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Massaging in Sydney

Mai writes:

I should perhaps tell you at the outset that I am an Australian born Asian girl and I pretty much keep to myself. Like I am not particularly social because I find most people boring so I actually prefer to read books which is perhaps what got me into massage because I figured it was a way I could help people so:

A year ago I finished my massage and beauty therapy training and almost straight away I got a part-time job in a beauty clinic. Initially I was delighted but because I was Asian I got given all the clients that no one else wanted. Initially I didn't mind too much and chalked it up to experience and try to ignore the small amount of racial prejudice though I think in fact I was by far the prettiest girl working there.

On the surface, everything was roses and most of the clientele were women because as the boss said, men were far too badly behaved. I had some experience of men in the first couple of months I worked there as several  came in and I was given the job of giving them a massage. Our service is very PC service, massage completely excludes the upper thighs and buttocks and of course the body front which I think cheapens the massage.

I had a massage in Thailand once and the girl never missed a spot, she even rubbed over my anus and genitals dipping a little inside. I was too shocked at the time to say anything but I felt wholly treated and that was the most delightful massage of my life. Coming back to these few men that I massaged, they complained that I wouldn't massage their bums and hinted that they would like more than that or commented about my big boobs. I was sympathetic but reminded them that they knew the rules and I was of course well aware that most guys like the idea of the rub and tug style of massage with a happy ending that I was not averse to.

Anyhow I'd been working there for almost 6 months but still I was only working three days or sometimes four days a week if someone happened to be away. I asked the boss for more hours but she said it was impossible at the moment and send me away on the promise. For me that wasn't good enough and I needed to make some more money this I actually thought about taking a job in a brothel but I wasn't quite ready for that.

I'd just managed to save up enough and got myself what was really a small one-room flat above some shops in Newtown and on the bus route to where I worked. I moved in and slept on the floor because I couldn't afford a bed and then there were other bills to pay as well as the daily cost of living. The following week I bought myself a futon mattress but otherwise part from a few bits and pieces from my previous flat and my clothes I had virtually nothing.

On Thursday evening that week having been given a tip by a nice lady during the day I was buying myself something to eat near my new flat and I was hunting through the bottom of my bag because I was a a few cents short. The shopkeeper was nice and said I could pay him later and a guy standing beside me offered the change and I was grateful then he asked what I did and where I lived. I didn't think about it and I guess I must have seemed quite naive. He continued talk to me after I got my food and stepped away and perhaps he asked again relieved and knowing that I was a masseuse even though I'd said we were very PC, he said that he would love for me to massage him and he was happy to pay the going rates.

In some ways he was a bit dominating and we sat at the bus stop talking until we had finished eating and then he pressed me to give him a massage. I want that my place was very basic but he said that he didn't care so I took him up to my flat, and rolled my futon mattress, spread sheet and a towel over it and invited him to make himself comfortable while I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. Fortunately I had some massage oil and I wanted to change my dress but that would mean rummaging in the wardrobe which may not open with the mattress there so to be more comfortable I took my bra off and figured that it wouldn't matter of my dress got some oil on it.

He called out that he was ready and I went out to see him lying totally naked but at least face down so I put a towel over his bum and not beside him. He said that he didn't need a towel over him that I said that I did. I turn off the main light and let a candle just to camouflaged my mess then got on with massaging him. He was a solid guy so my fingers didn't penetrate very much but he said I had a nice touch and when I worked down from his shoulders he said he wanted a full body massage, not one of these PC slap and tickles that he said I probably did in the beauty parlour.

I laughed and said that I knew what he meant because I'd had a full massage once and having my bum rubbed had been very nice. Minutes later I'd removed the towel covering him and was massaging his bum. Actually it was very nice working in my own space with no one looking over my shoulder. I was also very thankful that he was clean and actually smelt rather nice and must've had a shower within the past couple of hours.

I kind of did part of his bum and went down one leg then I moved across and did the other leg. A couple of times it was mentioned how difficult it was working on the floor as opposed to a table that dinner was asking him to turn over but he said that I hadn't done all of his bum. I told them it was enough otherwise he may get too excited but he pointed to a spot which was more like his inside top thighs and bottom cheeks. I knew that being massaged there felt exquisitely nice so I said "okay, but you promise to behave."

He replied that he was a perfect gentleman and although his legs were already open and I could see between his crack and his nut sack, he opened a little wider so I squirted some oil across the area, reminded him to behave and got on with massaging through his bum crack and down to his balls. He said "that feels amazing" a number of times and then I figured I'd done enough so I asked if he was ready to turnover but he asked me to do some more on his back.

I started working from the side I was sitting but he told me to sit on his bum that I could work up and down both sides nice and evenly. I said "that sounds almost indecent" and he assured me that it was the most practical solution. I knew he was right so I rolled my dress up, knelt over him and felt the oil immediately soak into my panties. I didn't dwell on that and just got on with it and indeed it was a lot more comfortable although it was somewhat unusual to feel my pussy pressing against him each time I leaned forwards but then I didn't notice it and for some reason we were talking about his work and the cause of the tightness in his shoulders.

I focused on the shoulders and slid myself so I was kind of sitting on his lower back and when I was done I just slid myself back down and when I'd done a few more big strokes over his back which also bought my boobs in contact and more oil on my dress I slid back down, playfully slapped his bum and said it was time to turnover.

As I moved to the side I asked if he wanted the towel but he just grunted and rolled over, I was worried that he might have a stuffy but he didn't and I got on with massaging his front legs and feet. Because sitting astride him to do his back had been so much easier, I kind of sat astride each leg to work his thighs and several times I've got my pussy against his shin bones and hoped that he didn't notice and once as I changed position, I slid my pussy back over his toes and thankfully he didn't react although I think his cock twitched a few times.

Then I asked if he wanted his front done and he said that he did, "nothing omitted". I kneeled beside him and spread oil over his belly and chest and a few times as I reached up towards his shoulders my boob pressed against him but he didn't seem to notice. He told a few jokes and made me laugh like What is the difference between a sin and shame? A: It's a sin to stick it in and a shame to take it out.祢 didn't get that one at first so he explained it to me and I was kind of shocked and embarrassed that I kind of lay my boobs on him.

He declared that that was a good one really opened one eye and looked at me and told me I was very pretty. I did a little more over his chest and belly then picked up his arm nearest to me. He said there were a few other places I'd missed pointing towards his cock with his other hand. I slapped his hand and told him he didn't come here for extras and he replied "no but I came for a full body massage and you've missed some areas of my thighs and I really enjoyed so much what you did around my bum before I'd love some more of that."

I finished massaging his hand and forearm and then to kind of test him I letters hand for between my legs as I worked on his upper arm and even though his fingers were touching my pubis, they behave themselves so I figured that I could do as he asked. He told a few more jokes and opened his eyes to watch me laughing although I think he was beginning to enjoy seeing my boobs jiggling that he commented that I had oil on my dress. I said that it would come out in the wash and wasn't a problem that you said that I should take it off in case the oil damages the fabric.

I told him that he just wanted to see my boobs and he said that would be a plus but most of the time he'd had his eyes closed. As I was doing his other arm my boobs actually did spill out but he had his eyes closed. Early when I sat over his bum to to his back on fold of the him of my dress up under the waistband so I was virtually naked below my waist anyhow not that he could see and then I'd finish the arm and as I done on the other side let it rest between my legs which were a little more apart and I reached up around his neck gently rubbing and squeezing aware of his fingers resting softly against my pussy.

As I rubbed around his neck may expose boob pressed against him and he said "that feels wonderful" and I wasn't sure if he meant my boob or what my fingers were doing around the sides of his neck. I was doing some moves with my fingers that I knew everyone loved and to get the region had to lean a little bit cause my boob to slide over him. He replied "yes that feels lovely." I'd kind of forgotten about where his hand was and as I shifted my weight back sliding my boob across his skin in the process, I inadvertently pressed my pussy down on his hand and I must admit it felt rather lovely. Is only a reaction seemed to be in adjusting his fingers so that the shape of my pussy snuggled into his hand.

As I sat back realising all this I said "now what were those other bits or would you like me to finish with a facial?"

He opened his eyes looking at me and said "you certainly are a sight for sore eyes" and then I realise I had my boobs on show. I moved to cover them up and he said "no much point doing that now, I have already seen them and as I said, you should have taken your dress off to stop it getting covered in oil."

I said "you just want to see me naked" as I reached around and opened my zip and he said "there's nothing more wonderful than a beautiful naked woman."

I pulled my dress up over my head and tossed it aside and as I sat down, I sat back onto his fingers and I felt as if his hand was actually gripping my pussy and he said "now that's a lot better, and you'll be much more comfortable. Now as to those other bits, I'm sure you know where to find them."

I knew alright, all round his genitalia and probably a happy ending mind you by then I wasn't particularly concerned. Compared to lots of girls and women I'd heard about, I hadn't been sold on to sex slavery or as a factory labourer, my parents had come to Australia and I was born here. I'd spend time with all the women (Thai) in the family so I you all about sex from a Thai perspective in addition to having had a reasonable number of boyfriends and sexual experiences.

Still seated as I was having completed his arm and removed my dress, his hand kind of nicely holding my pussy I squirted a little more oil onto his belly then slid my hands up and circled his boobs a couple of times as he watched and I guess I was kind of teasing him. He said "not those bits" so I gave him a cheeky grin and slid my hands down toward his groin at which point I had to adjust my position. I knelt up slightly and half turning slid my hands down onto his inside thighs.

His cock was half hard and lay pointing at me so I turned, looked at him and said "now you better be good because I don't normally do this." He'd already lifted his arm out of my way so I could move so now he patted my bum and said that he always behaved. I half laughed in disbelief and started to get on with massaging the inside thigh closest to me which meant rubbing underneath his balls. He made some complementary noises and opened his legs a little wider and his thigh rested over my knee. I wasn't very sure how far wanted to go with this but my fingers kind of found their own way down around his anus and that I held his cock and ball sack out of the way with one hand while I massaged all through the premium with the other and by the time I was done with that, he had a real good stiffy.

I must've been so preoccupied I scarcely noticed and when I did I turned and told them he was being naughty but he said that was just nature taking its course and he was powerless to stop it and that I should do the other side. As I knelt up in readiness to move, his hand that I'd forgotten was still resting on my bum slid down or rather his fingers slid down my bum crack and tugged at my inside thigh. It happened so quickly and then he was pulling at my thigh and telling me to put my leg across which I did which left me sitting on his belly with my arse pointing at his face.

I exclaimed that this wasn't right and as I moved to lift my other leg across his hand squeezed my calf pressing may need to the floor as he said that I was in the perfect position to do a good job and if I did a really good job he'd make it worth my while. I told him he was incorrigible and he laughed then patted my bum with both hands. I was in an impossible situation, wanting to please, hoping that he really was going to pay me and that he dropped his hands down to my feet and started rubbing them.

I held his cock and balls up out of the way although the tip of his cock was just about touching my pussy and got on with rubbing down through his groin and perineum with my other hand. When I'd finished roughly what I'd done on both sides I asked of that was enough and he said he wanted more, more around his pubic area so I put a hand on the bed between his legs and moved back towards his head so I had room to work which left me kind of straddling his chest.

Again I held his cock up out of the way with one hand and massaged with the other in considerable detail all over his pubic bone and back down through his groin. When I changed hands he put his hands on my thighs and started squeezing, massaging a little. I knew he was totally enjoying himself and I didn't mind. I let go of his cock and worked with both hands and a couple of times I leaned stroking almost down to his knees and then bringing my hands back up over his balls. He explained that that was particularly wonderful so I did that a few more times and his hands came onto my bum and began gently squeezing in his thumbs circling over my sacrum and down over my tailbone which felt rather nice.

When I reached down towards his knees again he asked how far I could reach so I stretched out and slid down to his ankles and then slid my fingers through between his toes. He said that felt pretty amazing but then I was lying on him, my boobs resting on his thighs and his cock hard against the bottom of my chest. As all that was happening his fingertips delicately traced their way around the inside tops of my thighs and as I pushed myself back they brushed the edges of my pussy and went up through my bum crack. I told him he was supposed to keep his hands to himself that he said that I was so beautiful it was hard to resist linear asked me to do that move again.

I sat back on his chest and told him that he better behave himself and then I began the move again and as I was sliding down over his thighs with my hands, of course my hips had to lift so I moved my knees back so that when I got to the end of the stroke I would be better positioned to slide myself back. Maybe I wasn't thinking or maybe I just wanted something else but by the time I was fully extended down his legs, the base of his shaft was squeezed between my boobs.

He moaned that it felt really wonderful and that I should keep going but I was better able to slide back up and when I was back sitting on his chest I turned again and said that he'd better behave because I was going above and beyond the call of duty. He said that I was magnificent and he would make it all worth my while. So I turned again and slid all the way down to his feet. He said my boobs felt great so as I slid my hands back I remained laying forwards and moved my chest side to side sliding over his top thighs and balls at which point he pushed is cock up against me and said it was just about time for a happy ending.

I knew that really I'd gone beyond the point of no return so I lifted my body and played running my nipples across his skin which also made them really hard. I needlessly asked if he liked that and I moved my knees back so I could run my nipples along the length of his cock and he really liked that. I settled into doing that for a couple of minutes or what seemed like a couple of minutes asking occasionally if he liked it and trying to work out what he really liked best.

I guess my pussy must've been hanging very close to his face it in terms of his hands, he was very well restrained or rather he had been. His hands and fingers began squeezing and kind of massaging my arse and had kind of pushed my knickers up but then without warning he kind of lifted himself down a few inches and it seemed like just one big movement that he pulled my knickers aside and put his mouth to my pussy.

I told him that he was terrible and I pushed up onto my hands, squeezed some more oil over my boobs and pressed them over his cock and slid them aournd and round as his mouth stirred her sexual energy into life. Minute later as his mouth unleashed delightful sensations flowing from my pussy. As I sucked, I recall pressing back into his mouth. Sometme later, he rolled me over and we carried on but he gave me a lot more tounge. From time to time I almost gagged whe I got discordinated and then he turned and fucked me.

After we llaughed, fucked again in the shower and then he was gone leaving me holding $500.00 and the idea that he'd be back. The fact I'd made a weeks wages in three hours was significant. Next morning I bought some accessories to complement my massage space, new towels, a plastic cover for my futon, nice oils and candles and a few drinks as I know guys sometimes need lubricating inside.

As a footnote a year on: I kept my job at the salon but it's usually 3 days a week, I see that guy every three weeks due to his schedule and he's sent a few other guys my way who told their friends. One guy is a cheapskate as he only pays $100 and I told him so, but he only gets happy ending massage, not always a full hour although I see him almost every week. My favourites give me cheek, fuck me hard and pay well so appointments can last 3 or 4 hours. Actually the guys are becoming more like boyfriends as we sometimes meet in the city, have a meal then go back to my place.

What a great job, what a great life......



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  • What a wonderful story Mai. It takes a great deal of courage to step out from the crowd and do your own thing. It’s my belief that sex is fun and a great way of interacting socially and it sure beats arguing or stalking endlessly on sport or some other meaningless subject. Best wishes Dianna

  • Dianna

    What a wonderful story Mai. It takes a great deal of courage to step out from the crowd and do your own thing. It’s my belief that sex is fun and a great way of interacting socially and it sure beats arguing or stalking endlessly on sport or some other meaningless subject. Best wishes Dianna

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