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Modern Evolution

A short journey through history and the cost of looking outwards

Gaia as the world tree by Alex Gray The tree of life giving life but being destroyed bybhuman activities

Gaia as the world tree by Alex Grey
The tree of life giving life but being destroyed bybhuman activities

For the majority of people life is simply about survival and has evolved around the working man and a wife who stayed at home and raised kids while another group capitalised on them and both achieved a degree of contentment and even happiness.

The two big world wars proved that women could work and after World War II, many of them were no longer content to stay at home.  Men ran the industries and they accepted women into those industries for several reasons. The one that is that women were paid much less than men, but women were also replacing the children that used to work in factories.

Before World War II child labour was a normal fact of Western industry, but once it was phased out, pressure was put on other countries to do the same which affected their economies because they didn't have the willing and trained female labour force.

In most countries today there is a wage differential between men and women doing same jobs even though some women perform those tasks better. However women have been forced to compete with men in a men's game where some have climbed the corporate ladder either by using their feminine charm or by becoming more macho than many men in addition to doing the work.

As the population grew and corporations became more demanding of the workforce a deep-seated unhappiness began to set in. This was offset by the counterculture of the 1960s and for those diverse to the liberalism of recreational drugs, sex and music turned to redefined God's seeking the happiness and joy they were missing.

Gender roles transformed in places and it has become common for men, (househusbands) to stay home and raise the kids while the woman works.  But even here, unless she/he is in a high-paying job there is usually not enough for a family to survive. This has led to vast numbers of latchkey kids and the growth of an early childcare industry that institutionalises children from an early age.

We have seen a great increase in gender confusion and the establishment of gay and lesbian communities. This is simply a fact of life and for anyone who is uncertain about their gender, but it is helpful to remember that energetically every person is a mixture of male and female energy. Some women are more masculine in their expression and some men are more feminine. This does not make them gay or lesbian, but perhaps it's possible that social pressure or stigma may well influence their choice of social partner?

A major change sweeping the world is political correctness. This stems from people's fears and is a consequence of social injustice which forces people even in western countries to conform in a similar way as the caste system in India.

This is all part and parcel of global corporatisation and the influence of the USA on the world. It is ironic that as a country founded to protect its population from corporate bullies, it has become a country protecting corporate bullies. A consequence is that an unpleasant fate of the world may well be sealed by the TTP and TTPIP trade agreements.

In the background are the hundreds of millions of people with their own dreams and desires. These dreams and desires are shaped by clever marketing campaigns and a science that is converting the resources of the earth into fancy toys.  Long before we had the Internet there were many other networks and one was 'the family net'. Parents were so well connected to each other and their offspring that they knew about the wherewithal of their family members at all times. Today they call this ESP but even today most parents know exactly what the kids are up to in the next room even if they cannot be heard or seen.

Clark Gable, a heart throb for many women

Clark Gable, a heart throb for many women

In years gone by, once people had as it were 'earned their daily bread', they were free to immerse themselves in the wonder of life but today people are stumbling from one distraction to the next like automatons and this is something we are trying to create.  Robots have been with us for a long time but like the hover boards from the movie back to the future, robots with intelligence are becoming a reality.

A few generations back people loved those closest and dear to them, but modern life is becoming so complex that it's easier to love someone at a distance. The love today may be God or the Dolphins or some species that is being forced towards extinction by our insatiable demand for more stuff.

Love is becoming an accessory that can be picked up put down, and because we have no need to breed,  the idea of interpersonal relationships is transforming.  Today we have love dolls and love bots are being eagerly awaited by many because people are becoming too difficult to love. It will be a long time before a love bots as beautiful as the Cherry 2000 (played by Pamela Gidley) are developed, but apparently many women are getting excited at the prospect of a male love bot that they can switch on when they are ready and switch it off when they are satisfied.

Pamela Gidley in Cherry 2000

Pamela Gidley in Cherry 2000

It is only our desire for more stuff that the planet is being destroyed, but not only that, it is accepted that large industrial projects will cost people's lives as accidents happen. But it has been reckoned that many thousands of lives have been lost procuring the resources for  the technologies we use every day like cell phones and computers. The people who extract the precious Earth's and metals work under appalling conditions. Perhaps the worst example is a silver mine in South America where it's estimated that more than 6 million people have died as a consequence of that one operation.

In our new technological lifestyle, we have evolved a way of living that to say the least is rather stressful. To alleviate that stress, a vast entertainment industry has grown up and helped to shape human desire. Not so long ago people wanted to spend time together. To have good conversation and other social activities were important whereas today, the modern family may be physically proximal to each other but they are all focused somewhere in cyberspace.

Everyone has a sense of ascetic's or an appreciation of beauty. For the women of yesteryear it was a Clark Gable, today it maybe a Brad Pitt and men idolised almost any woman who would take her clothes off. It goes to show that men are less fussy.  Women are definitely more picky, their men had to be not only good-looking but they also had to have the brains or the means to support them. On the other hand while most men idolise media beauties, they are often content to be with any woman who will open their legs, pass the beer and not interrupt the big game.  But they still like to fantasise about the 'ideal woman'.

That's a gross generalisation I know, but unfortunately it remains a fact of life for many. But despite the fact that we live on a finite planet and if our population keeps continuing at the present rate, by 2030 we will be 9 billion people. That means everyone will have two make do with 40% less of everything.

If we look at social trends, the people who are wealthy, well educated, have a good physical appearance and better health are slow breeders whereas the poor who are less well educated, weaker in physical structure and less desirable in terms of ascetic's other ones who are reproducing the most.

Eugenics for many people as a dirty word, but we must examine why we are here and decide whether or not we're going to continue as a species. Not acting will mean the end of civilisation in the near future, so are we going to take responsibility for our own survival as a species?  If we are to survive as a species we need to take urgent action to stop the destruction of the global ecosystem that supports us. We have to remember that we can only exist in relationship with all the other life on earth, but we destroy that life we will have no means of survival and we will become extinct.

It seems probable that many people do have a death wish and they want to take everyone else with them, but that is a sickness. But we must wake up to the fact that not only are we degrading the environment depend on, the overall health as a species is rapidly declining. More people are becoming ill, the rates of infertility are escalating and the rates of poverty which is a major contributing factor is skyrocketing.

The big factor in all of this is corporate greed and the design of civilisation so that power and wealth close to the top 1%. This is a fact which keeps being referred to in the media and is attested to by the WHO.

What will our future look like?

The world as represented in the movie series the hunger games seems probable. The wealthy elite will live in the lap of luxury and everyone else will live with what is barely sufficient to survive and they will be a labour force keeping the rich and the style that they have become accustomed.

The impoverished masses will do their best to keep their chin up and maintain social order amongst themselves, and they will probably try not to harbour too much resentment towards the Masters because that adaptation is taking place.

The rich will continue to refine their own class structure and segregation by sex appeal and bank balance. Well we do have a social and political caste system firmly entrenched, it is still open enough that those with the aspiration and determination can alter their fortune and social position.

To change one's social position requires an active intelligence and a certain detachment from the stuff of life. In today's social framework anyone can evolve themselves through the ranks of society by using their intellect, especially in the fields of science and technology. But the old-fashioned method of sleeping one's way to the top still remains a constant.

This world is already here because we have looked up to imaginary gods and we have become obsessive about the technologies we have created. In looking outwards instead of inwards we're losing our connection with the essence of life and the faculties that make us human.

People are turning away from life in increasing numbers because their freedom and autonomy has been eroded away and they cling to the system that is destroying them because there is nowhere else to go.

Is there any way to survive?

Of course there is. What we have achieved in science and technology is miraculous. Our standard of living for the wider population is better than that anytime in our history. Even working class families have a lifestyle that is better than many kings and queens of olde.

If we are going to survive as a species, the corporations must be brought into line, the technology created must be created in such a way that lasts for hundreds of years so we must abandon the throwaway technology.

We need to evolve a lifestyle where we can enjoy the sunshine on our bodies, breathe fresh air and drink clean water. The world population is sustainable but we need to put on the brakes so as not to increase human numbers. We need to ensure greater social equity and ensure that no one goes hungry. We need to stop producing the tools of war and work towards real social justice.

Instead of looking up to imaginary gods in the heavens, need to sit down and become still so that we can appreciate our own inner universe which will help us to develop a lifestyle that is harmonious with our environment.


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