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Saving India - Saving the world

In researching not only Indian history but the history of the world it seems we have checked enough boxes and this time that some thought was given to compiling all this information with references in a logical and meaningful manner then making approaches to the various authorities around the world to begin the correcting of school textbooks.

The narrative may likely proceed to point out the correlation between the very ancient occupation of India and the similarities with Africa of 1.3 million years ago, the before and after Mount Tober incident and the evidence of simple agriculture originating in India followed by the spread of civilisation, knowledge and technology from India around the globe.

There will be reference to the before and after the last ice age, the consequent rise in sea levels and climate change forcing populations to uproot and move on. As we get into the modern era, we have all the DNA evidence and the conflicts over its interpretation along with oral and more recent written accounts.

Image: An old pic from Andhra Pradesh in 1960s asking for responsible governance via Mythical India on Tumblr

There is the vast amount of evidence within Astro archaeology supporting the Vedas and the traditions of ancient India. To my mind, this represents the salvation of our species because as a yoga practitioner and meditator, the traditional Hindu culture before Islam, before border and before patriarchy and capitalism was a scientific approach to living in harmony with life.

There never was an Aryan invasion and despite differences in skin colour the people of India are one people even those who unfortunately been corrupted by beliefs. Hinduism/Sanatana Dharma represents a science which is guided by the move towards yoga, a concept impossible for the mind to understand yet the practices we call yoga when performed correctly and sincerely lead the aspirant to a state of inner peace and wisdom with the side effects being abundant joy and an ability to live harmoniously with others.

The history represents the facts of life which must include a realistic portrayal of patriarchal existence, capitalism, the invasion and corruption of life by other belief systems. There is an awareness in India which has given rise to the RSS, and increased popularity and learning Sanskrit and the gurukul school system - please be supportive and make allegiances. We are up against a world blinded by beliefs and individuals so afraid that they don't know and are so blinded that they can't see the truth so they cling to any beliefs that seem to offer some social or financial advantage.

You may or may not share my view that civilisation is accelerating towards its own extinction. We are running out of resources, poisoning the planet poisoning ourselves, generating perpetual conflict and denying the truth of life.

Presenting the evidence of history and how it shapes our collective karma is one of the steps we can take to encourage people to awaken to the truth of who they are and who we are as a species. Some will argue that there is still insufficient evidence and others will argue that civilisation is too far gone to make any practical change. The challenge is to awaken the population and you must realise that doesn't matter who stands as the head of government, the real work of governing is done by the bureaucracy.

You may or may not like Prime Minister Modi, but any Prime Minister is a relatively powerless. Under Congress India has been like a stampeding herd headed for the clifftops yet the Modi government despite all the opposition is making some progress at restoring sanity. A return to Congress would see that good stripped away so even if you disagree with some of the government's policies, support what is rational and reasonable. Support the efforts to plant trees, conserve water, reduce pollution, reduce corporatism, support farmers and so forth.

The Modi government and the RSS are said to represent a return to some kind of nationalism and the same has been said about the election of the Trump administration, Rodreigo Duterte and even the Labour Party in New Zealand. The green movements around the world whose ideas were to preserve the environment in alignment with Greenpeace unable but it seems the greens have become more tied up playing politics which is one of the unfortunate consequences of being involved in politics. So they need to be encouraged to support the government instead of trying to change the government. We should all work to help the government work better.

A return to nationalism is not so much about borders, it's about stopping to take a few deep breaths and getting the facts straight before stepping back onto the stage, this is a time for a cessation of economic activity for the sake of economics and a time for some deep reflection. This is a time where we need to appreciate ourselves as the most sophisticated piece of technology on the planet with the power to create and destroy. Beliefs are driving us toward destruction but our knowledge can set us free and if we are going to be free we first need to clarify our history and start educating people that they are human beings living in an environment where life is a gift and blessing, not a right. To honour that gift, we must all align our lives to the nature of existence which can only be achieved by making some effort towards yoga (by meditating) and administering a civilisation from the collective wisdom of Sanatana Dharma.

It is now time to act while we still have some semblance of democracy. If we do not act, the idea of democracy will become more deeply embedded within capitalism and governments completely controlled by the corporations who currently rule the world.

By NZYogi

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