wealth and destroyed the social fabric of the countries they occupied.

We have seen this more recently in Iraq with the United States invasion, the complete destruction of all the civilian infrastructure and the problems that exist there today. All around the world, colonists in the disguise of bringing better welfare and education have stripped countries of their wealth and resources. If the people resisted they were executed and the genocides that have taken place throughout North and South America, Australia and Southeast Asia, India and Africa are all well documented although in the West they are spoken of as victories and a cause for celebration.

Last century the United States of America took over from Britain as the world's superpower, but it behaves in exactly the same way and many would say even more ruthlessnessly. Let's remember here that the British East India company traded opium into China, then there was the American liberation of the Philippines from the Spanish; however the Filipinos didn't want the Americans either and because the Americans got the cold shoulder, they executed about 1 million Filipino people. The British takeover of Australia and the aboriginal people with their very rich and diverse culture were slaughtered in their hundreds of thousands so that the British could take their lands and that genocide is still being actively pursued by today's Australian government.

The United States of America

The world's strongest superpower and self appointed policeman of the world that inserts that every country adopt its version of democracy and if you don't they're going to turn up on the doorstep with an army and shove it down your throat.

The Americans have a motto that "if you are not for us, you are against us". Literally that translates that if you do not accept American imperialism and submit, then you will be destroyed. Saddam Hussein refused to submit and on the strength of manufactured lies by the CIA and other specialist interest groups, Iraq as a country has ceased to exist.

The United States has always supported Israel as a country where the actual land area was stolen from the indigenous peoples by the British and given to the Jews as a quick solution to the Jewish problem. As we have seen since its inception, Israel has become a totalitarian state and it's steadily expanding its borders. And no western government stands up for the Palestinian people who are being squeezed into ever smaller living spaces and denied their basic human rights.

The primary industry of the USA is its military industrial complex. If one were to turn off the US arms industry, the country would go bankrupt overnight and cease to exist as the major world power.

But it has come to a point where it has enforced it's idea of democracy on most countries and set in motion the flow of wealth to those who sit on top of the heap. But Russia remains an obstacle even though it is democratic. The thing is, to be top dog, there has to be someone else to hate and blame if anything else goes wrong because after all, America can't blame its closest allies.

We forget that during World War II, it was Russia's input that helped turn the tide against both Germany and Japan. Historians argue that it was simply Hitler's mistake to start a war with Russia and they dismiss Russia's contribution which in human terms was somewhere between 20 and 30 million human lives.

After World War II the United States suffered a huge anxiety attack and is here that the phrase if you're not for us then you're against us came into play and the United States began to impose itself on the world, not from any altruistic perspective, but simply from fear and greed because the United States self perception is based on materialism.

After World War II came the Cold War and the US was soundly defeated in Vietnam, and since then the US has never really won any conflict that it has initiated. Typically what the US does is makes a pretext to invade and as in Iraq, it destroys the countries infrastructure - that is the roads, the railways, airports, water supplies, art galleries and museums, electricity supplies and the things that people need most. Then when they pull out of the destroyed country but leaving enough operatives there to run the criminal gangs that continue to distrupt the lifestyle of the people.

With the exception of Russia and China, every country in the world is under the thumb of the USA. The shooting down of the Malaysian airline over the Ukraine in 2014 is another example of the USA engaging in Russia bashing and attempting to shape world opinion.

Despite the certainties of most Western governments, there is absolutely no evidence that the Malaysian airliner was bought down by a surface-to-air missile fired by Ukrainian separatists. There is absolutely no evidence at all that Russia had anything to do with this incident. The only evidence that has come out is that it is probable that the plane was shot down by an air to air missile and that it is also possible that some of the holes in the fuselage of the airliner were made by machine gun fire from another aircraft.

The Dutch investigators are being cautious about what they say publicly, but we know they are under great pressure to find evidence that fits the United States argument, but over a year later that evidence has not been found although by the time the report comes out it is reasonable to presume that it may be fabricated.

Because the New Zealand and Australian governments are firmly behind the US position and like most of the world, Russia bashing has become a favourite pastime which is not helped by the glib remarks of TV news reporters like Mike Hosking who last night took the liberty of deriding Russia in a way that I suspect that he has never bothered to do any research but is simply parroting what he has seen in other news reports.

News reporters all around the world are being discouraged from really investigating the truth and they have become spokespeople for the corporations and US administration. Within the United States and other countries, serious journalism is becoming a crime and in this modern age without any privacy and governments able to record and retrieve every word you've ever spoken or typed, a very real fear is settling over the world.

Evidence is coming in that ISIL was created to serve the interests of the United States of America. It is making a token attempt to slow the spread of this new but powerful organisation that is actually being funded from the United States. The US has training centres all over the region that it pours money and resources into which is then channelled to ISlL, and there have been reports of US planes delivering supplies directly to ISIL troops.

There is no end in sight

Until such time as the people wake up and vote for more benign governments, there can be no change and if there is no change it is probable that the United States will be able to manufacture a war against Russia using NATO and European troops to do all the dirty work while the US quietly comes in and strips the assets of any lands that may be taken.

US already has Russia fairly well ring fenced and like a malicious child it is coming up the fence and poking Russia with a big stick trying to provoke it into some kind of reaction. If someone was provoking the United States in the same way, world War three would erupt in an instant and it is time that the Western community recognised and applauded the patience and intolerance exercised by President Putin and the Russian people.

The United States is the world's greatest terrorist and through its policy of extorting the wealth and resources of all nations through the process of capitalism backed up by military might, it is creating an underclass of people who have nothing, not even any prospects of a life with dignity, and these people are the new terrorists fighting against that which oppresses them and the populations of countries fear these people more than those who created the problem in the first place.


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