Need for secular ethics

HH The Dalai Lama says the world needs a global system of secular ethics and I agree

Saying that it’s past time that people stopped relying on religion for their ethical laws, the Dalai Lama has called on the need for humanity to develop a system of secular ethics.

“The reason for this is that there are those who have faith in religions and there are many who don’t,” the Dalai Lama said, adding that even among religious leaders, “there are some who are responsible for injustice, deception, hypocrisy, and exploitation.”

Current education, he said, is almost always geared towards economic development, which “neither helps solve individual mental problems nor society-level problems.”

“Regardless of whether or not one believes in any religion, the practice of ethical conduct is an urgent, direct need in today’s world,” the Dalai Lama said.

He noted that based on dialogues with scientists, “it has been proven that being compassionate and kind-hearted is not [exclusively] connected to religion.”

Encouraged by the significant number of scientists attending the conference, a group consisting primarily of psychologists and neuroscientists, the Dalai Lama said, “This has turned out to be very productive in promoting mutual understanding of each other’s positions, and I am confident of further progress if we continue in this way.”

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This is something I am arguing for as if our species is to survive, we need a radical new sanity,

In our current world order, everyone is operating out of the desire for happiness regardless of the effect that their efforts may have on others. The criminal commits the crime in order that he or he may become happier by the from their crime.

As his Holiness has pointed out religion is failing and that many of those who consider themselves religious are actually perpetrating crimes against humanity, as are many of the world’s politicians and military leaders.

Our modern science has told us about the origins of the universe and a possibility about the origin of our species devoid of any religious overtones. According to science. There may be no reason for human existence at all, and to science, we may be simply a passing phenomena. However, we human beings think and feel and we give meaning to our lives, especially those of us who have taken the time to explore some of our own inner space.

If we look at the scientific model of the big bang theory and the evolution of our species up to how we find ourselves today, we each see ourselves inventing reasons for our lives. Some of us live our lives in order to help others, while some live their lives in order to acquire well, status and power.

I would like to offer:

  • that, since from the scientific perspective, we do not know why or wherefore of our lives, therefore, the ethical foundation for our life should be in “the continuation and survival of our species until such time that we can work it out”.

From the Buddhist perspective, the human ideals are happiness and enlightenment, but enlightenment went out of fashion with the industrial revolution and the adoption of the scientific model. Those of us who do see happiness and enlightenment as our reason for being are in a minority.

  • Therefore we need a radical new education system that teaches people how to be happy without destroying others.

In order to ensure the continuation of our species beyond the world’s current short-term goals may be too much to ask most people who are concerned with their immediate profits and happiness at the expense of others. I think in many ways, we are still in transcision as we move from our basic animal nature toward becoming intelligent human beings.

I think that if his Holiness is going to put forward a new global system of secular ethics, the idea that life is simply as an experiment for us to work out and the most important underlying value is our collective survival as a species which will ensure the greatest happiness for everyone.

It seems so simple, all we need to do is accept our humanity and decide to cooperate with each other.


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