Modi: a Leader for the World

Elected Prime Minister of India in 2014

Indians love to backbite and still continue to not understand the conspiracies meshed around them and how they have been victimized by thug elements and ideologies. Modi is the first ever genuine Leader of India that has rekindled hopes and revived spirit of India that was suppressed and boxed in by vested interests. In my view real freedom of India has only begun when Modi took over the helm of India.

Indians love to criticize in general and in specific of the only real working top leader who is changing the way India lives and works. These critics love to find flaws in Modi but never look within how imprudent they are. It is easy to criticize a hard working man who does not discriminate between one caste, one religion or any group. He is following the international protocols when he travels and he never favors anyone. He is a devout and genuine person of Dharma who gives of himself entirely? How many of us can claim that?

In general Indians are ungrateful and poorly informed as everyone like to be judge but dont like to be judged. Yet all these social media experts whole day show flaws in MODI without knowing what the world thinks of Modi. Every third rate political activist and thug self defined liberals and so called secular are themselves corrupt, biased and flawed to find flaws in one of the strongest leader not only of India of any times but of the world. I have analyzed the world opinion and India's rating for a major group for some time and FYI Modi's India has been upgraded in all respects just in past 3 years.

Every single large business wants to do business in India. Congress and its thug associates only desire is to Christianize and islamicize India and finish with Hindus so that they make it another giant Pakistan - a failed state. Unfortunately Indians still live in poor mind set of sects, castes and Tribal groups without ever knowing their own origins, history of India, glorious Hindu Vedic past of India and instead of being proud of the richest civilization that ever existed they want to imitate cheap of the world. Under Modi's amazing governing India's minorities have grown more strong, got real power and these are being led to speak against him but the Muslims and Christians and all other self claimed minorities are benefiting most.

Muslims of not only India but entire South Asia including Pakistan will benefit from Modi's hard work and great wide vision.

MODI in the world and his foreign trips are benefiting not only India but entire world.

Not only Indians are now generally more respected, Indian origin people are being hired by the world class companies as they consider them not only educated but also wise and generally smart managers. The image of Dharma has grown multi fold and people world over, in richer West and richer Islamic world there is demand to learn of Indian culture & its spiritual heritage. The world over Indian view of life is being sought out and people are learning not only about Yoga, Meditation but secrets of Hindu customs, the deep meaningful significance of Hindu idea of seeing the other world, Godly energy and the overall thinking about human life.

India is no longer considered a basket case despite still hosting some of the poorest of the poor. Mr Modi is being praised in every nook and corner for eradicating poverty in real terms by providing basic amenities, basic services and equal opportunities to the down trodden and poor which is almost same as in China. Chinese leadership has lately learned the magic of Modi and now thinking to implement some of his policies. Modi is not only an Indian leader but a world leader of highest stature now as it is proved. Only very poorly educated, small tiny groups of people who are losing their dream of imposing their silly religious ideas or conquering India by their religious zeal by hook or crook are feeling irritated and similar groups in India who see India as a place to convert innocent and naive people so that they can be used later on as vote banks. Modi is promoting good health, cleaner sanitized life for all, educational opportunities multiplying and new industries and businesses being planned that will provide jobs to more than 300+ Million people in coming short term

He travels during weekends mostly. Each trip brings about 1000+ JV projects to India and helping Indian investors expanding. India has now a totally different image than 5 years ago when India was considered equal to Pakistan or a giant elephant. Narendra Modi is a thinking man and he can not change small minorities of conspirators they will remain skeptic. They will be swept away by time. He is interested in uplifting India irrespective of his criticism by fools or imprudent people talking nonsense as their caste or their group is ignored.

Yes Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) needs more leaders who can plan and think. Indians in general are disorganized very poor managers and most sectarian as they only think of their small minority group. Narendra Modi is the first leader who thinks for all India. His policies and ideas are being implemented and copied in more than 100 developing countries now as he is considered a hope for poor nations. Indians will never learn what they are talking of Mr. Modi The Leader of India for their petty minds and lazy attitude and feeling discriminated when their own contribution is zero.

Earth Shaking structural changed in a dormant nation

The economic policies of Modi's government focused on privatisation and liberalisation of the economy, based on a neoliberal framework. Modi liberalised India's foreign direct investment policies, allowing more foreign investment in several industries, including in defence and the railways.Other reforms included removing many of the country's labour regulations to make it harder for workers to form unions and easier for employers to hire and fire them.

These reforms met with support from institutions such as the World Bank, but opposition from scholars within the country. The labour reforms also drew strong opposition from unions: on 2 September 2015, eleven of the country's largest unions went on strike, including one affiliated with the BJP. The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, a constituent of the Sangh Parivar, stated that the underlying motivation of labour reforms favored corporations over labourers. In September 2014, Modi introduced the Make in India initiative to encourage foreign companies to manufacture products in India, with the goal of turning the country into a global manufacturing hub.

On 25 June 2015, Modi launched a program intended to develop 100 smart cities. In June 2015, Modi launched the "Housing for All By 2022" project, which intends to eliminate slums in India by building about 20 million affordable homes for India's urban poor!

Great ratings of any world leader ever

As a Prime Minister, Modi has received consistently high approval ratings; at the end of his first year in office, he received an overall approval rating of 87% in a Pew Research poll, with 68% of people rating him "very favorably" and 93% approving of his government. His approval rating remained largely consistent at around 74% through his second year in office, according to a nationwide poll conducted by instaVaani. At the end of his second year in office, an updated Pew Research poll showed Modi continued to receive high overall approval ratings of 81%, with 57% of those polled rating him "very favorably."

I am not paid to write it and FYI I consult with many governments and large international institutions. I have no investments in India nor hold any biases. This is an independent, unbiased analysis based on facts and world wide perception.

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