Naked in Jamaika

Naked Beaches and Getting your kit off


Naked and proud. Interestingly, guys are too shy to pose naked.

Most Caribbean islanders are very religious and conservative, therefore public nudity is generally frowned upon or not allowed. As far as the law is concerned,  clothing optional beaches are not legal but as tourism pays the bills, the authorities turn a blind eye.

Topless sunbathing is widely acceptable in Jamaica, but spots for full-on nude swimming and sunbathing are a little scarce. You can of course hire a boat or a boat owner to take you to some deserted beach.  If you're going to do this, it's best not to go alone and of course you need drinking water, sunscreen reef shoes and some clothing for unexpected changes in the weather or unexpected clothed visitors.

Girls have to be careful when sunbathing or skinny-dipping off the beaten track is the mating instinct of any passing mail maybe a challenge to fend off, or it could turn into a delightfully romantic encounter.

However, there are some good resort options for people who prefer to tan in the buff, whether they are spring breakers or anyone trying to avoid tan lines.


  1. Catching falling star is more a B&B, perfect for “vegging out” and sunbathing naked in total peace and quiet.
  2. Club Ambiance is the newest addition to the list of Clothing Optional Resorts on the island of Jamaica.
  3. Couples Negril is said to be very romantic and less risqué, than many other other adult-only resorts. So it may be nice for your honeymoon or to slip into collective nudity.
  4. Couples San Souci, is another couples resort that offers private nude facilities for those looking for a luxury couples vacation.
  5. Couples Tower Isle was one of Jamaica’s first couple’s only all-inclusive hotels famous for exceptional weddings and honeymoon vacation packages.
  6. Breezes Grand Resort & Spa Negri that's said to be a bit more full on, nude and sexy.
  7. Firefly Cottages is one of the original spots on the world famous seven-mile beach in Negril Jamaica.
  8. Gran Bahia is a good choice for low-key parents and couples interested in naked sunbathing, but not partying.
  9. Hedonism II is the trendsetter and barrier breaker of clothing optional vacationing over the entire Caribbean.
  10. N Resort is perfect for the naturist looking for a relaxing nude vacation experience.
  11. Sunset Beach is a great choice for families.

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5 comments to Naked in Jamaika

  • Oliver

    Before you book, Before entertaining fantasies of a Playboy Mansion, however, consider that the nude beach scene is more like a coed locker room at the YMCA, populated in large part by the few people in the world who truly don’t care what others think of their bodies — in other words, seniors and daring drunks. Hedonism II is where the swingers go to play but it’s best to go there, explore to find a naked hideaway.

  • Dominique

    The home of Bob Marley, Reggae music and Rastafarians. Jamaica is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean with amazing white-sand beaches, waterfalls, mountains and a surprising wildlife. Negril is one of the biggest attractions for young people as it’s permitted to sale and smoke pot. The best exotic beaches of the island are the private nudist beaches and hedonism are reputed to be the best

  • Harry Sagar

    It was interesting to have the sun hitting places that it had never been before, the ocean breeze coming in. It was perfect. My beautiful wife and I sat there in awe for a few minutes, impressed that we actually did it, but still a little apprehensive. After a few minutes, my wife decided to get up and get a drink at the bar. Then we struck up a conversation with some naked guy, and realized it really was just like sitting at a bar at home. We had great conversations all day and met wonderful people. In the evening, it was like being on honeymoon 😉

  • Maria Sachett

    Hi, my husband and I had heard of such things so on our recent holiday we got a day pass to one of the nude resorts. Initially I was rather shy but brave enough to bare all. Making conversation with other people was very difficult and really progressed beyond exchanging polite smiles although one couple invited us to go and party with them. My husband and I declined and chuckled over what the invitation implied. So we swam and sunbathed as we watched people play frisbee or volleyball and even several couples having sex somehow didn’t seem out of place.

    Now we have seen what it’s like, we may book an all natural holiday next year.

  • Janelle

    Hi, a nice review but you could probably add that the ambience is spoiled by too much alcohol and some rather unhealthy attitudes. But if you like sex as a sport, hedonism is probably the best place

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